Tuesday, October 5, 2010

LiveTweeting from Monday's S.L. Council Meeting

Follow the East Bay Citizen on Twitter! Here's a few tweets from Monday's San Leandro City Council meeting in 140 characters or less. Visit the EastBayCitizen.com and twitter.com/eastbaycitizen for up-to-the-minute news and observations from scheduled political events and public meetings, along with retweets from across the state and nation.

>>LiveTweeting from San Leandro: Mayor Santos sporting a tan corduroy blazer with elbow patches. Looks like Ron Burgundy

>>New guidelines for council endorsements may again scuttle Measure M backing.

>>Council Craziness: group poking holes against supporting Measure M on process, then vote to approve new guidelines, 7-0.

>>San Leandro City Council votes to unanimously support Measure M, the $50 million school sports facilities bond.

>>San Leandro City Council unanimously approves a 45-day moratorium on zoning for pot w/o discussion, although some members have the munchies

>>Councilmembers Prola, Souza & Stephens all chomping away on snacks during the mtg, one popped a soda can. Gregory making a run to 7-Eleven?

>>Vice Mayor Ursula Reed calls for the city to hire a grant writer to be funded by grants.

>>After igniting controversy over council guidelines over endorsements, Starosciak thanks staff for even looser rules than she advocated. ???

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  1. Note to Vice Mayor Reed: put add in Craigslist seeking grant writer willing to help city for free, major reduced cost or deferred pay.

    Steak dinner to the person who steps up and can write the grant for free, deferred pay or major reduction in cost.