Tuesday, October 19, 2010

San Leandro Readies Its Own Attack On Polystyrene

Hayward banned polystyrene
 foodware last week from
 its local restaurants.
By Steven Tavares

San Leandro could be the next Bay Area city to ban polystyrene foodware from its restaurants. Councilman Jim Prola asked the city manager Monday night to bring the discussion to the next rules committee and appear to have already attain a consensus on the council.

Last week, Hayward unanimously approved such a ban joining neighboring cities in Oakland, Richmond, Alameda and Fremont in ridding the landfill-clogging material from its city limits. Councilmembers Bill Stephens and Michael Gregory along with Prola have urged the city on numerous occasions to seek an additional ban on plastic bags. Making the leap to polystyrene cups and plates would appear to be easy. Like other nearby cities, the possible plastic bag ban has been deemed to be a bit more tricky to pass because of court challenges, but not so with polystyrene which are commonly used in restaurants featuring take-out.

If Hayward's ban is any indication, the possibility of a polystyrene ban in San Leandro would appear to have few challenges. Hayward's prohibition did not focus on the increased stress to landfills, but instead on limiting litter on its streets and environment. While polystyrene can take hundreds of years to breakdown, it can become extremely brittle making it difficult to dispose when exposed to the elements.

Despite pleas from the restaurant owners who voiced concern over the additional cost of biodegradable containers and the lack of quality to hold some of their signature dishes, the Hayward City Council was steadfast in their belief environmentally-friendly alternatives were readily available and the increased cost to the restaurant owners are bound to decrease as demand increases.

The sole question for San Leandro, whose residents are clamoring for more eclectic dining choices, is how a regulation increasing restaurant costs will go over with a business atmosphere perceived to be less than helpful to local establishments.


So once again we have that toothless Festus, Jim Prola going off on another pot induced tirade. Is there nothing that jackass wants to regulate other than Government Workers Pensions and Pay?

From restaurants...but people can STILL buy it themselves...just as in the case in Hayward. What the hell is this feel good bullshit...what is the impact on businesses? Does the city council care? I call all restaurants to spit in their food.

Ok. Harsh. But this is what the council is doing to business, spitting on them. Just in the case of Hayward, San Leandro WON'T be saving the planet from doom anytime in the next gazillion years. Morons.

Well, when you have an illiterate Festus from Gunsmoke look-a-like, what do you expect? Perhaps Prola should use some styrofoam to cover his mouth considering his breath smells so badly.

Mr. Consumer Commissioner, I sure hope no one actually reads what you wrote here, calling on food workers in San Leandro to spit in their food, and add to that the unnecessary profanity. You sure are a quality act. Steve, you ought to dump this guy and just be T or something, but nT is just that, empty dead weight. Loose this guy. Mel

I like the idea of not having styrofoam containers given to me for to go items at restaurants and it allows me to recycle the container in my green waste can. Styrofoam is awful and needs to go. This law works well in SF and many other cities and has not resulted in any loss of food choices. I say bring it on!

Then Barry, it should up to each individual restaurant to offer that, not government mandate. Styrofoam is no more or less harmful than the heavy gauge paper that will have to take it's place.

Mel...I thought I told you to go away? No one would miss you.

Apparently you have no sense of humor because I do not advocate spitting in the councils food...grow up and laugh from time to time. I mean, they may spit in yours, that's ok...I'm sure a parasite like you has every known disease.

I am looking out for the businesses that know has to find alternative ways to PROVIDE, at NO CHARGE, take home containers. Barry says Styrofoam is awful, yet...here the globe keeps spinning and the "green" movement is proving over hyped. I guess if you want to take your food to go, you just put it in one of those handy canvas bags you hippies use.

Steve...I'm willing to leave, so long as you want...but what will dunderheads like Mel and The Guv do?!?!? I'll get my paycheck tomorrow.

Mr High Commissioner of Consumer Rights for Alameda, on October 19 you wrote, "I call all restaurants to spit in their food." You are just like the other cry-babies wailing about their entitlements to free business. That you failed in LA and Castro Valley and in Hayward tells us all we need to know you loser. Collecting your dole from the state no doubt, along with your food stamps. Man up Nick. Mel

By the way, I called on restaurants to spit in the councils food...no one else...but you're right, I'm a failure and I meant just that.

Now, November, hurry up, I needs my foods stamps and free money.

I'll refrain from calling anyone a royal bitch, too.

Steve...any possible way to post every pay check I earned for myself and my clients in LA? I'd love for Mel to feel like the piece of crap she is.

Ned, your testimonial to quality could not be more apropos. Let us reflect on the qualities of a theatrical agent. Oh well someone will come up with something. Mel

Mel...you're waisting someones time & money by showing affection for me, so get back to "work."

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