Monday, October 11, 2010

Steele's Surprising Announcement

Retiring Alameda County Supervisor Gail Steele surprised the local cognoscenti Monday when she broke her policy of not offering endorsements to local politician and announced her backing of Liz Figueroa to replace her on the board over challenger Nadia Lockyer. Here is text of Steele's statement:

As Alameda County Supervisor, and for 26 years as an elected official, I have adhered to my policy of not endorsing. However, with excessive dollars and smear campaign, I must reverse myself. The person who takes my seat is entitled to disagree with my priorities, I would hope that ethics and value of community would be present.

Most of our county clients suffer from poverty, difficult family matters, or both. This in turn affects their mental health, health care, personal safety or family safety. If one is privileged with unlimited wealth and a need to exploit others’ misfortunes--where does non-judgmental caring develop in sorting out county finances and program priorities?

County government is no picnic, for sure. Of all levels of government, decisions of the Board of Supervisors make the most direct impact on people's health, safety, and economic stability. It takes courage and experience to prioritize needs, as critical funding dries up. This is especially hard when cooperation on difficult issues becomes extremely painful. The Board of Supervisors can be a lonely and frustrating place, with no secure way to reach agreements that satisfy everyone.

I want to make sure Alameda County's most vulnerable residents are protected. They need an experienced leader who knows their community, understands their needs, and who has fought alongside other leaders on important issues to make sure that policies and solutions get implemented.

I know candidates need money to get their message out to voters. But I have never believed in raising large amounts of money for a war chest. I felt large amounts of cash spent on a campaign is a waste of money that should go to community groups and issues rather than campaign mailers. My three campaigns each raised $30,000 - $40,000. Each time I succeeded against competent, strong opponents who outspent me 2-1 or 3-1, not 18-1.

Over $1 million dollars has already been raised and spent by one candidate to replace me on the Board of Supervisors. I am completely disheartened and troubled by this excessive expenditure to win an elected office, when our county has so many needs. When money is allowed to shape the future of elected government, proven community leadership loses out.

A person who truly comes from the community and has worked in the community does not need that amount of money to win an election. A person who is committed to public service will build name recognition and earn the reputation of getting the job done. Support should come from people working toward a common goal, motivated by principles, not money.

Liz Figueroa has represented District Two residents in the State Senate and Assembly. She is the only candidate in this race who truly is from this community and has given back to it. Liz's knowledge and experience in healthcare, consumer protection, job development for displaced workers, and other difficult issues, will be an asset on the Board of Supervisors and to the county's residents. Liz has the ability to face the daunting task of protecting our vulnerable populations within tight budget constraints. Liz will not need to learn the community; she already knows it and the issues facing it. Liz has demonstrated the staying power our county needs.


"If one is privileged with unlimited wealth and a need to exploit others’ misfortunes--where does non-judgmental caring develop in sorting out county finances and program priorities?"

Watch for the Lockyer camp to speak out against this and give us some crap about how Nadia once was homeless or how she saved someones life.

Good for Steele to finnally say what needs to be said. Bill Lockyer is trying to buy his wife a job, and important one...the last job he got her seems to have bored her; she has nothing really to say about what shes done that compares to Liz.

in case you missed it:


Thank you Supervisor Steele for echoing what many residents feel about these deep pocketed self serving politicos like the Lockyers!

and thanks to Nadia parrot troop .. for repeating ad nauseum the same vile that's getting her nowhere. What does Nadia stand for? just remove one letter from her name ... Nada!

I'd rather have someone with resources in office than some sniveling "woe-is-me" whiner.

Which applies to both women in the race since both appear to play the damsel in distress.

Why does the East Bay Express feel a need to post its stories on here? They lack investigative journalism and are based on useless information and they do not do their homework.

Nadia Lockyer is an empty suit, and her HUSBAND has "resources" to twist arms and use corruption to get her a job. Once she's in, she's going to depend on her staff...you folks need to consider that the Supervisor is closer to the people then a State politician or some appointed "Executive Director." If shes elected, she's going to be the worst we've had. Just watch her high priced video...is she running for Congress or Class President?

Gail Steele, for someone who's vanity license plate literally reads "Peh Meh"...as in PAY ME, you have a lot of freaking nerve playing this sort of card.

Nadia is far from perfect, yes her fat slob of a power broker husband is throwing a huge amount of money at this race, but that's politics. Steele, you've been around since Hector was a pup, if you can't deal with a candidate you favor getting beat, that's YOUR problem and no one else's.

Liz's status as a past office holder is the only thing protecting her from FELONY CHARGES regarding her fraudulent voter registration.

Gail Steele, it's great to see your corrupt, decrepit ass leaving Hayward politics....

And now the mudslinging at Gail Steele begins ... don't these Lockyer louts have anything better to do? Go put up another sign!

Neither one of these two are worth spit. Nenhum desses dois é cuspir valor. Chop.

Pay Me? Can you post proof of this somehow? I'd like to see that.

If you ever see her car, you'll see it...the plates read "Peh Meh", pronounced PAY ME.

Well, Kevin Dowling was humiliated and is now swishing his way out of public life, Gail Steele is doing us all a big favor and walking away....if only the state would take over HUSD and effectively put another member of Hayward's Band of Political Charlatans, JESUS ARMAS, out of business, the citizens of our town would be very well served.

Still lacks proof that her license plate means Pay Me.

If you ever see how Gail Steele lives her life, that license plate would be antithesis of it.

Unlike the Lockyers who probably are in the top tax bracket yet still use his campaign money to pay for their childcare. Un-fricking-believable!


I know the nanny, happy to report she has been cans. real ones too. bigger than Nadias. But definitely smaller than Liz.

The only big boobs Nadia has are Bills. Shes not that good looking. Kinda slow too.

Nadia has a college degree and graduated from Loyola Law School. The people who made the sexist comments above must have nothing intelligent to say!

What is missed in all this. is Nadia will be the best Supervisor this District has seen in a very long time. Gail Steel won her last election by 500 votes just over 50% she did
not run again, because she would loose. We need a new young, energetic, dynamic, leader in District 2. Not more of the same, tired old ideas. Vote for passion, vision, and intelligence. Vote for Nadia Lockyer. I did
and I encourage everyone who can, to do likewise. We will be proud we did.

Please check your facts Liz never represented
District 2 in the Assembly she represented
the 20th Assembly District Mike Sweeney 18th AD represented us, not Liz. And how long do you
have to live here to represent us. Nadia owns
a Home in Hayward, is raising her son here, and
is Happily Married to Bill Lockyer a lifelong
resident. Hey rumor has it Liz lives in Half
Moon Bay. Not exactly rooted in our area.

Gail Steele/Bertie Cooper/Old Man Charlie Plummer/Matt Jimenez/Joe Hilson/Kevin Dowling....all members of the Hayward Hills mob that has done so much harm to the citizens of Hayward over the decades. Jimenez may have kicked the bucket, but wherever he's at, he's probably trying to shake down people for free meals, like he did on earth in Hayward for so many years. The rest of them are alive-in the case of Plummer, brain dead-but at least they are out of politics, where they can't harm the Hayward public anymore.

Nadia & Bill live in Hayward yet they take their son to school in Sunol!

I agree with the last statement at 10:59am
Thank-you for stating the truth.

Check your facts Anonymous. Liz represented Dist 2 cities in the State Senate for 2 terms.

Thank you for your comment, 6:49 PM...I omitted Jesus Armas, the mouthpiece/consiglere of the Hayward Hills mob.

Hopefully the State of California will take over HUSD and effectively deny Armas a position to once again use his back room, underhanded dealings to hurt the Hayward community.

State Senate Yes, Assembly No.The statement
said both. Fact Check, statement untrue.

Again you are very right about Jesus. The term
snake in the grass. Comes to mind. In responce
to 9:19 AM statement.

The comments about Gail Steele on this site are laughable. Gail is probably the most frugal person I've ever met. Look, I don't think Gail Steele is all that productive as a politician, but to lump her in with some of the other politicians mentioned is laughable. I've known her in a working capacity for nearly 10 years and I can guarantee you she doesn't cut back room deals or play politics.

Obviously there is a general dislike for politicians, but I'd be very careful about lumping Gail Steele in with most politicians. Gail's never owed anyone anything because she's not bought and paid for!

I take it you are a member of Gail Steele's staff, which would explain your defense of her.

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