Monday, November 1, 2010

Episode 11 of the TnT Podcast Now Available-Election Special Edition


Who will be victorious Tuesday night (or sometime this week)? Steven Tavares and Nicholas Terry go through all the local races and referendums before you head to the polls. All this and more in the East Bay’s only political podcast--the EastBayCitizen.com TnT Podcast.

UPDATE: There were many problems this afternoon with uploading the podcast which have now been resolved. For the time being, disregard the podcast entry "Episode 11-Part II."


Tavares - no story about Cassidy being a child molester/mass murderer? Then what they hell is Santos paying you for?

Cassidy is not a child molester or a mass murderer. Tony is not paying for this. He is paying for pictures of ....

Steve and Nick, what a disappointing podcast. No guts, I guess. You provided little in the way of recommendations on the propositions, just 19 and 23 and little in the way of anything else except for the same tired rants. You gave up and took the easy way out. Typical of second rate talents. You were not even funny, just sophomoric. Too bad.

Thanks for the feedback...Steve probably had to edit a lot of what I said...didn't want to offend the weak.

Balderdash...I do the best Caucasian impression of Charles Rangel and I called Boxer a Behar (b!tch)...that talks balls in this area.

Nick I am sure that you think that what you do takes balls. I am also sure that you do not have a clue what balls are, you welsher and whimp. You should push Steve off your face and check with Sara or Liz, they likely have a cunning take and can tell you what it takes to get a Y chromosome. Mel

Nick, Mr. Carlson is going to fire us from WKRP soon.

Steve...for being a welsher and whimp? I welsher my dad hit me more as a child.

Mel...thanks for the laugh, you're still in love with me. But I don't dig on swine.

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