Friday, November 12, 2010

Episode 12 of the TnT Podcast Now Available

The November election isn’t over, folks, but that hasn’t stopped a coronation for Oakland’s Jean Quan and San Leandro’s Stephen Cassidy or a bumpy opening for ranked-choice voting in Alameda County. Johannes Mehserle gets two years in prison and Supervisor Keith Carson doesn’t like it and he’s willing to tell you exactly what he thinks about it. All this and more on the East Bay’s only political podcast--The East Bay Citizen TnT Podcast.


I hate to admit it but I agree with the Commissioner of Useless Rants when he talks about Carson. Murder, thats a big allegation. Shame on him. Well said Mr. Big Shot

Mr. High Commissioner and Citizen Tavares, Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought. Malice can be expressed (intent to kill) or implied. Implied malice is proven by acts that involve reckless indifference to human life or in a death that occurs during the commission of certain felonies (the felony murder rule). The exact terms of the felony murder vary tremendously from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

The question at trial for Mehserle was whether he planned on killing somebody that night. He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. The usage of the word murder by Councilman Carson is not inappropriate and is in fact apropos considering the subsequent killing of the unarmed barber.

It is about time that citizens stood up to the tactics of terror manifested by the police. Councilman Carson should be commended for speaking up for the vast majority of citizens in the East Bay who believe that the White Police Force is out to kill citizens. If the rest of you out there think that there is justice to be had, look back on your history. Speak up or listen to yourselves cry behind bars or frokm the grave. Don't Mourn, Organize! Mel

Murder was not committed.

You are not a lawyer, nor legal scholar. You Googled all that. Twisting words, stretching the truth. Supervisor, not Councilman, Carson, is blunt in the use of the word murder and implies that the Officer cold heartedly murdered Oscar Grant. Mr. Carson SHOULD have chosen his words better, after all, he is an elected official representing all races, all colors, all walks of life. Mr. Carson leaves himself open to be criticized because he does nothing to say otherwise. You are not his spokesperson, therefore, you can not speak on his behalf. California has many different circumstances in the case of murder.

Because of the sloppiness of the trial, the “gun enhancement” law was not applied. The Officer was acquitted of second-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter, but convicted of involuntary manslaughter. NOT murder, Mel. The Supervisor has a right to say what he wants, free speech, but free speech comes with responsibility. O.J. Simpson was not convicted of anything in 1994, however, most people say he committed murder, but 12 people disagree.

Is the black police force out to kill citizens? Are there no black cops? Is there no black Police Chief? Step into reality and accept that you see things from your perspective and cloud what others may say.

End of story.

Anonymous, you are right, I googled the definition of murder. Scholar, not likely there are many here. If there are any, they would havd the courage to post their name. So, the definition of murder depends on the intention. The jury decided that it was not intentional killing of another by a cop who intentionally used his gun.

Call it what you like. Sounds like murder to me. You can criticise Supervisor Carson all you like, as well as the lawyers and jurists involved.

Still sounds like murder to me of a black man by a white cop. All you really need to do is to talk to any black man in Oakland and you will find that Carson adequately represents his constituency.

Of course in San Leandro who represents African Americans on the city council? No one. Wonder what will happen in San Leandro soon?

Violent racists love places like San Leandro. Look how long it took for the city of San Leandro to come to grips with its support for the state against Fred Korematsu. Shameful. The rest of you haters out there need to pile on now. Mel

Mel; you're an idiot, no one knew about Korematsu around here until recently. He lived in San Leandro a very quiet life. So STFU!

The Rank Choice Voting was placed on the ballot in 2000 by the City Council at the behest of the Chamber of Commerce, who in turn was doing to bidding for Giacomo Malatesta. The citizen's did not want this measure, they did not institute it. The two Chamber cheerleaders were Tom Guarino and that loud mouthed pig Tom Dlugosh. By the way what happened to him? His pie hole has been silent lately?

Anonymous, Fred was not quiet. You, and all of the rest of the True Believers, Bigots, and lousy excuses for humanity, did not want to listen to him or what he had to say. No one talks of his heroic stand in 1944 or his continuing solo struggle for recognition, which nearly did not happen before he passed. You should be ashamed of yourself. Yes we have a school now with his name, but no outreach in to the Nisei and Issei communities or their heirs in diversity. Shame on you jerks. Mel

Her feathers are ruffled.

I dare ask...do any black people that riot even know who Carson is?


And my name is Paul.

Mel you're a jackass. You don't know jack crap about San Leandro or anything. You're just a bitter little mean faced bigot with a scorned heart towards Nicholas Terry. When the Japanese and Japanese Americans were relocated a few whites in San Leandro bought the farms from them and then sold the land back. Despite you and your ilks bullshit about calling San Leandro's past racist many, many post War Japanese came to San Leandro, bought farms, opened professional/medical businesses and made millions of dollars off of the very people you non chalantly call bigots. Just because they didn't make a bunch of noise like you and those trouble making bastards who the U.S. gave illegal entry into after the War you want to stir up crap. So shut your clam hole, STFU and go pine over Nicholas Terry's butt.

Anonymous, the Japanese were incarcerated as enemies of the United States, deprived of all their rights and properties and the Supreme Court said it was OK. After the war the US government released them, no apo0logy, no money and no return of property. A tiny amount of money came back 50 years later. San Leandran profited from this theft and rape of the Japanese. Likely you and your family did. Be proud of it, I guess, much as most oppressors are. Be happy in your ignorance and hate. Do not teach your children or your community what really happened. Oh, and Nick certainly is not interested in any of this either. The collection of you racist maggots are the heart of the bay. Nothing much has changed except that now you rejoice in the killing of unarmed men by the police.

Pretty soon the Times Will Again Be Changin'. Mel.

Mel you are an ignorant DOB same as SOB but with D meaning daughter. Where do you get all your information about San Leandro from? Some racists hate America monger? So STFU, and quit trying to rewrite a history you know NOTHING about. What sewer did you crawl out from New York City? Since that is where most of you filth seem to hatch. You don't know squat and mouth off here like you're some damn authority and all your authority on is hogwash.
Were you on the jury? NO! So again STFU you self absorbed jackass.

Anonymous, you like to hide behind the sheet huh. Executive order 9066 and the lawsuit brought by Fred Korematsu are not high points for Americans to be proud of. That nearly all Americans were in agreement with the Supreme Court that American citizens of Japanese descent did not have rights as citizens is a tragedy no American should forget. That the non-Japanese citizens of San Leandro profited greatly from the loss of property by the Japanese is a fact.

I understand that you are ashamed of your profit in this time. There was no jury, you simpleton, it was done by executive order by FDR and approved by the Supreme Court in 1944 and the actions have never been overturned. In fact it is happening again, only right now we call it the Patriot Act and now instead of Manzanar we call in Guantanamo.

The good news is is that my vote cancels out yours. Mel

How is Tavares and Terry racists & bigots? Because Terry disagrees with Carson saying murder?

Time for Mel to wake up and put down the Panama Red, maybe stop being so high and mighty. Just because you disagree with someone on a lot of issues doesnt make that person a bad person. I dont agree with Terry on some things but you judge him based only on a few months of local political rants. Mel, you are a narrow minded person that needs to get laid. Or take a walk. Maybe down 98th Ave...ignorant people like you think you can heal the world. You wont. But Im sure you trick yourself into thinking the change you speak of is going to benefit us all.

Mels a born again, reversed bigot.

Mel's grasp of the situation with the Japanese American's in the 40's in the USA is spot on and a black mark in our USA history that we should never forget or repeat.

Is either Mel or Barry Japanese? Were either of age in the 1940s? If not, then STFU.

Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous, Go back to your "Tea Party", LOL.

I assume the answer is "NO" then. Figures.

Mel, you old shriveled up peckerwood, not even that sloppily dressed hog like Nick Terry with his shorts and hoodie would want to mount and do the Alabama Hucklebuck with a sow like you. What does San Le-Tardo have to do with the Japanese Relocation in World War II??? It was the Federal Government under Executive Order by the crippled Roosevelt who ordered that, not the half witted Portagees and Guineas here. So, hey the War is over, get some parts for your brain, go to some Assisted Living Facility and find a man that would be interested in you. Better yet, go play in traffic of finda fire to die a slow death in. That is all.

The Guv


I'll have you know, I paid a lot of money for those shorts & hoodie to look sloppy.

But thanks for the support, I knew you too have great affection for me.

I notice Mel doesn't call me a bigot or racists towards the Japanese. This is a film project I had worked on putting together with the writer...it's a great un-told story about Japanese soldiers... http://vimeo.com/6989729

Guv, good thing your folks and family are not around to listen to you. They would beat you bloody.

Learn a little about San Leandro and the Japanese, expecially the time before December 7, 1941.

Your version is simply a bit short on the facts. Earl Warren, who was Attorney General is the fellow that urged FDR to remove the Japanese, which he did with order 9066. Fred Korematsu of San Leandro said that the removal was wrong and sued the US. The Supreme Court said it was OK to lock up the Japanese and Korematsu lost his case. The findings of 9066 have never been repudiated and remain the law of the land. If the government decides it does not like your presence, they can deprive you of all your rights and property, lock you and your families up and never repay what was stolen. That we have a campus in San Leandro named after Fred Korematsu is all together fitting and proper. That idiots like you do not know what WW2 was fought for is in keeping with the best traditions of America.

Steve, maybe you can memorialize your mother-in-law in TnT on the podcast. Mel

What the hell do you know about San Leandro in the 1930's and 1940's you dim witted broad? You don't know squat. You go around blabbering your liberal mouth and are ignorant about everything. The Japanese American Relocations were the result of ONE MAN! One crippled wheel chair bound bastard named Franklin Roosevelt. It was upheld by his cronies on the Supreme Court. SO STFU!

You probably think it's fine for Americans to be patted down at airports while Moslems are allowed a free pass through screening.

Anonymous, Mel is me and he is I and we are all male. As to what I know about San Leandro in the Thirties and Forties, apparently it is a lot more than you. Of course I did not begin life until the late Forties. However, unlike you, I can read and you have issues with both the reading and the comprehension part. It is OK. The good news is that the schools continue to produce young people who cannot read and have little in the way of marketable skills. That worked when there were factories and City Jobs. No place now for the functionally illiterate.

Moslems are not the problem. People who want to destroy America are the problem. You are part of the problem. Mel

Moslems want to destroy America you idiot!

Moslems? Muslims? It's Enemy Combatant, oh wait, that was the appropriate term, now we kiss their ass while a vast number of radicals want to end our way of life; and yes, they hate the ones that love & admire them.

Mel is an in-between I guess, like the new judge she voted for.

Organized religion in general from that area of the world is the cause of many of humanities problem throughout much of modern man's history.

Oh boy, here come the atheists mouthing off stupid crap. But no mention of the tens of millions that have died because of atheists.

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