Friday, November 19, 2010

Episode 13 of the TnT Podcast Now Available


Is San Leandro Hospital on its last legs, again? It’s time to rally the community against Sutter. Here’s the lowdown. San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos says he will never concede the election. What should he do? School Board President Mike Katz advocates for marijuana. He’s for ganja, against God, hates Christmas and he transferred his kids to a better public school. Who is this guy in charge of educating your children? It’s all on the East Bay’s only political podcast--The TnT East Bay Citizen Podcast..

PROGRAM NOTE: The TnT Podcast will return with a new episode Dec. 3. Happy Thanksgiving!


Where was Nick? And Katz is a big fat slob, enough said about that low life greasy haired jackass.

Nick was probably walking around like a slob with an untucked shirt and shower shoes again.

Bad hit on Katz, no need to personalize stuff since many of us are not without sin. Take the high road (not referring to refer). Katz stuck his neck out making his comments. He also doesn't have much of a direct effect on our children. Witch hunt's are for wierdos.It's common knowledge that you two don't see eye to eye.

The most bothersome thing about Katz is his wife's comments on why their kids attend Roosevelt instead of Mckinley.

If the strongest students with the most involved parents are allowed to attend an out of their area school that weakens the in area school.

The best students should stay and help the school improve.

If all Mckinley students can not transfer to Roosevelt than none should.

In Katz's case being on the school board makes the transfer worse.

He should be working to bring all elementary schools to a level ground. Pot and atheism, who cares, taking advantage of the system to benefit his kids to the detriment of other kids-pitiful

Exactly. The Hog and Sow Katz' probably got an earful from the Mexican parents at McKinley when they opened their pie hole about the Christmas Pagaent, so they transferred the kids to Roosevelt where they found more receptive white libtarded parents who agree with their Atheism/Communism. Since SLCAN is mostly based in that neighborhood they retreated.

And for the idiot who said that FatAss Katz doesn't have an effect on children; WTF? The low-life is on the School Board and his agenda HAS A DIRECT EFFECT ON CHILDREN!

The only time Katz sticks his neck out is when he's out at Greenhouse Marketplace standing in the buffett line at Hometown Buffett.

SLCAN members like Katz think they are entitled and the city and citizens should bow down to them.
Now they have their mayor to do their beck and call.

Katz is a typical liberal hypocrite in San Leandro--he's just too poor to live in Estudillo with the rest of them. Since there are no good junior highs or high schools, watch as he puts his children in private school while continue to run for the school board.

The right wing blowhards should have put up a candidate against Katz instead of whining in a blog about him.

Oh poor baby poo. Is Fatboy's feelings hurt?

Mr. Katz didn't see the need to even put out a flyer for his campaign, felt the right wing opposition was so weak it didn't justify any effort.But then again they had God on their side.

He didn't even need to do a mailer. Only right wing nut jobs won't vote for him. This ain't Alabama.

I didnt vote for Katz based on his looks alone, and how he sounded like a robot when answering questions during the forum; instead of answering questions he gave us a lecture. Sorry to say but his appearance isnt very welcoming or inviting.

Sorry loons, but the sad part is that no one cares about the School Board, thus jackass atheists like Katz are able to walk right in.

Alabama Schools probably score higher than San Leandro Schools.

San Leandro schools performance, especially middle and high school are an EMBARASSMENT and the school board and school administration should be ASHAMED!

Is Katz a current or former teacher? If not, fools voted for him. If so, then hopefully he's serving with his teaching roots in tact.

Anyone serving on a school board thats not a teacher, is useless...administrators or ones with fancy degrees in public policy or English or the like, are useless. As a parent, I even say parents dont know what schools need. Teachers and not unions, should run schools.

San Leandro schools are a laughingstock. They've gotten worse under Cassidy and Katz - the scores keep going down. Real Estate prices in San Leandro will never recover as long as we have turd world schools.

Teachers can't even run their classrooms, let alone a School Board.

Here's my problem with Mike Katz. He consistently obfuscates his role on the school board, particularly the firing of Christine Lim, which happened in secret. That's it. I was quickly done with him and the hypocrisy of transparency amidst secrecy.

Talk about weird? This guy has a split-personality. Sometimes he's a blogger attacking Cassidy's opponents, other times he a politician, sometimes he's both yet he can't fathom the conflict of interest.

It is also painfully obvious he is behind San Leandro Rumours, which is the most henious of his tricks. It also fits a pattern of him trading his low-key, mall Santa demeanor with extreme secrecy and treachery other insiders in San Leandro are well aware of.

Tavares, you forgot; he's slimey and smells.

Katz might get the MVP award for most productive politician in the county. Could even be a future candidate for Starks seat. His Santa looks work very well with Silent Night voter types. Someday you may well be calling him Congressman Katz,a very politically agile cat.

Steven - are you jealous that San Leandro Rumours has more Facebook friends than you? Or scoops you? Or that Katz' mayoral candidate won and your's didn't? You have a split personality too--sometimes a decent journalist (by San Leandro standards), and other times a flagrant supporter of the Santos/Prola/Labor machine.

The only seat Katz will get on in Sacramento or Washington, is Santas. He's local bound and thats it. The hair and bad breath will distract people.

SL Rumours hasn't scooped anyone. Its a figment of someones active imagination.
It is the Steve Cassidy fan club and is not a news source.
Like or dislike Tavares he does print and do his homework on interesting local stuff

I hope people don't forget about san leandro hospital now disrespectuly known as "Eden Medical Center San Leandro Campus". there's alot of political issues going on in this little city and while everyone is focused on their personal political interest Sutter WILL sneak in AND STEAL YOUR HOSPITAL RIGHT FROM UNDER YOUR FEET.

sutter has waited and watched as support for SLH has dwindled over the past years and it's been their plan and reson for waiting the whole time. they did the same thing in Oakland in the 90's

Do people forget about Pill hill in oakland??? has everyone forgot how they swept in, sucked up all three hospitals, severely cut services, laid off hundreds of people and jacked up their billing practices through the roof because they were "losing so much money"

how do all you supporters of the closure feel about going to your brand new Eden and it takes twice as long to schedule an apointment with a doctor as it did before because now there's twice as many people going to a smaller campus

did you know that the average wait time to see a doctor in the emergency room at BOTH campuses is 3 hours+.

WAKE THE FUCK UP. a hospital isn't like a golf course or a park. it's not a luxury for more prosperous comunities. IT IS A NECESITY

Oh quit crying about the San Leandro Hospital. Hell, the Emergency Room wouldn't be crowded if jackasses didn't show up there for the snifles or some other mindless crap. It's an EMERGENCY ROOM not a clinic. These same asshats who moan and groan are too stupid and cheap to go to one of these $50 clinics to see a doctor so they show up at the Emergency Room for the snifles, constipation and other mediocre nonsense.

first of all your wrong. only 40 percent of SLH ER visits are non emergencies..... for the other 60%, how many would have died if they had to drive the extra 15 minutes to Eden.. and we aren't even able to factor in the wait time yet but bet your ass off it will be a long time with half the amount of beds in a smaller ER.

wether these people require imediate service or nut is a null point because it's required by state law to serve them which means all these emergencies and non emergencies currently ending up at SL will be dumped on Eden and all the idiots who backed the closure WILL PAY THE PRICE WITH THE REST OF US

40%???????? That is ridiculous! And NO ONE is going to die if they go to Eden. Do you have a percentage of the number of Kaiser patients in San Leandro who die on the way to Hayward? So quit the self righteousness.

State law says that an Emergency Room must treat some jackass for constipation? You must be kidding. But, then Jerry Brown will be Governor and that Whore Kamala Harris is Attorney General so yeah, the nuts now run the asylum.

every person that walks through the door has to be treated in some way. wether they see a doc for 10 minutes and they're on their way or their having a seizure. the point is that every person in line represents a wait time before being able to be seen by an ER doc and the average wait time is more than 3 hours currently at either campus. how can you possibly explain to me that this won't get worse with only one ER that is even smaller than the original Eden ER.

unless they change the laws back to the old days where you could card someone for insurance, the problem will stay the same and get worse and we all will suffer

Well eventually the cheap asses who go to the ER for the snifles will wise up get their sorry ass to a $50 clinic and pay up. So until we go back to the dys of individual responsibility we all will continue to suffer at the hands of the inconsiderate.

why would these same people who are getting services for free all of a sudden decide to pay because san leandro isn't there anymore??? if they can't afford 50 dollars they will wait as long as it takes to be seen for free at the new Eden. wait time to be seen at the new Eden ER will rival highland I have no doubt. the only difference will be that some of the people waiting at Eden will have insurance. SLH indirectly does Eden a huge favor just by being in existence. slh absorbs alot of the free loaders that will now be dumped on Eden when sutter closes slh.

nobody who supports slh wants to force sutter to run slh. we want sutter to walk away and let someone else run it. this way sutter can keep making 3/4 of a billion dollars a year, have their brand new hospital for the elite in Castro valley, and not have to even be linked with acusations such as redlining. the easiest solution and best solution for the comunity is what I've just stated and they have been aware of it the whole time.

sutter will not let anyone else run the slh campus because they do not want any competition. this alone is hypocritical of closing the hospital. the only way a competion could arise is if someone else could run the hospital and make a profit...... so by saying they do not want competion sutter is admitting san leandro could be profitable but they would rather close it!
these people making this decision will have reconsile with their own souls for putting $ signs higher than a human life. who would of ever thought the health care system would ever turn out this way??

WOW, how far has San Leandro fallen to consider Castro Valley people elite??? That is amazing to me and truly shows how ghetto our city has become.

Exactly CV Housewives. San Leandro has fallen so far off the wagon that a trip to Betty Ford couln't help.

The County can run San Leandro Hospital and just make it a campus of Highland.

The urban ghettonization of San Leandro is here to stay. If you don't believe me, go to the high school when school gets out. How many students look like gang members. And this is the "future" of San Leandro. Thanks to San Leandro's city council for perpetuating this with low-income housing.

Exactly above. The City down not need any more low-income housing. We have to allow the market to take over and wash away the filth.

Can an unincorporated area annex our neighborhood? I live in Bay-O-Vista and many of us would like to go under Castro Valley's sphere of influence and be able to send the kids to CV schools and also get rid of the emabarassment of having to say we live in San Leandro, which always elicits a negative comment from whoever you say it to. Not to mention our property values would go up with a CV address and schools.

Sorry above, your only choice is to put up a For Sale Sign and move. I'm sure the shyster realtor who sold you your house will find another sucker for it. And just for the asking Miss Bay O Vista Family, why did you buy there in the first place? The town has had a bad reputation for 20 years.

I bought because I was from out of the area and was looking for a nice area close-in and close to BART with a bay climate and a reasonable SF commute. San Leandro's reputation is not all that well known, unlike Hayward or East Oakland, and it seemed quiet and nice, Bay O Vista was nicer than most Castro Valley areas and it was above 580 as my realtor instructed and she said San Leandro was pretty nice and quiet. Is that explanation enough?

I bought a few years ago too; and San Leandro did seem up-and-coming. Realtors will flat out lie about San Leandro schools--though nowadays shame on you if you don't do your due diligence on the Internets. Under Tony Santos' leadership, San Leandro has gone further and further downhill. Best thing to do is get out. It won't get any better - and Tony has staked the town with enough folks dependent on entitlements that the trend of producers leaving and freeloaders coming isn't going to stop. Leave before your kids get assaulted - it's happening in Estudillo and Bay O Vista - you're not safe anywhere in San Leandro.

Bay-O-Vista, sounds to me like you got snookered by one of the unscrupulous realtors around here, the kind who brag about their "dedication" to San Leandro but moved to Pleasanton or Danville a couple years ago.

There is a line in the car business; "when do you know when a customer is lying? answer his lips are moving". Well, if you change "customer" with realtor then you pretty much summed up San Leandro's realtors.

Was that realtor who sold you in Bay-O-Vista a 30 something who looked like the Surf Rat cartoon? If she was I think I know who you're talking about. You should have asked her where does she live.

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