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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Round Complete: Cassidy Leads By Just 66 Votes

Former San Leandro School Trustee Stephen Cassidy has won the first round of voting for San Leandro mayor by just 66 votes over incumbent Tony Santos.

The virtual tie sets up three nervous days of waiting for both candidates. According to the Alameda County Registrar of Voters, tabulation for Ranked Choice Voting will begin Friday.

Cassidy won 5,072 votes accounting for 35.53 percent. Santos earned 5,006 votes or 35.07 percent. Councilwoman Joyce Starosciak finished a distant third with 23.87 percent. It is still possible for Starosciak to make a comeback once second and third place votes are distributed, but not likely.

Rapper and activist Sara Mestas garnered 3.87 of the votes with John Palau winning just 1.65 percent.

The stunning turn of events sets up one of the most exciting weeks in San Leandro political history and surely will test the durability of RCV in future contest


  1. Cassidy's campaign deserves much credit since as you have noted in previous articles mayor incumbents in San Leandro never lose.He contrasted himself well against Santos , built up his name recognition through a good yard sign effort and had his volunteers hit the doors and did face to face contact with voters a smarter strategy than the consultants reliance on mailers.Cassidy also put together a strange TRC,Teachers/Republican Coalition.
    That said, Santos may still win given the nature of the Starosiack voters.

  2. Starosiack voters are the dingbat women who voted for her because she's a woman. They're the idiots that otherwise would have voted for Santos because of the Portuguese last name. I'm sure many of the Starosiack voters voted for Santos on the second choice.
    A. Rose

  3. Wow. I wonder if the Nov 4 anonymous comment reflects the ideals of most of the Cassidy backers. The anti-women and anti-Portuguese attacks are appalling in this era. I hope our finally diverse city will survive and not recede backwards into this ignorant point of view just because we will have a white Euro-descent male mayor