Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kolakowski Becomes Nation's First Transgender Judge

Victoria Kolakowski made American social history earlier Wednesday morning by becoming the nation's first transgender judge. Kolakowski narrowly beat Alameda County Deputy District Attorney John Creighton with all precincts reporting.

The 49-year-old adminsitrative judge for the Calfornia Public Utilities Commission held off a strong surge by Creighton who closed a 14-point gap from the June primary.

UPDATE: at 11/3/10 at 2:05 a.m. - Kolakowski through her twitter feed is fretting whether her 3,330 vote lead over John Creighton is enough to withstand a flood of provisional ballots still uncounted.


  1. Brava, Judge Kolakowski. The most significant victory of this election cycle.

  2. OK, OK, take a minute here.....lemme' think about this one....

    A Judge, in the Superior Court of Alameda County, is tasked with making very serious decisions, on a daily basis. Many of these decisions will affect peoples lives for years to come, or even permanently.

    So, this.....umm, person, Kolakowski, paid another person to cut their Schwantz and Jimmies off. "Scuse me, I meant "Sex Reassignment Surgery", like the article says.
    Ends up with Hooties (I guess) and long hair, so therefore is now a Female, to the Liberals and Gay Community.

    Then, he/she/it/WTF, marries her/his/its/WTF PARTNER, who is a Female. (When the Partner became a Female, at birth or on a whim, was not mentioned).

    So...umm, is he/she/it/WTF a lesbian? Were they "partners" before the Jimmies were, uhh, "excused"? So not a lesbian then? Yes? No?? WTF?? Is there a book that tells who gets on top, or what? Did they go buy a Dildo, in retrospect? How the fuck does this work anyway....

    So, anyway, her rival, John Creighton, 58, a prosecutor for 25 years, was endorsed by most of the County's judges. Liberal and gay-rights organizations backed Kolakowski. And she is leading..........
    If I were Creighton, I would jump in front of the next BART train.
    This does not encourage me, regarding his/her/it/WTF's, decision making abilities!!

    So, we all act surprised that Boxer and Brown were elected. Really? REALLY?? In this State, surprises should be few and far between.

    Read this shit...article is below. I shit you not, I cannot make this up.


  3. The above is correct. How can a mentally incompent be a judge?

    There's only one answer; FRAUD!

  4. I doubt she's as 100% mentally incompetent as Nadia Lockyer and whatever she produces, but still...shes a man hater.

  5. Anonymous said... Garbage. But that's what anonymous's say these days, garbage. They are so brave, so sure of their convictions, so righteous...that they declare anonymity.

  6. Yeah, I'm not anonymous and I voted for Creighton. Either way, a man got my vote. Right?

  7. Well done, Kolakowski. Coming out as a transgendered person is hard enough, and I can't imagine the strength, conviction and guts it takes to work in the public eye and have to deal with ignorant and self-righteous dingbats questioning every detail of your sex life, preferences, and history.

    May she be just, and may more people pick up a book, educate themselves, and open their minds to alternative lifestyles.

  8. It takes real balls to come out like that.

    Pun intended.

  9. Don't they cut off his balls? The guy is a looney, how can he be a judge? This is insanity. An insane person on a judicial panel.