Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nadia Lockyer Becomes County Supervisor-Elect

Political newcomer Nadia Lockyer has won the District 2 seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. The controversial race which shocked the local political scene with nearly $2 million in campaign dollars quickly turned into a rout. With all precincts reporting, Lockyer upended former state Sen. Liz Figueroa by a 64-36 percent margin.

State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, the husband of Nadia Lockyer, also won re-election Tuesday night defeating Southern California state Sen. Mimi Walters
UPDATED 11/3/10 AT 1:20  A.M.


  1. That my friends is how to kick someones ass

  2. Simple really spend $1.6 million

  3. ok. if you pay your taxes, live in the district it may have contributed to the defeat of this crook.

  4. Shit, Steve...we're out of jobs with this air head winning and Santos gone.

    Lets work on a story about the lobotomy. Or just attend every BOS meeting and get a good laugh.

    Anonymous 7:50am...if that were true, Bill wouldnt have had to fork over $2mil bones to buy his trophy wife a job.

    Oh yeah, time to call it like it is...shes not a private citizen anymore.

  5. N. Edward Terry-

    Well, what will you do now?? Maybe some pro bono work on Liz's legal team after the Felony Voter Registration charges are laid against her.

  6. Yeah, probably.

    Maybe I'll make a move on Nadia.

  7. These posts dicking with NET are childish and should stop ASAP, but I will say without trying to humilate Mr. Terry, that he can well be viewed as a Liz loyalist.

    I'm sorry to say I passed on the Dist. 2 election line, I could not vote for either Nadia or Liz, so I passed. Lockyer is 300 pounds of sleeze and I would'nt vote for EITHER of his girls.

  8. Yes, I am loyal to Liz...I have no reason not to be. I can humilate myself just fine; I just did.

    When are you people going to wake up and relax? You take yourself to damn seriously.

  9. I want to congradulate Nadia and her campaign team for all the positive work that was done to support Nadia into office. Nadia makes an excellent member of our County Supervisors team as she brings a position of genuine concern and the passion of promoting leadership amoungst all those who want to be a part of the solutions.

  10. Learn to spell.

    All she needed was Bill.

    BOS will eat her alive. Marriage probably will last another 4 or 5 years, if that...she could care less about us, but sure does make us think she does. At least theres someone cute to look at, with nothing going on upstairs.

    I am ashamed to have her represent me. I'm white...she cares about LaRazza and thats about it. And herself. And her son. Who goes to a great school.

    PS. Her car accident left her...a little off.

  11. Yeah, she cares so much about LaRaza that's why this golddigger married a fat old gringo who looks like one of those silent film actors with lipstick and white make-up. I bet Nadia NEVER dated a Spanish guy in her life and if she did you can bet he was blonde with green or blue eyes.

  12. Have either one of you ever done research on the Nadia Maria Davis Lockyer that is now Supervisor Lockyer? If she was older and ugly, you wouldn't have any thing to talk about - but since she's smart as hell, passionate about helping people as the jalapenos she loves, and hot as hell you think you can ride on all your egotistical, male focused powerful gorgeous women bigotry and not crash? The crash is coming! (and by the way, Nadia was in a horrible car crash 12 years ago and nearly died - BUT she didn't, not only survived, but kicked ass helping others along the way to where she is today)