Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Torrico's Next Move

Fremont Assemblyman Alberto Torrico's term is nearly out. Is his next stop the State Senate or County Supervisors? (PHOTO Brooke Anderson)
By Steven Tavares

It is never too early for a politician to start their next campaign and some East Bay lawmakers are already setting the stage for a reimagination of their political careers even before their terms have expired.

Assemblyman Alberto Torrico's comments in last weekend's Oakland Tribune acts as a nexus to a few burning questions and developments hiding in the still-receding fog of this past general election. Torrico acknowledged the formation of 2014 campaign account for Alameda County supervisor. He said he does not plan to challenge Supervisor-Elect Nadia Lockyer and will likely keep that promise. Torrico is known as a prodigious fundraiser and glad-handler, but Lockyer's District 2 seat is already the most secure of any local candidate, but there's more to his comment.

Torrico's interest in the board of supervisors along with a few other politicians, including state Sen. Ellen Corbbet is the real impetus behind Supervisor Scott Haggerty's proposed ordinance to limit campaign fundraising dollars in the county to $20,000. The ordinance will also stop candidates from the extremely large campaign transfers that turn the Lockyer race into a literal Dialing for Dollars, albeit, with only one telephone number on the speed dial.

Incidentally, Haggerty's second reading of the proposed ordinance was put off until the body's next meeting on Nov. 30. Typically, approval of the ordinance would come after the second reading and vote by the board. The abrupt rescheduling has more than a few people already pointing to State Treasurer Bill Lockyer's influence. The ordinance would likely help Nadia Lockyer and the rest of the incumbent board members, it is clear Haggerty's commentary within the proposal was definitely designed to tweak the Lockyers for spending an unheard of $2 million for a supervisorial race.

While Torrico's name has been attached to Corbett's senate seat once terms out of office, he is seen as highly mobile. It is a reason why Torrico clashed earlier this year with neighboring Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi. For a short period, there were whispers as to whether Hayashi had inadvertently or, by design, purchased a home in Torrico's district. More recently, Torrico was angry over fundraising overtures made by Hayashi into the hub of his home district in Fremont.

There is one certainty involving Torrico. He is a political animal and will return to public life in one form or another. If you need any more evidence, there is this: a termed out assemblyman who was defeated last June by Kamala Harris for the Democratic Party nomination for attorney general is not someone ready to change occupations, just waiting for the next position to open up.


Torrico is statewide material. He could also run for Mayor of Fremont, not a small city. He should be on your podcast if you can get him. Before becoming a politician he was a labor lawyer and a frequent guest pundit on a local cable political show.

He doesn't live in Fremont, although he grew up there. He was a councilmember in Newark when he got elected to the Assembly.

Useless in Sacramento, useless elsewhere.

Lets invest time, money, and energy into new voices with common sense principals that care about serving and less about whats next for them.

He, along with so many, are the problem. Not the solution.

Nick, good to see that you have found the final solution. Americans demand the unification of the people's right to self-determination. It is time to out those that are the problem. Mel

Didn't I read somewhere Stark said this would be his last term? Torrico along with a host of others would jump at that chance to run for Congress.

No one gets much done in politics unless they're in the executive branch , even then it's minimal. Conservatives always like to bring up the line"what has he/she done in Sacramento or D.C." or whatever.What has any conservative done who wasn't in the exec. branch of government?Gridlock and an obstructionist Republican party that only supports taxing the rich less, waging war and distracting people with social issues like gays and abortion.

Americans demand equality of rights in respect to the other nations; abrogation of the restrictive agreements with unions and other nations. Mel

The hasn't done squat. So shut your pieholes about "executive" branch. Quit wanting politicians to do something.

Manny is looking for a savior not an elected representative. Mel, we support democracy in other countries but bomb them if they elect people we don't like.

No Babooze, Manny is looking for a politician to leave us the hell alone and quit trying to line their personal pockets and ego with our tax dollars. Big Difference Babooze.

Whoever has no citizenship is to be able to live in Gthe United States only as a guest, and must be under the authority of legislation for foreigners. Mel

Manny is a dreamer. The big boys run the country,oil, Wall Street etc. Have them leave us alone. Our tax dollars go to a war for oil companies($3 trillion)and bailouts to Wall Street brief case gamblers.Dream on Manny.

Dream on Babooze, how the hell do you think this economy grows jackass; it's the CEO of the Company that signs the paychecks, not that Kenyan in White House. It was Obama who bailed out Wall Street so shut your lying piehole, the rest of American doesn't beleive the drug induced stupidity of San Francisco Bay Area.

Anyone but Haggerty would be a great slogan

Hey dumbass, but what CEO of which Oil Company raises my taxes? taxes my light bill? taxes my telephone? taxes my water? regulates and taxes my house? So STFU you scumbag loser. I'm sure you're still driving around with a Kerry '04 bumper sticker on one side and Obama on the other.

Hey Manny/Paul Vargas,
Wall Street was bailed out at the end of 07 during The Bush Crime Family's regime! Don't let the facts get in the way of your lies. What a typical Republican you are--no wonder you lost every time you ran for office. Bahahahahaha!

The bail out was Sept. 2008 during the end of Bush's second term. Obama wasn't sworn in till Jan.2009.

Hey Jackasses Extraordinaire; Bama was in the Senate and supported the Bailouts, it was Fall '08 not '07. Get out of the drug induced lies. Bama was the one who implemented TARP and wouldn't let the banks get out of it. Bama bailed out GM and Chrysler. So don't think you're talking to the typical Santos voter here.

Hmm, TARP has been paid back with interest and has a net gain to taxpayers anf the GM and Chrysler bailouts have worked quite well so far.

bahahahahhaah what a laughable comment. The GM and Chrysler bailouts have not worked out. The Taxpayers are still on the hook for $50 billion and no hope of ever seeing it back. There was not a damn thing that the bailouts did that couldn't have been done in bankruptcy court except save the UAW's sorry ass. And the only reason TARP has been somewhat paid back is because the banks never wanted it in the first place and don't want Bama to control them.

Once again Manuel drops factual turds in your rotten punchbowls and all you knuckle draggers can do is get your panties in a bunch by throwing hissy fits. No surprise given the lack of Testosterone in the entire Bay Area.

The Guv

Are the Guv, Manny, Manoel, Manuel and of course Paul Vargas all the same multiple personality person, like in the movie??? Sure seems like it - same simplistic and fact free writing styles. Bahahaahahah!

The only thing "fact free" is the space between your ears since you libtards are unable to discern between fact and fiction and only repeat unworkable nonsense like a tourette's sufferer.

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