Monday, December 13, 2010

Cassidy's Transition Team Announced

Here are the members of San Leandro Mayor-elect Stephen Cassidy's transition team. According to his web site, the group met Dec. 2 and plan two other meetings before his Dec. 20 swearing-in. Although the press release refers to over 30 participants, only 26 28 are listed. A vast majority of the committee draws influence from the San Leandro school district, which Cassidy was a part of from 2004-08. In contrast, the transition team for Oakland Mayor-elect Jean Quan consists of only 24 members for a city many times larger than San Leandro.
  • Hermy Almonte, San Leandro School District Trustee
  • Kinkini Banerjee, resident
  • Madeleine Budnick, resident
  • Faye Clements, San Leandro Education Foundation Director
  • Peggy Combs, San Leandro City Commissioners
  • Joan Dalpe, resident
  • Phil Daly, San Leandro City Commissioners
  • Kathe Frates, President of Political Action Committee for Excellence
  • Gordon Galvan, former San Leandro Council member
  • Leah Hall, resident
  • Louis Heystek, former San Leandro School District Trustee
  • Tim Holmes, San Leandro business owner
  • Dave Johnson, CEO, San Leandro Chamber of Commerce
  • Mike Katz, San Leandro School District Trustee
  • Benny Lee, Heron Bay Homeowners Association board member
  • Bob Leigh, Washington Manor Homeowners Association board member,
  • Patricia Minnis, resident
  • Wing Mok, San Leandro teacher
  • Mia Ousley, resident
  • Isobel Polvorosa, San Lorenzo School District Trustee
  • Gaye Quinn, San Leandro Chamber of Commerce Director
  • Scott Rennie, resident
  • Leroy Smith, Measure B co-chair
  • Cheryl White, resident
  • Dawn Valadez, San Leandro Education Foundation board member
  • Martin Vitz, former City Planner
UPDATE: Two names were left off the initial list: Johanne Dictor, former president of Estudillo Homeowners Association and Sara Nash, Estudillio Homeowners Association board member.


  1. I cannot wait to read the disclosures for these folks who are going to be doing business with the ctiy. Lots of opportunities for insider trading and other actions. Keep your eyes open, the bank is about dispurse $5M in self help funding for the Friends of Stephen. Karen

  2. Nick and Stephen, looks like you have the next few months worth of interview candidates for TnT set up. Maybe you will try for the sexy Mia? Mel

  3. If Cassidy was serious he would include Lou Filipovich, the James Baker of San Leandro diplomacy

  4. Funny! I think Tony Santos already had James Baker all set for a recount.

  5. The best evidence that Tony has for challenging the RCV process is that Lou was credited with 9 votes in the first rouund. Lou is certainly resourceful, but no way he was able to vote 8 more times. There has to be an investigation in to this clear example of electoral fraud.

  6. Katz? Wow, this comes as...wait, no surprise.

    And Mel...this lists bores me, so look for Tavares to do any interviews.

  7. What a joke! Did this group sit around and agree with themselves all night? I see a great deal of the city not represented here. Where's Tony's supporters? He did win more votes than Cassidy, remember?

  8. The list is a really good example of how well Mayor Cassidy will bring the city together, all 30 percent. Mel

  9. Louie Hayseed and Gordon't Know Galvan? What a complete joke. Wasn't Galvan supporting Santos? and didn't Cassidy not get along with Hayseed?

  10. Why is there a person from San Lorenzo on the committee? Did Cassidy run out of people who give a shit in San Leandro?

  11. Why is Gordon Galvin from Castro Valley on the San Leandro transition team????

  12. I thought Gordon lived up in LeBron Estates next door to Michael Gregory? Did that lying snake move to Castro Valley? That sly SOB!

  13. A people search has addresses for Gordon Galvan in San Leandro, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo and San Ramon. Seems there needs to be some explaining on both Cassidy and Galvan's part. Especially since Galvan is the MAIN benficiary of the LINKS Buses. Why is Cassidy close to Galvan? Looking at santosformayor2010.com under endorsements we see GORDON GALVAN! What's going on here? More of the same bull$h9????

    Tavares, you and Pudding get out there and find the answers.

  14. Galvan lives in Castro Valley

  15. Isobel lives in San Leandro but is on the San Lorenzo school board, which covers Washington Manor.

  16. Having transition team members who may have supported your opponents is good government. Input from one's opponents helps you make policy that will govern all your constituents -- supporters and detractors alike.

    And why a San Lorenzo School District Trustee? Perhaps because some of the schools in the San Lorenzo district are in San Leandro. And that Trustee's husband, Julian, ran for San Leandro City Council from District 3 in 2006.

  17. Steve, you ought to reach out and touch Mia. She and Nick ought to make a great TnT. At least as entertaining as Carina and the lovely Sara. Shelia

  18. Every politician that had a transition team has stacked it with supporters...so long as they are local, who cares?

  19. So what's the scoop on Gordon Galvan? Did he and this wife split?

  20. Doubt Galvan would split from his wife, her money fuels his lifestyle.
    She may not be much to look at but daddy is loaded.

  21. Galvan is living with his wife and kids in Castro Valley, and has been for awhile !

  22. I haven't seen Gordon at Assumption in a while. I thought maybe he changed Mass.

    Anyway, he's no prize himself. His first wife was cute, what she saw in him I can only wonder.