Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Corbett Named Senate Majority Leader

State Sen. Ellen Corbett is named Senate Majority Leader by the Democratic leadership

By Steven Tavares

Sen. Ellen Corbett is now the second-most powerful lawmaker in the California State Senate.

Monday, President Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) elevated the San Leandro legislator to majority leader. Corbett replaces the termed-out Dean Florez.

The move shifts power in Sacramento ever so slightly to Northern California and specifically to the East Bay. Corbett's promotion to majority leader is the highest a San Leandro-based politician has risen in state politics since Bill Lockyer began his run of accomplishments as Senate pro tem from 1994-98 and all the way to attorney general. Lockyer was re-elected state treasurer last month.

“I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle,” Corbett said. “I want to thank Sen. Steinberg for his trust in me and I look forward to serving with him.”

Steinberg also named Sen. Kevin DeLeon (D-Los Angeles) to lead the Democratic Caucus. He replaces Sen. Jenny Oropeza, who recently passed away.

Corbett's duties will include running the senate floor operations and setting the Democratic agenda.

Earlier in the day, Corbett, while surrounded by family, was sworn-in for a second term representing the 10th District after her decisive Nov. 2 victory.

“It is an honor to serve my constituents for another four years in the State Senate,” Corbett said. “I talk to people every day in grocery stores and on soccer fields, and I know that they simply want Sacramento to work for them. I will continue to work hard every day to make sure those of us in Sacramento listen to the people we are here to represent.”


Good Lord, now she can do more damage to California.

Is this what you get for spending so much money on travel, etc?

We reward those we'd normally put in jail. Shes such a phony.

..."listen..." shes a continuation of the problem, why dont you morons just think clearly.

Ellen Corbett's promotion will only help San Leandro, not hurt it. So why all the complaining?

The truth is that Corbett WILL NOT help San Leandro. Corbett is anathema to getting things done. All she can do is make it easier for people to sue others and thus help out her trial lawyer buddies, not to mention helping to pad the overpaid Government Workers. She's a parasite and she's only out to help other parasites.

Yes--she's done so much for San Leandro in the past which is why it has the lowest crime rate, best job and retail opportunities, and highest test scores of all cities in the East Bay. Oh wait, that's NOT San Leandro? My bad...

Hows this help San Leandro? More ear marks to cover the failure of the city government? She represents more then SL. Karen Bass was speaker and look at LA.

Anonymous 9:24pm...awesome zing of truth!

She should be in jail not the legislature. She's as fake as a $3 bill.

Some of the comments here are an example of why poltical conversation don't get anywhere anymore. What is so bad about Corbett. She's bad because she's bad? Bad why? Just because. That's bullshit. No matter what your persuasion is, there is nothing bad with Ellen getting this position. We will have gain because of her hard work. As for earmarks, what's so bad about them? "Earmarks" for the Marina dredging, "earmarks" for money to fix the streets, these are bad things? Stop being dumb!!!!!

John you asked "why is she bad"? I don't know what posts you've read but examples have been given in this thread. She's ; in favor of increased taxes, increased regulations, increased lawsuits. Crime is up in her district, San Leandro and Hayward are now gutters of the Bay and approaching sewer status. What more examples of her idiocy do you want?

Ellen Corbett is bad because she is owned by the special interests that pay her way (like the unions that sent her to Spain) and she represents them very effectively. She is not our representative.

Shes bad because shes more of the same thing, instead of standing up to her party and saying "lets focus on fixing the problems instead of passing feel good legislation."

If I were in either house I'd agree with Steinberg and say "first year, we focus on budget, second, we pass laws and waste the peoples money." (Obviously sarcasm on the latter).

But no, shes continue to waste money in all kinds of ways, like all the rest.

She is not aging well at all. She looks like she's pushing 65.

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