Friday, December 3, 2010

Episode 14 of the TnT Podcast Now Available

While San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos will not officially concede the election to Stephen Cassidy, he is moving on, but not without a barrage of parting shots for ranked-choice voting (which he supported) and the mayor-elect. You don’t want to miss this edition of the East Bay Citizen TnT Podcast featuring question crafted by readers of The Citizen.
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  1. Crocodile tears Santos. Crocodile TEARS!!

    Then the cry baby says he won't attend Cassidy's swearing in. What an idiot! Glad you lost and we're done with your childish behavior. You've insulted this City for far too long and it's refreshing beyond belief that you're GONE!

    I can't believe that this jackass is being the typical liberal idiot and saying that RCV disenfranchises; minoritys, the elderly, the frail, etc. etc. etc. Crocodile tears Santos. Crocodile tears.

    Then the old fool has the audacity to say that the top three candidates didn't work together. Together? For what?

    Hey Santos, Perata threw in the towel because he has a modicum of something you lack; class.

    Santos, this is an election about who won, NOT who voted against Cassidy. Grow up!

    Sorry Santos, Joyce didn't take any votes from you, Joyce had her own following and they weren't following YOU!

    Cassidy is a bully? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black you jackass. You're the freak with a psychological problem who sits on his roof on Independence Day to look for fireworks. bahahahahahhaha

    We don't need a Mayor running around to China and Portugal on the taxpayers dime. What did those trips do for us? NOTHING! ZIP! Exit stage left Santos.

    Cassidy doesn't have his head on right??? OMG! I think I need to call Roto-Rooter because it's piling high.

    What a laugh that he jumps on the Broadmoor/Estudillo nuts now, when they overwhelmingly supported him last time around. PSYCHO! Talks about newbies but what the hell do you call Surlene Grant and Shelia Young?????

  2. A friend referred me to this "site." I see Santos still remembers me. Fine. He doesn't know where I live nor do I invite him over for dinner.
    I also post in my own name because I could care less what he or anyone else thinks.
    I wish I still had the twenty minutes back that it took me to listen to the huge crybaby rant. You lost. Get over it.
    Trying to dissect it and figure how you could have fooled the people or suppressed the vote to win is now a moot point. If you want to do something for the people then figure out how to refund us the $100,000 that you foolishly spent giving us this ridiculous ranked choice voting in the first place.
    You want to save the city and candidates money then all candidates should be elected in ONE up or down vote---whether they get 50% plus one or not. It used to be that way before the Chamber of Commerce and other interested political figures changed it. Now most of them have left the city for more fertile grounds to deplete and leave after they are done with it as well.
    I think I’ll celebrate his leaving Monday by going down in my tuxedo to listen to the baby cry.

  3. Yeah, what the hell happened to Tom Guarino of the Chamber of Commerce? What happened to Tom Dhlugosh? (pronounced Duuuhhhhhhh-Gosh) What happened to Derek Rinetti? All these Chamber of Commerce voices of Ranked Choice have disappeared. Where are they?

  4. I don't know about Dhlugosh but the rest are gone. They got theirs and left. Those of us who have been here over 40 years just got the bill and the shaft---as usual.
    I wonder where they have carpet bagged themselves and what Ponzi scheme they are selling their new cities.

  5. Steve and Mayor Santos, it was nice to hear you on the podcast. I take exception to your comments on RCV being undemocratic, unamerican and discriminatory. Your left off the fact that it saved money. That is number one. Number two is that the run-off elections never did well in turn out. Mayor Santos, you should man up and gracefully embrace change. Don Perata is no paragon of virtue, and he has done a better job of facing reality. You are in danger of being like Harmon. Give it up. You certainly can work to change it but quit whining. Mel

  6. I am guessing that Tony is not sending Christmas cards to Sara and Joyce.

  7. It doesn't say anywhere that a candidate has to concede. I doesn't mean anything. I appreciate that Tony now sees RCV is totally flawed, but it's hard for me to feel sorry for him because many people warned him about this and he did not listen at all.

    San Leandrans might say they are ok with the first experience with RCV, but if you ask them if they understand it, they'll tell you no and wonder what the he'll it's all about.

  8. John, common decency is not written, it's just done.

  9. Getting Comcast to cover city council meetings would be a good local democratic issue. They are making money hand over fist in such a densely populated area. Plus district elections would also be a progressive democratic reform.RCV is easy to explain and understand. The city or Registrar could have done a mass education campaign with robo calls and emails.McDonald dropped the ball.
    Santos may have beat Cassidy in a run off. He would have to argue that the economy is in dire straights and that deficit hawk proposals are a Republican approach to problems.Cassidy did have Republican support so it might have worked as a strategy.Cassidy ran a good campaign and the run off would not have been a cake walk for either candidate.
    Santos could now become active in the local Democrats (slprogressivedemocrats.org) and organize Seniors as a local Democrat committee.
    How long will Cassidy work without pay? Will he in fact be a "Mayor on the side" and continue his attorney job?The new police chief is from Benica which is a stones throw from Valejo .Wonder what her thoughts are on the Valejo budget issue since it was ongoing daily news in her Benica area turf.Cassidy and Spagnoli conversations on this issue would be interesrting.


  10. Craig,

    The city council is meant to be a part time gig - so that the best and brightest in the private sector might run things; not the oldest and dumbest--which as been the case in San Leandro so far.

  11. Craig, nice to see you back on line. Always hoped that you and Steve would get together for the podcast.

    Tony ought to fade away like a good soldier at age 72+ and transform his business connections in China and Portugal for the benefit of San Leandro and as a retirement COLA fund for he and his wife.

    The last thing local Democrats need is old leadership. They need vibrant 25-40 year old candidates like Sara Mestas. Her experience was lacking but she was at least young.

    The time to organize will be as Irish fall apart.

    Chief Spagnoli may not have been as vetted as we liked. Her career in San Carlos was controversial. Her Citizen Police College in Benecia was interesting and very successful, though not warmly received by the union. Her presence in the LGBT community was well received, as was a tolerant recreational chemicals world view.

    It will be a good character building experience for our SLPD cowboys. Maybe Nick will start doing ride alongs with his friends on the force. Based on how she cleaned up miscreants with the cooperation of the press in Redwood City, look for lots of neat headlines as Dodge City is tamed. Mel

  12. Sara would make a good Young Democrat leader.I've met with her regarding such a project.I suggested that Santos could be a good Senior leader.Seniors have the time, important issues locally, statewide and nationally.With a good robo call system and Santos' savvy Democrat Seniors could be a force in local politics.

  13. Nice vitriol from Justin after my father complimented him on the podcast!
    Small wonder why you lost 2 elections Justin and havn't been heard from since!

  14. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz So boring I fell asleep.

  15. Mike,

    I call them as I see them. Your father didn't give me any compliments. He marginalized myself and friends of mine by saying that we were a minority opinion. Gee thanks! That makes no mention of what he has said in the past.
    You haven't heard the last of me and it has been more than two electins for your information. I suppose when you live in Alameda, you don't really stay up on San Leandro.
    We'll see just how much we see of your father after January.

  16. Where's Mr. Alvin and the Chipmunks Nick Terry? MIA ONCE again!

  17. Reliable sources indicate that Nick may have been involved in some affairs and been jailed, unable to afford bail until Tony pays off.

  18. Geez Justin I'm hurt that you didn't know I had moved back to San Leandro.
    And he did give you props for starting one of the first blogs in San Leandro.
    Need to remove that chip.

  19. Geez Mike,

    If you live in San Leandro again then perhaps you should change your facebook page to reflect that.
    He didn't even understand or know what we really started. It isn't a worthless blog. It is a local taxpayer organization that also happens to run a website that keeps our members up to date on the shenanigans that go on at city hall.
    I don't have a chip. I just like fact not some small, vocal minority BS.

  20. I leave the deep, intelligent conversations to Steve.

    That said, 90% of you people obviously need & miss me.

    PS. Rumor of jail time is incorrect; I was having an affair with Mary Hayashi...wait, that wasn't me. Phil, you can do better then that.

  21. I worked the polls in San Leandro with Ranked Choice Voting in Nov. There was very little "voter confusion" at the polls. I am very disappointed in Tony's sour grapes feelings about the election. Man Up, wish Cassidy well and move on!

  22. Anonymous, well said. Mel

  23. Nick, Tony must have given you a twofor, one for Mary and the other for Liz. Phil

  24. Looks like Mr. Big Shot County Commissioner of Castro Valley is lonesome.

  25. Mr. Big Shot County Commissioner of Castro Valley is a one hander and happy alone in his closet in the dark. Paul

  26. "Paul..."

    Happy to talk about your mental problem in person, and in the dark if thats your fantasy.

    Anonymous....far from lonesome...the fact that Im on here less then most, but keep tossing your insults, and retarded attempts of humor...I forgot what high school sounded like.

    And for the record, I support abortion of people like you fruitcakes.

  27. Santos, Cassidy and Mestas represent San Leandro's past, present and future:

    > Santos: Dumb old Portuguee old-timers who only know how to line their pockets and help their friends.

    > Cassidy: Over-educated liberals who want Utopia and think that their smarts alone are enough to bring it.

    > Mestas: The urban hip-hop culture who have no real ideas, values or smarts.

  28. Well, Santos has proven once again what an arrogant @$$ he is; refuses to concede, refuses to certify the election and then gives a pep talk to the government worker parasites to continue to screw the taxpayers. Thanks for nothing you shrivled up old nut. YOU make Filipovich sound reasonable. You have no class, no brains and thought you were running for President of the City Employees Union not the Mayor of San Leandro. Good bye, good riddence and don't let the door hit you on your wrinkled up @$$.

  29. Mr. Big Shot County Commissioner of Castro Valley, thanks for the validation of your position as the resident Totenkopf Einsatzgruppen advocate of ethnic cleansing. How does it feel to single handedly isolated yourself as the single person on December 7 to stand for the issues that the United States fought against. You will not stand. Think about Argentina, Brazil or Chile. They have long been havens for your ilk. Paul

  30. Big Mouth Willing To Give Paul OneDecember 7, 2010 at 9:21 PM


    You're an idiot, and the short bus misses you.

    Get a hobby moron.

  31. What the hell does that even mean, Paul?

    I dont care for Terry but you're a putz.

  32. Anonymous, Nick Terry advocates the killing of those he does not agree with. He is nothing more than one of the Twenty First Century's first public Nazi's. My references are to the German SS groups that ran the camps and killed those they did not agree with. His comments on December 7 are as banal as yours. Or are you one of those revisionists who do not think the Germans, Japanese and Italians were not so bad. Paul

  33. Paul...once again, you're an idiot.

    Come back to reality, good grief.

  34. Even still.


  35. Is the Big Shot Terry going to be on tomorrow?

  36. Yep...get your tissues and socks ready!

  37. Getting your lace panties up in a bunch there Mr. Talentless Scout?

  38. Do you ever get out of the house, Anonymous?

    And because you're such a moron, there really isnt such thing as a talent scout.

    But I was a boy scout, so I will take compassion on your illness.