Friday, December 10, 2010

Episode 15 of the TnT Podcast Now Available

The infection of Internet lies reaches criminality after someone leaks closed session council business. The Hayward School Board grabs two newbies off B Street and makes them board president and veep. Who wants the job with state receivership looming on the horizon? No one and breaking news on the Lockyer political power couple. Bill sets up committee for 2014 and more on the East Bay’s only political podcast--The EastBayCitizen.com TnT Podcast.


Finally Terry sounds legit...let it rip brother!

Is the foul and offensive language necessary? It is offensive and demeaning. Please stop it. Robin from San Leandro.

Compared to what many on here say...the language isn't offensive; we're all adults.

WHOA, WTF? Big Shot doesn't have pants on and then Tavares walks into the room and did he say he was looking at a picture of Nadia Lockyer????? WTF?

My issue is the spoken, not written words, on the podcast. I think the words used by Nick are offensive, banal and obscene. Robin.

Other words in the Thesaures for banal are: common place, trite, overuse, unoriginal, boring...

Grow up already.

I'm glad Nick pronounced my name correctly.

Anonymous, a thesaurus is lower case and spelled differently. Not sure what kind of an ebonic resource you are using, you simple shit. Paul

Paul, easy on the language.

Maybe use a thesaurus to look up asshole? The illustrated ones have a picture of, well, you.

The ebonic reference was very racist, but no surprised coming from an SS Officer.

hey all you libtards, wake up and smell something other than your head up your asses. It's not racist to make references to "ebonics" The blacks don't speak proper english and that cesspool Oakland School District to the north of our border wanted ebonics to be in the curriculum.

As for you, Nick, yeah you dress like a slob with your shorts, rubber shower shoes and hoodie. You're giving that ponytail wearing greasy pig Mike Katz a run for his money in the homeless bum look. Tuck in your shirt, suck in your gut and act like man dammit!

I have to say, this week was funny. A lot better than when you try to "interview" people.

Mein lieber Freund Anonym, wieder in den Tag unser Führer herrschte über das Volk zu ihm absolute Treue und zu verpfänden uns eine Ehre, seinen Dienst zu machen. Und so haben wir die perfekte Endlösung für alle Ihre Art etabliert: Einsperren, arbeiten, bis die Freiheit durch den Tod und letzte Opferung und Verbreitung auf der Erde um bereichern unsere Kulturpflanzen. Achten Sie nicht auf allen. Wir werden kommen und dich auch. Oberst Paul.

Rubber shoes...thats a first.

Gut? That too.

Thanks Sousa...most of these morons think this is a Charlie Rose type show, glad to see one of you has a sense of humor. As for interviews, to me, there is no one locally that I think is interesting enough to stroke their ego in an interview. Save for some of the dunderheads that have nothing better to do then attempt weak insults on Steve and I.

That was a funny line where Nick says he was looking at a picture of Nadia Lockyer and Tavares asks; "dude, where's your pants?" I think it's a little tongue in cheek since it is obvious you both have a crush on her. Too bad both of you are not white enough for her. I'd bet $100 he never dated any Spanish, Portuguese or Italian in her life. If you ain't descended from somewhere above the Alps or Pyrnnees you ain't getting a "hello" let alone a wink from that chick.

Wasn't Paul Reubens the guy who played Pee Wee Herman and got caught committing a lewd act in public?

Nicky, if you cannot stand the heat, go back to LaLaLand, you schmutzegefuss. Leo

Leo...I think you must be new, or you're just using a phony name...none the less, it's stupid.

As for the heat...its not even warm. I think you water-heads love the back and forth, which is my community service to you all.

If Robin from SL is the one who's the Dem chair then what's really offensive is the buying of the District 2 seat by the Lockyers. And the fact that the Dem party was a part of this is obscene. But I guess the end justifies the means.

I find the Democrat Party offensive.

Agreed, compared to the filth that is the local Democratic party, Terry's adult language (spoken by many) is hardly offensive. If anyone doesnt like someones language, they dont have to listen.

To all of you, I am not the Robin who is the Democratic Chair in SL. I am a homemaker in SL. I am a Christian and moderate Democrat and you people are a collection of foul mouthed haters. I hope that the language is cleaned up. I resent the language in public. I do not care if you talk that way in private, but I do not want to hear it publicly. I would like you to place a notice on your podcast that moderators use words that are adult and obscene and prohibited from being broadcast on the radio. Robin from San Leandro.

This isnt radio, sorry the language offends you Robin.

Once you heard the foul language ...all you had to do was click it off. End of story!

Manuel...you've grown soft and it's not acceptable.

There are more important asshats in San Leandro to spend time ridiculing. Leave her alone. Hell, let's talk about Gordon Galvan who is on Cassidy's "transition" team and the rumor that he no longer lives in San Leandro. Is that rumor true or false?

When's Terry going to interview Mary Hayashi?

Gordon Galvan lives in Castro Valley. The last SL chamber retreat was at his house.

Oh really now. So why did Gordon Galvan endorse Santos but now is kissing up to Cassidy. Oh this karma is great. It reminds me of back when Don McGue and that black woman ran for County Supervisor and Santos back stabbed McGue.

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