Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hayashi Gains Two Assembly Chairpersonships

Speaker John Perez announced today committee positions in the assembly. Two-term Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi received two chairpersonships and freshman Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski received one. Both assemblymembers serve on the Insurance Committee along with another East Bay legislator, Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner. Below is details on each committee assignments along with those served by Sen. Ellen Corbett. (Chairperson in italics):

Asm. Mary Hayashi (D-18)
Business and Professions, chair
Subcomittee on Oversight and Performance Review, chair

Asm. Bob Wieckowski (D-20)
Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials, chair
Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security

Sen. Ellen Corbett (D-10)
Judiciary, chair
Business, Professions and Economic Development
Energy, Utilities and Communication
Environmental Quality
Legislative Ethics
Public Employment and Retirement


  1. Of course its no surprise that the Health Care Madam, er, Czar, er, Assembly Woman is on the Subcommittee on Oversight for Health Insurance...how many hundreds of thousands of dollars did she take from those big bad liberal hated insurance companies?


    And what business has Mary Hayashi ever ran that makes her the best candidate to serve as Chair of the Business & Professions committee?

    Both Hayashi & Corbett have served us long enough past these two terms.

  2. Nick, back to Ebonics for ya'll, what business have you ever ran. You give your English teachers at Castro Valley a bad name, you lunkhead. No wonder you wussed out in running against Miss Korea and Miss Liberal. Right you said you quit to protect your family. No stones on you. Mel

  3. Mel...you're still here? Only a bore like you would leave the kind of nagging comments you leave. Someone needs to jar something loose inside you so you can lose the attitude.

    I currently co-operate a small business that employs 14 people and have served as a managing partner of a company that employed seven people; all of which meet/met payrolls, increased profits and decreased overhead. Oh and Mel, since you havent a damn clue about me, save for what you learn here, you'll never know if I was successful or not (and yes, I am very proud of just getting by in the intelligence department; I could give a shit about being an ideologue or know it all like most of you). You like to say I'm a failure and thats fine, I wont excite you in the back and forth. Get to know me, maybe youd be surprised. Of course, I'd never be caught dead next to a hag like you. I wonder, are you the mystery person in Lady Hayashi's life? You probably wreak of patchouli oil & week old bong water.

    Nice to see your back to being a bitch to me and calling me a wuss for not finishing my run against your fellow battle-ax, Madam Hayashi.

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