Tuesday, December 21, 2010


By Steven Tavares

San Leandro City Council approves, 5-0, to sign two public employee union contracts. Councilman Bill Stephens and Vice Mayor Ursula Reed both abstained.

Cassidy and his supporter along with new Councilwoman Pauline Cutter called for the council to hold off the vote until after Jan. 1, so the new council could look at the two drafts of the union deal.

Councilman Prola and City Attorney Jayne Williams strongly cautioned the council that going back on their negotiators deal could seen by the unions as bargaining in bad faith and could put the city at legal risk.

The deal to be ratified by both union groups is ostensibly the same as the deal for the past five years. No pay increases, lost pay from 2.8 percent due to 6 furlough days and paying up to 50 percent of any increases in health care insurance. The deal will last for two years, putting it in line with other government labor deals set to expire simultaneously in 2012.

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  1. So much for having an impact on change, Mayor Cassidy. Mayor Santos has outsmarted you and blunted whatever chance you had to negotiate a responsible deal with the Unions that now own the city. Too bad for San Leandro. Robert

  2. Santos didn't "outsmart" anyone except the San Leandro taxpayer. Of course, anyone who chooses to live in San Leandro is not too smart to begin with.

  3. "outsmart"??? You mean the bastard screwed the taxpayers of San Leandro.

  4. I hate to admit I do not feel too smart choosing to live here, but due to the current real estate market and my purchase timing(2006)I am stuck. Question... Whats up with the contractors that won't come here? I have had several reject me when I said I lived in SL and I recently had a great plumber that reluctantly worked for me because it was a small job but he said he will not do a home repiping in SL due to significantly more costly rules on the type of pipes etc. He said SL has rules that are different and even Oakland is eaier to work on home remodels and much less costly? What gives and why???

  5. It is all about money Barry. You see, over the passed 12 years Shelia Young, Tony Santos, Gordon Galvan and former City Manager John Jermanis changed all the building codes and business license fees. It used to be fairly easy to get things done in this town, but that hillbilly witch Shelia Young and the dumb portagee Santos were looking to pad the City Payroll with more employees. So basically they lied and conieved more and more burdens. All the time with the blessings of the Chamber of Commerce and various low life's, most of whom and since moved out of town and out of state.

    If you moved here in 2006 you missed all the increases and burdens.

    Shelia Young is such an illiterate backwoods hick that she used to get up and City Council meetings and say; "I was shocked at how basically anyone could do anything to their homes". She's an idiot. If you ever look at that outhouse/shack she lives in, it's painfully obvious she's jealous of anyone with class and ambition.

    The increased regulations were also pushed by various scumbag realtors and stuck ups in Bay-0-Vista who saw the increased regulations as a way to keep their home prices artificially high. The theory being that if you kept the homes in the rest of town small it would only make their homes more attractive.

  6. Bary - you should move, even if you have to lose money on your property. Too much damage has been done to San Leandro by Dave Karp, Sheila Young, Tony Santos and Gordan Galvan. Cassidy may be an agent of change, but he's a day late and a few million dollars short. The schools are never going to get better - in fact test scores show them getting even worse. Now's the time to get out with foreclosures and low interest rates.