Monday, December 20, 2010

Proposed City Employee Contracts Will Save $675k

By Steven Tavares

Two of San Leandro's largest city employee unions will go without a pay increase for a third straight contract, if the City Council approves a new two-year deal Monday night.

The total cost savings to the city is estimated to be $675,000 between the two contracts, according to the city. The San Leandro Management Organization represents 43 full and part-time city employees while the much larger Sen Leandro City Employees Association represents 280 employees ranging from clerical to technical and professional workers.

Each deal, which the council will vote upon tonight, is similar to last year's one-year contract which included a wage reduction due to a number of furlough days throughout the year continuing through 2011. The city will gain cost-savings from a third and fourth year of wages freezes for city workers. Furlough days will account for a 2.8 percent cut in wages along with a continuation of the previous deal where workers will foot the bill for half of any increase to medical and dental insurance. Both unions still need to approve the contracts, if the council agrees to the extension.

Mayor-elect Stephen Cassidy had balked at the city's deal being negotiated so close to the begin of his administration Jan. 1. Reducing employee costs had been one of his prime campaign promises. According to the city, the bulk of the negotiations with the unions occurred last month as the one-year contract neared expiring. Cassidy had proposed union employees pay up to 9 percent of their wages towards the cost of their pensions, which he said would save $3 million. Opponents of his plan questioned how such a proposal would pass muster in collective bargaining with the unions or whether a majority of board, backed by union support, with go along.

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  1. If the council approves these Santos budgets which have all the employee and employer contributions made by the city, Tony will have prempted any possibility of real change in the business of San Leandro. Cassidy will be able to fulminate and alienate and no one but the union members will be happy. Merry Christmas and a Snappy New Year. Mel

  2. Is anyone betting on when the $5 Million rescue will be announced? Will Tony do it or will he let Steve get the glory. The only ones who will lose are the taxpayers. Robert

  3. I will bet Santos will take credit for it. Even though Cassidy will be installed as mayor tonight, Santos is still the mayor until New Year's. Santos will be at tomorrow's finance meeting and likely will do a little jig on E. 14th St.

  4. Just like the a-hole that Tony is. Sour grapes over the election, but delights at being able to screw the taxpayor one last time and getting his dig into Cassidy.

    Santos has never cared about San Leandro - only himself. His comments and actions are of a self-centered, stupid, vindictive, senile old man. At least San Leandro voters finally realized that this last election. Remove the cancer, let a real leader take over, and watch the city heal.

  5. Ha! Healing? Not likely, with a gang of tea baggers along for the ride, the Mayor Elect packed the Council Chambers tonight to try to block what is really a very mediocre contract for City employees. North San Leandro: Stop pretending to be progressive and own up to being the nasty, self-enamored libertarians you really are.

  6. If it was such a mediocre contract than why approve it? The citizens are getting screwed ans everyone knows it. That's why Cassidy won and that's why Santos is rushing and extending this contract. It's outrageous! And believe me, I'm no tea bagger. You're just like the greedy CEOS on Wall Street, that you love to blame for everything!

  7. Seems like the only one tea-bagging is Steven Tavares - he's tea-bagging Santos.