Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santos Calls Cassidy Supporters At Meeting 'Brown Shirts'

By Steven Tavares

Apparently hoping to collect on the spoils of last month's mayoral victory, a small group of mayor-elect Stephen Cassidy's supporters asked the San Leandro City Council Monday night to postpone finalizing labor contracts with city employee unions until next year.

The group of Cassidy insiders, including San Leandro School Trustee Mike Katz and his wife, Margarita Katz, Tim Holmes and Mia Ousley, urged the council during closed session to allow for negotiations to bleed into the new mayor's term. The council discussed negotiations with two city employee unions, the San Leandro City Employees’ Association/International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers and the San Leandro Management Organization. It is believed both contracts will be signed along with a deal with the San Leandro Police Officer Association before the end of Santos' term next week.

Cassidy had vigorously campaigned against the city's employee unions saying more of their earnings should be paid towards their own pension plans. Any question whether Cassidy's assault on public employee unions was campaign rhetoric or a resolute call for changing how the city deals with rising costs may have disappeared with Monday's call by his inner circle. Mayor Tony Santos equated the group's display to intimidation tactics used by "Brown Shirts" in Nazi Germany.

"There isn't any question in my mind that the group intended on intimidating us into not taking action," said Santos. "Cassidy campaigned against our employees. (It) appears the group used a little 'brown shirt' tactics. I believe this is what San Leandrans face in the future."

Santos also referred to Holmes, who was Cassidy's campaign manager, as the group's "field marshall." Four members of the group spoke before the council, including an unidentified person. According to Santos, when the wife of Mike Katz addressed them, she called out her husband to speak, but he declined and left the room.

During the campaign, Santos had supported the city's unions, saying they had already made significant concessions to help the city battle declining revenues and rising costs. A year ago, its largest public employee unions agreed to a one-year contract foregoing a second straight year without pay raises while paying more towards health care insurance. Fifteen furloughs days throughout the year also amounted to a pay cut of nearly five percent. During the same time, the city also suffered through a $3 million shortfall that has nearly drained its entire reserve fund.

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Good lord, get the hell out Santos. The "Brown Shirt" tactics are the ones that you bastards used against the citizens to raise taxes, increase regulations and screw up the business licenses. It's you bastards who are greedy SOB's. I'm counting the days when you're finally out. It will definetly be a "HAPPY NEW YEAR"!

Tavares, we get it. We get it! Katz is a pussy. Mama Bear told him to leave.

Brown shirts aka tie-dye, but we get it.

He's just doing what so many do but gets called out because he lost or he's disliked. Cassidy will experience the same thing; until San Leandro elects someone it really likes, the Mayor is always going to be verbally attacked.


Santos is an arrogant, self centered, senile punk. He's been that way all his life and isn't going to change. He only cares about power and his ego. I'm glad he was thrown out on his @$$. San Leandro is better off without him. Hopefully he'll sell and move out to some Del Webb property. Where I'm sure he'll attempt to take over the Homeowners Association and start barking complaints/orders at someone who flies an American Flag on his porch on holiday's.

Be that as it may, but I admire that he doesn't sugar coat things; his intension's may be poor but too many politicians are wussies and dont say what they want to say.

What a sore loser. Incumbent Mayors almost always win re-election. Just goes to show what a pathetic loser he really is. Adieu to you!

Watch for a fire in the Council Chambers in the next month. Chief Spagnoli will investigate and determine that it was set by dissidents in the unions. Cassidy will seize power from the City Manager. Trials will ensue and Santos will be.... It is going to be an exciting year. Bill

Going door to door, a fair percentage of voters didn't like Santos. That comes with the territory and time in office.A majority of people however, would say he did a good job dealing with the pain of a down economy.
Public sector workers played catch up with private sector workers during the 50's and 60's from the so called monopoly sector, steel ,auto and other large industries.
Conservatives and moderate Democrats then sold us NAFTA,globalization, free trade and other fairy tales about how we would prosper in a global economy. It turned out to be a Big mistake with wages frozen for decades and wealth flowing to the top one percent.The public sector however was somewhat unscathed by globalization. Steel mills and auto plants and other industry moved off shore which they couldn't do to the public sector. Now the investment banks are counseling clients to put your money on BRIC (Brazil,Russia, India and China).
The city council should see the city budget problems as being a part of the big mistake of "rose colored glasses globalization."Could be the biggest mistake in the history of the country.
You can't have prosperity in a country that competes against workers who get paid less than a $.25 a quarter an hour without a sympathetic ,creative, innovative government and public sector.


Santos should be called Mr. Brown Pants because he's full of sh*t.

If the Nazi were like Holmes, Ouseley and Katz, the Jews would have beat their asses

Who is this asshole Manuel? What's his real name? Where's does he live? Please someone point me.

I can't wait!!!!!!!=:)

And why does he think he knew Santos his whole life? Is he a relative??????? I doubt it.

Manuel posts under different names here, but his real name is Paul Vargas. He is a ultra conservative Republican who has run for office more than once, and lives in San Leandro in his parents house. His views have been rejected by San Leandro citizens, every time he runs, by large margins. He has become very bitter because of that, and that's why he resorts to name calling. I feel sorry for him, and wish he would get the help he needs to control his anger.

"Who is this asshole Manuel? What's his real name? Where's does he live? Please someone point me.

I can't wait!!!!!!!=:)"

Says the guy that doesnt list his name.

Poor little baboozes, can't argue the facts of the article, so you have to go onto tangents that have no bearing on reality. Sounds like others have "Brown Shirt" tactics.

OMG...good riddance to Mayor Santos, he is showing a very shameful, petty and embarassing side with his recent comments and lack of grace.

I can't wait until people realize Tim Holmes will be running the entire city from his bunker at Zocolos. No pay raises for city workers, but sex changes are on us.

Please calm down. Take a xanax or something. You're rants and ravings about "inequality" and "corporate masters" are scaringly close to psychotic.

What concerns me about this SLCAN group is "what do they stand for"? Tim Holmes and the rest sound like they have a great deal of bitterness and resentment not about San Leandro City Hall but of the directions of their own lives.

How dare citizens have concerns about the future of the city! And Santos wonders why he lost...I thought his life's work was going to be ridding the world of RCV. Shut up and get to work Santos!

F. Sousa,
San Leandro is not the center of the universe. The public sector compensation was less of an issue before our corporations fled to China. Put things in context and you can deal with the issues better.Seventy percent of Americans had pensions in the 80's now it's under 25 percent.We now have a retirement system that starts with f and ends with k,401K.
Plenty of scholars and political people(left of center) believe that growing inequality is central to our national problems. More inequality than any other advanced economy and the greatest in the U.S.since 1929.
Sousa ,get your head out of the sand or wherever its stuck.

This just in:
> San Leandro voted worst school district in East Bay
> Bayfair mall voted most ghetto
> SLPD voted most corrupt
> Santos voted most senile ex-mayor
> Eastbaycitizen voted most accurate paper (but the bar was pretty low)

If San Leandro has the worst schools and the citizens just put 2 ex school board members on the council than the ex mayor is sure not the only mentally impaired person.

Oakland's schools are not better than San Leandro schools.We have many successful graduates. The grades people get in schools is less important than the jobs business creates locally.An if you were to grade the private sector on job creation,give them a low grade.The sales tax Bayfair generates is in green not ghetto.SLPD has strong support in the population otherwise Measure Z would not have done so well.

The sales taxes may be green from the big boxes on the perimeter, but the Mall is definitely ghetto and the SL schools are not much better than Oakland's (10 measly points on the last test scores out of the 1000 possible). This is especially sad considering Oakland is a much larger and more urban city. And schools in Oakland are improving at a far greater rate and speed than SL. Get your head out of the sand.

So you misspoke when you said SL has the worst schools in the county. All this testing is the result of the failure of the private sector to create good jobs. The target of the Right is the teachers unions.You're blaming the victim.

Oakland is much larger, but I wouldn't argue that it's "more urban." That is, assuming "urban" isn't a term your using to describe land-use planning; but rather used a euphanism for ghetto towns with a lot of ignorant and crimial minorities.

San Leandro has become South Oakland - just drive by the high school sometime. How many kids look like good upstanding students and how many look like gangbangers? Keep on "celebrating diversity" morons; but just don't be surprised when diversity "celebrates" back with a gun in your face.

I bet you wet your pants when you see minorities.

Teachers Unions are the root problem of what's wrong with Schools. They need to shut up, teach, not indoctrinate, and show some discipline.

I would say that "brownshirt tactics" is when the blubbering slob son of a candidate for City Council goes into a business which has a campaign sign of his fathers opponent in the window and begins making threats to the business owner; "oh just wait until my Daddy gets elected. You'll be sorry".

Most of us are not celebrating the diversity of ghetto culture and behavior that is taking over here, is is just coming on its own free will due to our huge supply of low cost, old apartment complexes and tiny post war homes that have become undesirable to most middle class people, no different than most older in 1st tier suburbs in this state. Question of the day... Can we all fit in the Tri-Valley when we can't stand it anymore?

You are correct above. You can thank Tony Santos, Shelia Young, Gordon Galvan, Derek Rinetti, The Chamber of Commerce, Bay-O-Vista Homeowners Association and other stuck up snobs in Bay-0-Vista for implementing draconian building regulations about 8 years ago which greatly increased the cost of remodeling and expanding small homes. Instead of encouraging people to move into San Leandro and remodeling, Shelia Young was discouraging it. No wonder, considering the hillbilly shack in which she lives. Young and Rinetti were pushing for a CITY WIDE ban on the construction of second story additions. Thankfully that hypocrite Rinetti slithered out of town and moved to Colorado but not until after he and others did great harm to this City. Only an idiot or shyster Realtor would push for such measures.

These minorities are driving us conservatives crazy. Every time Obama smiles we cringe. Every time a Black scores a touchdown or when a basketball player dunks we cringe.We support the war and the corporations, even if they are all leaving our country.We need to talk to them, they will listen to us. Many of our people are going crazy.


Sousa is correct in his assessment of your posts. You come across as a bitter and somewhat angry man. You have a myopic, simple and skewed view of the U.S.A. The "problems" that you "perceive" (since they are not really problems, just your hazed perception) are more complex than the simple solutions that you advocate. You have an innate jealously of anyone or anything that you don't agree. So your first reaction is automatically; "exploiter" or "scam". When in actuality you are the exploiter and scamster who wishes to indoctrinate others into your warped, simple and juvenile view of society. I pray that you get well.

Head in the sand or up your butt conservatives. Everyone is talking about the expansion of inequality in the U.S especially since the recent tax breaks for the supper rich. Conservatives are politically bankrupt that's why we have the biggest military in the world, ten times our nearest rival, the biggest prison population, the most CO2 emissions , mediocre health care but at the highest cost in the world.You can't talk issues so you sling crude insults and name calling at people behind your Anonymous and semi-anonymous comments.You've ruined America and now you're going crazy.


Our "nearest rival" geographically, or geopolitically? If geographically, yes--we have a larger army than Cuba; but not as big as China's - which does pose a serious threat to US national security. Your brand of liberalism has ruined America - you've advocated for amnesty which is why the prison population is so large - 30% are illegal immigrants by most estimates.

Not much has changed in San Leandro since Maltester made the cover of Newsweek with the great white wall as the cover.
There are still a bunch of racists living here.
All big and tough and willing to post under their real names-Anonymous.
Well they now have their mayor, whose entire team was made up of white elitists.
I will keep my door locked to protect myself from them and the people on this site.
The race war comes.

We're always at war it seems . We spend over $700B, our next closest rival China who spends $70 or $80B.The Defense Department should be renamed the Offense Department.Google military spending by country.North Korea by the way spends a fraction of what South Korea spends.

Notice how someone calls and ridicules others as being "big and tough by posting under anonymous" yet this wimp can't post his real name?

It is not about race, it is about values, behavior and actions. The ghetto sub-culture in Oakland is very disgusting,crude dangerous and is not welcome here. That is not racism, that is reality and truth. If you do not like it stay in Oakland and enjoy it.

Tell it to the merchants and city. Oakland gives San Leandro much more than it gets from San Leandro in sales and sales tax. Most young minorities spend their days at work politely asking you if they can take your order and thank you for your business. I would bet that you are met with 1000 polite comments for every 1 slight.

And a heavy dose of crime and filth and a scary attitude/behavior - the giving just keeps coming, wow we are so blessed! What a booby prize. And please, you know we are not talking about most young people or minorities in general, we are talking about an extremely violent, scary ghetto sub culture that is wrecking both Oakland and surrounding cities. Is your socialist head entirely in the clouds?

Don't think you're insulting by calling me a socialist. I'm not so much, but believe in a very good social net, in capitalist incentives and innovation but not the obscene incentives on Wall Street and corporate America.Social Capitalism as they call it in Europe where there is less problems taking care of their people maybe because they are of the same race.Pray to God that we become more of a socialist country before we destroy ourselves.
Crime is down ,de industrialization is up.Visit a city in the MidWest or East. Thank the capitalistic media for promoting crime news, "if it bleeds it leads."Thank the capitalist music industry for promoting Gangster music and culture.

Really, so simple is it? Blame capitalism and the media for peoples behavioral problems and criminal acts, like no individual is responsible, no individual is accountable, no community is responsible and accountable for enforcing rules and behavior??? OH MY, IT IS JUST SO EASY AND SIMPLE IN YOUR WORLD.

According the folks like Craig, if we just gave ghetto-acting minorities and illegal immigrants free college and hiring preferences; they'd stop acting so ghetto and criminal and have successful lives. Wait, we already give them that, and they're still not doing well? Oh, never mind...

Its not just minorities that can be ghetto acting, but they are the predominant problem in our area. I do not see the problems here in SL being caused by immigrants.

Craig is delusional. Detroit, Oakland, Cleveland, St. Louis are all slums because of people like him and the people who live in those Cities. He has simple solutions and always the same answer; "greedy capitalist". He wants to blame others for the results of the incompetent. He is bitter, angry and reality blind. We can all thank goodness that most of America voted his kind out of Congress last month.

You're right ,this blog should be called the juvenile blog. I mention sales and sale tax dollars coming from Oakland and you crap in your pants because some kids have an attitude.I mention that crime is down but not in the media and you cry socialist.Your arguments were proven bankrupt in the 70's.

Craig thinks San Leandro is on the right path, and welcomes more minorities to "celebrate diversity," and more illegal immigrants. San Leandro's high crime rate and failing schools are because of those with a like mindset - including former mayor Tony Baloney.

Craig, it's your Jerry Brownesqe arguments that have proven wrong in the 1970's. That's why you needed morons to put that fool back in Sacramento. You can't even proudly admit that you're a socialist. Your ideas are being rejected time and time again. You have no economic sense. Your only solution is the simple; "more government".

The U.S. borrows $2 B a Day a f---ing day from the People's Republic of China. When I was a socialist which I was,I was proud to be one and still would be if I were a socialist.There is nothing wrong with having a belief that industry could be organized by government.People can believe in or like what they want to like. Right wing people should keep their butts out of other peoples faces and business. That's why we're so quick to go to war.
By the way the biggest gangster I ever knew(I actually knew his younger brother Tony) was Portuguese. Joe "The Baron " Barboza. A big hit man for the Mafia.Google him for more details.

Oh so now the New Bedford attitude comes out. And the truth; Craig is a socialist. Smoked him out.

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