Thursday, December 2, 2010

Santos To Appear on East Bay Citizen Podcast Friday--Leave a Question

San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos will appear on the East Bay Citizen TnT Podcast Friday, Dec. 3 to make his first public statements on the past mayoral election and why he feels misled by supporters of ranked-choice voting, of which he was the strongest supporter of enacting for this past November's general election.

If you have any questions for the mayor, post them here under the comments section before noon, Friday. Add your name or appropriate pseudonym. Queries such as "boxers or briefs" will be excluded. Answer: briefs.


  1. I didn't need to know what the hell he wears. Anyway, in the San Leandro Times, it states; "Santos admits he didn't understand enough about RCV when he voted to hait it instated (sp) in San Leandro" the article goes on; Santos; "I never really took a look at what would happen in a very close election and considered all the variables".

    If Santos does NOT understand what he's voting on, if he does NOT understand what he's being an advocate for then exactly why does Santos feel he should be on the Counci? Why should he be passing ordinances that have a direct affect on people when he has NO comprehension on what the effects of the ordinances will be?

  2. How is your about-face on RCV anything other than sour grapes from a losing candidate? Why do you think you would have won under the old expensive separate primary/runoff system as you did in 2006? Do you prefer the lower voter turnout in that system, in which only 15,000 voters participated in the 2006 primary, to RCV, in which 22,000 voters participated in this year's primary (the first round of counting)?

  3. When only the first choice results were available, some of Mayor Santos' supporters said that he should win comfortably in the RCV count because the results for the City Council seats and for the sales tax (Measure Z) showed that a clear majority of voters were comfortable with the current direction of city government. Further, they said that voters who ranked Joyce Starosciak first supported the current direction of city government and would rank Mayor Santos ahead of Stephen Cassidy. Was this just spin, or did Mayor Santos and his supporters actually believe this?

    However, in the actual RCV count, more votes from each of the defeated candidates Palau, Mestas and Starosciak transferred to Cassidy than to Santos. Cassidy was slightly ahead in the next to last round among Cassidy, Santos and Starosciak, then increased his margin when Starosciak was defeated and her votes transferred. Why does Mayor Santos think voters voted this way?

  4. In January, Councilmember Souza changed her vote from support to not support based upon further research and finding RCV was being pushed by special interests.

    When the pro-RCV lobby spoke about "majority" winners, which is a direction we should continue to move towards, did anyone realize it was not "majority Support" but a majority of the left over ballots? In Oakland, and San Leandro, its not that bad (winner had 45% support), but could be in the future elections.

    Would the people of San Leandro think the winner was legitimate if they received 4,421 votes out of 17,808 voters (24.3% like in D10 San Francisco) Should San Leandro wait until something like this happens before we go back to a majority winner type election.

  5. Proud of you Steve to get the Mayor on the show, lets get him to come clean and be proud that this is an exclusive! Oh wait, you're on the paid staff, never mind ;)

  6. As if Mayor Defeatrius' opinion means anything anymore...