Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stark Cannot Support Obama's Compromise on Tax Cuts

President Obama put himself in a precarious political position this week by reaching a compromise on the extension of all the Bush tax cuts. The deal, which some Democrats believe is skewed towards the wishes of conservatives, puts Obama in a maelstrom between raging members of his own party and chronically uncooperative Republicans. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said Tuesday there may be Democrats who jump ship with the president's wishes. A local member of the House appears to be one of the first overboard.

In a piece for the Huffington Post, Rep. Pete Stark sharply criticized Republicans for employing fear tactics on the rising deficit for their own political means, while looking the other way for extending tax cuts for the richest Americans. "In 2008, with a Democratic President and Congress, the Republicans suddenly found religion on the deficit," wrote Stark. "If Republicans want tax cuts for the wealthy, we should demand that they explain how to pay for them right now."

Stark was also a signer of Vermont Democrat Rep. Peter Welch's stinging rebuke of the president's proposal in a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Welch called the plan "fiscally irresponsible" and "grossly unfair" to the majority of Americans. Extension of the tax cuts may add $900 billion to the deficit.

Stark believes Republicans, once in the majority next year, will "flip-flop" back towards the rhetoric of deficit reduction while targeting cuts to social programs. He did find some bright spots in the deal, notably a 13-week extension of unemployment insurance and tax cuts for working families with children, but on the whole, he will not support the president's compromise.

"These are important provisions that I want to see make it into law," said Stark. "but I cannot support them when they are coupled with outrageous deficit spending to benefit the rich."

It's notable that Stark tread lightly by not criticizing the president, but instead challenged Democrats to mimic Republicans and stand their ground saying, "protecting the middle class is the right thing to do."


  1. Pete is likely acting as the canary in the mine, calling the alarm knowing that he is dead meat anyway in 2 years. I think all of the tax rates should increase. No breaks for anybody.

  2. Pete Stark is tiresome, incompetent and an alarmist.

  3. Theres a reason the President is doing this, its called, re-election...it wont even make its way to the White House or wherever he'd fly to to sign it. Its a show, dont worry Fortney, but we arent surprised you're raising a fuss so you look like the champ you arent.

    Again, its all about re-election.

  4. That's stupid to say everything a politician does is to get re-elected. Of course Pete is going to do things to get re-elected. His job is called representative because he is voting our wishes as a community. Didn't he get 70% percent of the vote? I'd say he is easily doing the bidding of his constituency.

  5. Stark's constituency is made of; pot smokers, welfare queens, lazy government workers and other morons. People looking to get a free ride off of others. Many of the so called "hard working" Stark voters who worked at Alameda NAS or the Army Base were the biggest goof offs around. You'd see these guys home at 11:00 mowing their lawns; "hey Johnny, why aren't you at work? On Vacation?" and Johnny would say; "nah, I said I was inspecting the Carl Vinson, I'll go back around 2". Or you'd see them on Webster St. in Chinatown taking a 2 hour lunch. Then there's the local government workers who could be found at bars on Hegenberger Rd.


  6. There needs to be a better campaign to have fair taxation of the rich. There is now more inequality in the U.S. than at anytime since 1929. We are also the most unequal developed country in the world. My idea is to have a program called Lives of the Rich and Famous Who Support Fair Taxation.
    I support the presidents efforts to help the unemployed but he should have highlighted the tax give away to the upper crust.In situations like with issue, I usually feel that the leadership isn't so much wrong as we as citizens are not organized.


  7. Craig:

    Define "rich" in modern terms in this uncertain economic present and future.


  8. Craig;
    Define "fair taxation" and why do you define it as "fair"? I believe that "fair" taxation should only apply to those who work for the government and are paid over $80,000 a year. They should be taxed at a 60% rate while all private sector workers are taxed at a flat 10%.

  9. Craig must be with the rest of the Portagee and Guinea government workers sucking up the booze at a bar.