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East Bay Has Seen Vitriol Evident In Arizona

Opponents of Rep. Pete Stark, like the man standing above, talked down the congressman July 24 in Hayward.
By Steven Tavares

When shots rang out in front of a Tucson Safeway last Saturday, the anger and discontent exemplified by the aftermath following the heinous act by a seemingly deranged shooter has now provided a much-needed pause in the level discourse between Americans. Members of Congress have been spat upon by detractors. Others have had racial epithets hurled upon them along with allusions to Adolph Hitler. In hindsight, what happened in Arizona was a powder keg ready to go boom.

In two waves of Tea Party discontent over as many years in the East Bay, I have covered numerous events and spoken to dozens of Americans who attend these gatherings with genuiune concerns for their country, others though, have shown some of the same flourishes of anger fueled with paranoia, simplistic observations and downright racial and ethnic prejudice.

The hyperbolic spectacle surrounding Rep. Pete Stark over the past two summers is the closest example we have locally to the rancor exhibited against Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. The level of vitriol contain within Stark’s monthly town hall meetings is difficult to fathom if not in the room to hear the full-throated insults and threats cascading from constituents. Stark has long viewed the back and forth with voters as a prime duty of his role as congressman. In the day after the shooting of Giffords, Stark reiterated his belief in Americans having unfettered access to their representatives. “Rep. Giffords was performing the most fundamental duty of a Member of Congress – she was making herself available to her constituents,” Stark said Monday. “It is something we all do – and something I strongly believe we must continue to do.”
They belittled him because of his age, perceived senility or alleged Marxist leanings. They called him stupid to his face. Called him an idiot. One man obliquely threatened to hit Stark over the head.

Opponents of Stark say the anger against the long-time congressman is merely his constituents reflecting his own insults back against him. Tea Party activists and conservative pundits have used his infamous YouTube clips to demonize Stark to which he said yesterday, “We can have differences of opinion on policy and still treat each other with humanity.” While it is true, Stark’s personality lends itself to hurling diatribes back at frothy-mouth questioners, the level of disrespect towards the polite discussion of ideas is nearly non-existent from his detractors. A town hall July 24 in Hayward was a prime example of a town hall reeking of irrational exuberance and bullying. Watch a clip from the event here. During the entire 90 minute meeting, Stark barely spoke. There was hardly a spectator who did not have the urge to stand and shout down Stark. They belittled him because of his age, perceived senility or alleged Marxist leanings. They called him stupid to his face. Called him an idiot. One man obliquely threatened to hit Stark over the head.

When you ask them directly about their anger, you get the same ridiculous, beyond belief expanations such as, Stark only gets re-elected because illegal immigrants stuff the ballot boxes. Many exude contempt for Stark’s role in health care reform, but when you ask them about their health insurance situation, they somehow finesse their own need for Medicare as different from those who may have the wrong color skin or too lazy to help themselves. Not only do Americans of different political persuasions need to respect each others difference of opinions, but both sides to need to better understand the incoherence of their own arguments and correct them before we can move towards melding each ideas and beliefs into solid compromise and prosperity.

The only reaction needed from lawmakers does not include  arming themselves or erecting barriers between them and their constituents, as has been broached recently. Instead, they should follow the lead of leaders like Stark and continue business-as-usual. He says his next town hall is Jan. 22.

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Oh get real Tavares. Stark is puke. That Red Commie has called a Congresswoman a "whores", said that another Congressmen's children were born out of wedlock, called a black member of the Bush Administration a disgrace to his race, and people are supposed to bend over and kiss his wrinkled up ass? This lousy SOB cheated on his wife with an intern and has the gall to pass judgement on others? Of course as an atheist he has no conscious. So don't piss on our legs and say that it's raining.

Way to keep the vitriol going anonymous 6:17pm. You seem pretty much mentally unstable yourself. Get some help and do us all a favor.

I dont wish any harm to anyone, but Stark sets people up...its obvious. He shows zero respect to those who disagree with him...maybe Stark act like a mature adult when those who disagree with him voice their concerns. But he wont. He'll use it to push their buttons and turn it around on them.

I say...ignore the man, he knows not where he's at.

Exactly. All the above comments about Stark are irrefutable. He and his supporters are welfare loving leftists and misguided "social justice" airheads. Then when you have people blaming institutions instead of individuals it creates an atmosphere of the thin skinned

Stark lives to piss people off...he has little respect for anyone that doesnt matter to him.

You wont see a change in him.

We should be able to get our point across without calling people names! Let's keep a tone of civility in our posts. Did we not learn anything in the last few days?

Thanks for the first video link up there. It kind of shows Mr. Stark needing to not only brush up on the issues, but it presents the fact that he seems to favor the "rights" of illegals over the citizenry.

It proves that Stark knows he'll be re-elected, doesn't care what people think, has little if no respect for anyone outside of his circle and that he will push a person so that they lose their mind. It's not easy to keep calm when an elected officially is prodding you on purpose.

So everyone knows Pete Stark is an elite Dem who knows best. An egotist.

Until charges of graft and corruption are found, CA will receive what it deserves - the luminary known as Pete Stark. He does have problems but voters recognize the name so vote. Find a dummy named stark and put him on the ballot. I guarantee he'll get lots of votes.

It should be kept in mind that the meeting mentioned above was the next meeting after Pete accused one of the attendees of being a murderer - simply because he was wearing a Minuteman t-shirt. While the Minutemen disagree with illegal immigration, many don't own firearms or believe in physical violence. Many have been beaten up by people with the opposite philosophy, though. Pete's comments have a way of inciting emotion in people. He does it deliberately. That being said, we have to drop the level of inflamatory rhetoric when describing him and his background. I disagree with nearly everything that comes out of the man's mouth, but I have to respect the fact that he continues to show up to meet with people - especially when so many of us disagree with his stances.

- Chris

Mr. Pete Stark is an embarrassment to the job position he holds and to the district & voters that he represents. He is the poster child for what is wrong with Washington. He does what he is told by special interest that continue to line his pockets and support his re-election each term and he refuses to represent the will of the people. I represent the 5 generation of my family here in the San Francisco Bay Area and it always amazes me how this guy continues to lie to the voters to get elected and then do what ever he wants to do after he is in office again. The arrogance of this man and his disrespect to the voters of his district is appalling. It is no wonder our once great state and our nation are in so much trouble right now.... Of coarse some would say that if you want to blame someone, simply look in the mirror. This may be true however there is so much corruption in politics these days that a guy like Mr. Pete will say what ever the voters want to hear to get elected and then he will do what the puppet master pulls his strings to do.... We need Term Limits to prevent the revolving door from happening again and again and again..... Just one man's opinion...

Just watched video, citizens had clear questions that Congressman Stark obviously had no knowledge about how to answer them. Vote him out!
And Steven Tavares, you're an idiot!

Pete Stark is not incompetence, he represents his personal interests and that is his pocket book of politics that pay him well. Follow the money folks... Follow the money to any outspoken liberal. It's hard because it takes a callous personal approach to be liberal. But follow the money, it will become very obvious. A liberal can not afford to be liberal unless someone funds them who has manipulating interests. A good moral person would not respond to it but Pete Stark can not escape his constituents so he sits and must say nothing... he knows what he is doing.. trust that one fact, he knows what he is doing all the way to the bank. It's about him and his interest, not his constituents in the public it's his constituents in private that you must find.


Pete Stark's ideas are for the dust bin. The East Bay Tea Party has the right ideas for the times; of course he has many disaffected citizens at his meetings.

Pete Stark is an abomination! I have never seen an elected official who has such disdain for his constituants. I am ashamed to live in his district. How does he get re-elected. I talk to police,fireman ,businessmen etc. all the time. I haven't met one person who has voted for him. He is the poster child for what is wrong in Washington! His far left garbage has no merit! He doesn't know how to create an atmosphere where jobs would be created! For God's sake,lets get someone to run against this fool!You don't elect someone who feels his constituancy is too dumb to understand the real issues. Anonymous

I'm giving all my spare time next election cycle to defeating Stark and not with a phoney republican choice like we had the last time. Join Eastbay tea party patriots!

How can anyone with even a shred of dignity defend Stark? Much less compare his behavior with a tragedy in Arizona?

Let's hope that all of you Tea Party Patriots start to register voters really soon. You will want to get going so that you can participate in the upcoming Spring elections. Maybe you will be qualified to support no taxes, no cops, no schools, no firemen, no streets and no parks. Or, you might see if you can get support for your platform. Mel

Pete Starks is the worst example of a person that was elected to the house. He is arrogant, looks at those that to not support his political view as stupid. During one of his townhall meetings I ask him why the current administration seem to think that we the people wanted more government. He looked at me a said well you like your social security and medicare don't you. My answer to him was that is not an answer. If he really wanted to have an answer it is that I worked over 40 years for the social security and medicare does me no good because can't find a doctor in the east bay that will take a new medicare patient.

These people have no respect for Congressman Stark because they have no respect for democracy. The crude conservative comments are associated with authoritarian personalities . "Shut up or I'll smack you" personalities.They must have been abused when a child. Our society does not really encourage participation or debate so when authoritarian conservative personalities speak or comment it's usually in the form of insult and anger. I should note that your given IQ drops about 20 points according to research when you get angry so the level of discourse also drops.
Give Stark credit , he says he's an atheist which is a ballsy thing to admit in a relatively religious country.


I agree , Stark should get the Nobel Peace Prize.

Well what we really need to do about those in congress like Pete is find a way in your own life to NOT pay any income tax whatsoever. Also I have proposed to a few people the idea of pooling our money to purchase a media device such as a billboard and bombard the public at large with our message


Look at the idiot a couple up who accusess Conservatives of being "authoritarian", yet it is that Marxist Stark who is the authoritarian attempting to force everyone into his view. If you wonder why Pete Stark gets re-elected then you don't understand the welfare loving mentality of people around here. You have your atheists, (enough said) hypocrital Catholics who will go to Mass on Sunday and vote for a Communist on the first Tuesday in November because he supports the most welfare programs.

Based on the video exchange between Stark and the voters, seems to me that he richly deserved their comments. What he really deserves is to be voted out

The nazis propogandists said " if you tell a big enough lie long enough and loud enough it becomes the truth." This is exactlly what the left exemplified by people like Stark are attempting to do. As the people start to demand accountablity in goverment as the voters realize they must take up the riegns of goverment into their own hands. The political class who have for so long controlled those riegns of goverment become outraged at the thought of losing their power, and they are attempting to discredit any movement left or right that threatens their power.
Today it is the Tea Party that is the most vocal and visable movment of the people,tommorrow it could be another, a liberal movment,and it would be attacked just as forcefully.Pete Stark is a political animal he is no Mother Teresa. His sole purpose is to survive, and profit from selling his vote to the highest bidder.
The people are being told a huge lie by the political establismnet linking The Tea Party to violence. It no longer matters that there is not a shred of evidence of such ridiculous charges, all that matters is that in the sound bite mentality of American consumerisim, is that the seed has been planted like a jingo for the new and improved soft drink, and like the new and improved soft drink the zombies will swallow it. We know it, the people pushing the lie know it, and you can bet Pete Stark knows it.

Such delusional people posting here. I think, like above says, you should really seek to get some help. So clueless it's beyond belief.

So many in the bay area are great examples of idiots that re-elect idiots. Ie. Mel, Doug Jones, Katz


Someone needs to post things using my name. That's very low.

All you "voters" who participate in a "POLL" should go take a hard look at what this government is doing to all of us compared with what the CONSTITUTION says - we are being ruled under literal state of emergency by criminal dictators - and every member of congress - both parties is IN VIOLATION OF THEIR SWORN OATH TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION. They should all be brought up on misprison of felony and TREASON charges. They dont follow the laws, they take bribes - they send gullible young volunteers overseas TO DIE IN WARS FOR MONEY. The information is available - we have all been converted into CHATTEL PROPERTY - they give us "benefits" - and we have voluntarily given away all our GOD GIVEN INALIENABLE RIGHTS - for "protection" and "benefits". If a lot of people dont wake up real fast - its going to be like when the USSR collapsed - and then the POLICE STATE will be out in the open.

I suggest all SHEEPLE go listen to this presentation - because the US PONZI DOLLAR is not going to be around for too much longer - in any form you will recognize.


CD13 has been Stark's fiefdom for three decades. Some of the constituents  have awaken and now see how they have been taken granted and abused. 

Pete Stark has been around long enough to learn how to take the heat from the voters or he should resign. There's no excuse!
People of CD13, you more than served Stark well. You  willingly made him your "master" and now he does not respect "we-the-people"!!

You tea party ultra conservatives make me want to laugh at your whining. Pete keeps getting elected by huge margins because he votes like most of his constituents want. Love the 13th, or leave it!

We the people, the folks who hate Pete Stark, do not vote in a majority in the district. Pete has stood well in support of the majority and has served his constituents well. He does an admirable job of allowing the lunatic fringe of the Republican, American Independent, Libertarian and Tea Party express themselves. Pete is a good example of American virtues. Those who hate him are good examples of what America has stood against for a long time.

Unfortunately or Fortuntately you Mr. Writer are new to politics? Stark is a self-serving old hat politician who never listens to his constituents. Most all of the 11 District still can not figure out how he possibly could have won! He is a disgrace, we can only hope that some day he will not be our representative as he does nothing of benefit to taxpayers within his District.

Pete Stark is representative only of the lobbyists behind Obamacare.

90% of his campaign funds come from Political Action Committees in the health-care related industries: http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/summary.php?cid=N00007397

It is now well documented that PACs in health-care related industries wrote Obamacare.
Pelosi said we had to pass the bill so that we could see what was in it. Remember?

Stark has been working tirelesley to pass health-care reform that includes UNIVERSAL coverage .. that is, coverage for everyone (that the richest of the nation are responsible paying for). He issued a press release stating his concern when it became apparent that universal coverage or "the public option" would not be included in the final Obamacare bill.

Fortney Pete Stark has the most radical views in government, and is considered to be the most Progressive of all members in the House of Representatives, according to the un-biased rag, The Daily Kos: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2010/10/7/907920/-Congressional-races-2010,-final-update:-California

Suffice it to say, he is not reflective of the people of the East Bay, but the fact that he has a "D" next to his name gets him elected.

He's so old, crabby, and out of touch that the Dems will not run him in 2012. Plus, with the new commission on re-districting, he will probably give it up. He will retire, and the Dems will announce that Gavin Newsome (or some other progressive darling) is the new candidate for congress,ready to "carry the torch!" CD-13 and really the entire inner-Bay Area is and has been a Dem stronghold for years, and there is no way that they give up on it now.

If Stark somehow keeps himself off the breathing machine and musters up enough energy for one more campaign (not that he actually does any campaigning besides having minions put his signs in obscure places), he will be re-elected.

The east Bay Tea party patriots have a good message, but it only resonates with the people who actually understand the fundamentals of our republic and virtues of classical liberalism (Which of course is not to to our children, and has not been taught to kids for 20 years - why else do you think Gen Y is so gaga over Obama and in-love with the Democrats?).

The EBTPP's message does not resonate with the clip-haired women, blind ObamaManiacs, and otherwise ignorant and hate-filled ultra leftists.

The east Bay Tea party patriots' candidate got less than 1% of the vote in 2010 after a rigorous campaign including expensive TV commercials and biased support from right-wing talk radio heads such as Brian Sussman. Their candidate spent $15,546 to get less than 1% of the vote! What a JOKE! HAHAHA! Their efforts, while much more expensive and polarizing, are as futile as the Alameda GOP's.

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