Friday, January 28, 2011

Episode 18 of the East Bay Citizen Podcast is Available


It’s National No Name Calling Week in San Leandro. Didn’t get the memo in time. Redevelopment Agencies are taking a severe hit in California. The East Bay’s reaction runs bold in some places, ho-hum in others. San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy is going casual. Is it disrespect to the office? Rep. Pete Stark offers conciliatory comments towards Tea Party demands that health care reform in government intrusion.



Both of you are idiots and have the sense of humor of dead nuns.

I bet you think Blazing Saddles is just terrible. Grow a pair and laugh. They are what you call....sarcastic and mocking the very people you SAY you dislike.
The Guv is the closeted one, right? I'm sure now he'll try and insult me.


It seems that that The GUV struck a raw nerve around this place. I am under the impression he made quite the impact on poor Mr. Terry since Nick constantly talks about being called out as a dressing like a slob.

Like I said...you must be to stupid to see the sarcasm and mockery.


Pail and Paul, your images of dead Nun's and Blazing Saddles and the campfire and beans is priceless. Nick and Steve and Tony huddled around the campfire roasting Rocky Mountain Oysters, farting and thinking of Mo Wiley while singing the exploits of Jack Maltester. Mel

SOme of you people on here take life way to seriously. Since most of you have your heads so far up your ass, you have no idea that these two guys sound like most people...even though they are JOKING...as for Mel, you know Blazing Saddles...your referencing it isn't an insult to anyone, just the continuation of how arrogant you are.

But above all, you obviously don't realize that these two are not hurt at all by you windbags, they are merely giving you something to do. Which in your case is pathetic.


Ah yes, the thoughts of roasting Nuns over an open fire. Nice virgin piece of meat. Mel

Is Mo Wiley back yet from Lost Wages? Nicky wants some nookey

What is Mo doing in Vegas? Some place off Industrial?

Nicholas E. Terry, still picking Mo's hair out of your teeth?

Steve, why has there no mention of Fred Korematsu Day in San Leandro?

Anonymous said...
Nicholas E. Terry, still picking Mo's hair out of your teeth?
January 31, 2011 9:06 AM

One at a time, between her, Tony Santos and Liz Fig...I can't keep up.

Yeah, maybe try something new...that's a bit outdated and lame. Oh and not funny.

Oh Big Shot is back. Glad to hear your big mouth. I bet you must talk with your hands too.

Steve, I am glad the state honored Fred Korematsu with a day of recognition. Question...I thought Fred Korematsu was a San Leandro resident but all the news outlets talk about his Oakland roots and no mention of San Leandro. I have also seen no mention locally of the day?

Anonymous said...

Oh Big Shot is back. Glad to hear your big mouth. I bet you must talk with your hands too.
January 31, 2011 6:58 PM

Yep...the universal language for dip shits like you!

To the Anonymous posters...from now on your useless comments to me will be like your sex life...between you and yourself.

Enjoy trying to feel better about yourself by insulting me, kids.

Hey Big Shot, we insult Tavares too. Quit being so testy. Go out to a massage parlor or something and relax.

Well, there sure as hell won't be any quiet room once we get there. A good walk on the back is always good. Especially since it's Chinese New Year.

Oooooh now Big Shot is back to listing his occupation as "brillian pundit". I'm impressed.

Anonymous...that is so old...get with it, I've been back...I guess we should welcome you back from Uranus.

Has Nick been brushing up on his Mandarin in anticpation of the massage parlor?

God Almighty himself couldn't part the sea of stupid in this place. All hail the Palace of Suck!
The Guv

Guv you're back. Do you think Nicky should buy an iron? He's looking shabby lately.

Nah, it will just leave burn marks on his ass when his BF leaves it there to answer the phone.

Some of you "men" on here have some real issues.

Where is Big Shot today? Will he be doing the podcast tomorrow? Or will he run like a bunny rabbit?

He's probably getting bored with it and tired of the lame attempts at insulting him.


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