Monday, February 14, 2011

Cassidy To Council: Learn My Facts

By Steven Tavares

After a little more than a month on the job, it is becoming clear observers need to examine San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy’s words for nuance.

Cassidy described a conversation last month at the recent U.S. Mayors’ Conference in Washington, D.C. The remarks led Cassidy into a brief discussion Feb. 7 on pension reform that both hinted at his perceived superior knowledge of the issue and a warning to keep the issue private among the council.

“There’s a continuity to this [problem] and we need to address it here,” Cassidy told the council. ”It is something that we’re looking down the road in terms of a presentation on the city’s pension responsibilities-- retirement, health care. We’ll have a presentations so we can all be on the same page factually and take it from there on what types of decisions we’ll be making and conversations internally.”

It’s a couple of sentences unlikely to cause political indigestion among the council, at first hearing, but illustrates Cassidy’s well-known surliness towards divergent opinions. By alluding to a certain set of facts (presumably incorrect in his eyes) regarding pension reform among some councilmembers, he again is showing a predictable reliance on attacking his opponent's competence rather than currying favor towards his aims and beliefs.

Cassidy, who ran on a platform of having city employees pay more for their pensions to close the city’s $3 million deficit, appears to have little support among the council, at this point. His statement of “internal” conversations also flies in the face of constant references to government transparency made during the campaign and in his first month in office.

Ostensibly, keeping discourse unflattering to the mayor’s plan for pension reform under wraps is a good way to save face, but when sly comments disparaging your colleagues' understanding of an issue are made publicly by Cassidy, it really is not difficult to find one of them willing to detail the inner-workings of city government especially when it comes to detailing his impetus in procuring a majority of opinion.

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Oh for crying out loud Tavares get over it. You sound like the idiots in town who whenever they hear anyone speak words with more than two syllables they immediately criticize the guy. Cassidy is articulate and not the typical dumb ass City Councilman and even speaks better than his fellow attorney Ellen Corbett, who by the way speaks like a barmaid.

Just because he speaks lucidly and intelligently doesn't mean that he's talking down to anyone. You post like the typical San Leandro ethnic moron who is either a high school dropout or only barely posseses the diploma. There's too damn many idiots in this town who for decades voted for their fellow peasant speaking dolts who only communicate in mono syllables. It's down right refreshing to hear someone talk intelligently.

Sounds like Cassidy, to his credit, is trying to save their sorry faces. They obviously don't have an understanding of the issues, otherwise this would be a non-issue. Time for this city council to grow up.

When most city council members are morons, they competence needs to be questioned. Anyone who moves to San Leandro of their own volition should be screened for mental illness. And anyone who favors the idiotic pro-government, anti-business policies that have driven San Leandro into the ground should be sterilized and separated from the rest of the population.

Well these fools on the Council have no brains. They've relied on Maltester to pull their strings all along and now when it comes time to actually think, they cannot do what they've never done.

Tavares - Your anti-Cassidy bias is becoming a bit much, can we have some balance please?

Mr Cassidy needs to learn how to work with others. He wasn't able to do that on the school board, and when he left, the school district had below average test scores and a very minimal reserve. Since he left, the school board has hired a new superintendent, built up their reserves, and is working together to improve test scores instead of fighting all the time.

Whatever the issue, a successful Mayor must listen, learn and compromise to get things done. He/she also must put in the time to get the job done, which I'm not sure Mr Cassidy can do working full time as an attorney in San Francisco. Our Mayor's job is part time in name only. He needs to find the time to do the job he was elected to do. Our City deserves no less.

Because there are a lot of idiots on here;

Adverb: Apparently or purportedly, but perhaps not actually: "portrayed as a blue-collar type, ostensibly a carpenter".

Oh and why do people come back here if they don't like what Tavares and Terry have to say? A lot of big talk safe behind a computer by repeat chicken shits.

I enjoy the articles and the comments and agree with a fair share of them, but I certainly do not agree with all the articles, including this one and I do not agree with all of the comments, including many in ths thread. That does not mean I should not come back. That is a silly idea.

When Cassidy does something you approve of, I'll report it. I think the value of my work is showing people exactly how their government and officials works and behaves.

This is an important string of stories you won't get anywhere else. The story here is Cassidy is acting in exactly the same manner that failed him on the school board. Much of my reporting on behind-the -scenes matters relies upon the reader trusting me since there's a small number of sources to rely upon in city like San Leandro. It can only work with anonymous sources.

That being said, Cassidy's inability to play with others will limit his effectiveness and you should know this interaction is happening. It also illustrates why you should read The Citizen as the area's only independent source.

Tavares, it's not Cassidy's inability to play with others, it's others inability to engage in critical thinking. Hence, their immediate labelling of Cassidy as a bully and aloof. Just because his fellow Councilmen are unable to articulate nor comprehend the issues at hand does not make Cassidy unwilling or unable to reach a concensus. It's quite the opposite, the lack of verbal and critical thinking skills of his counterparts makes it almost impossible for them to deal with the issues facing them.

All of a sudden Manuel sucks from Cassidys tit?

I use to like you.


too many disparaging remarks and not much of substance. fact is one only needs four votes in city to get anything done. if you don't have four votes, you can't get anything achieved. on pensions, city has already reformed the system. The only question is can you get the employees to contribute toware their pensions. discussions have been going on for two years on the matter; don't forget employees must now contribute to their health plan. how much more should they give up?

No Paul, I'm not sucking up to Cassidy. But, Tavares isn't attacking him on substance. Go after Cassidy for objective matters, not because he is articulate. If Tavares was having an intelligent conversation on the subject then fine, but he's acting like a school bully just trying to take down the chubby kid just because he's chubby. We've have too many dopes on the Council who couldn't even sign their own name to a document. Take Cassidy on with substance, not mindless drivel.

Very well said Manuel, it feels vindictive and not based on much substance.

It is painfully obvious that Cassidy's "mole" on the City Council is not only uncomfortable in engaging an intelligent conversation with Cassidy, but is insecure in his ability to understand the issues and matters that come before the City Council. This type of behavior amongst City Councilmen was painfully revealed by Tony Santos in the days following the 2010 election when he admitted he didn't understand Ranked Choice Voting yet railroaded it through.

It is quite a sad and cold reality that Cassidy is in reality, the first member of the City Council (and quite possibly the entire Commission and Board structure of this town) in this City's entire 240 year history that has an understanding and grasp of what is happening in regards to the matters placed before him. I may disagree with Cassidy on multiple issues, but I have to give him credit where credit is due.

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