Friday, February 4, 2011

Episode 19 of the East Bay Citizen Podcast is Available


The Day of Rage is not limited to the Middle East. Racism is rearing its head again in San Leandro with entertainers of a certain color performing at the Historic Bal Theatre. Union workers at Pleasanton’s Castlewood Country Club near the one-year mark in their lockout by management and we talk to the Eden Township Healthcare Chair Carole Rogers and their dispute with Sutter Health over San Leandro Hospital.



Steven, excellent show today. 3 good topics and it was refreshing to not have your cohort in invective. No hate speech, no profanity. You provident intelligent and provocative discourse. Good job.

And you got the broadcast out on time. Two weeks in a row.

You are on point about the simple hate speech and racism about the Bal. I hope that someone asks the City Council to step up and en masse take the high road and support the venue. I am sure the Troglodytes will cry out and scream about the knucklewalkers and watermelon service. But they are wrong. The Youth need to stand up and support the Bal.

what's the deal with SLH and st.Rose?? there's rumors of st. Rose trying to work with the township in some sort of effort to combine SLH with st. Rose.

if anyone knows more please shed some light

Steve, I was surprised by your support for the Union Members who have been locked out 344+ days at Castlewood Country Club. I have not seen this mentioned in your blog prior to this. Nor do I recall your support for Unions in the past. Your sidekick The Big Shot Commissioner has never had a kind word for us working men. So what gives? Did you finally grow some? Mel

Mel, you're an idiot, Tavares has been talking about Castlewood for over a year. You should get off your sexual attraction towards Nick. Are you a man or woman?

Tavares, you babooze. Why must it be "racist"? C'mon with all the blacks that live around there it's just stupid for you to claim people are being racist. Now let's get to the facts of the matter.

The BAL is on a commercial street that is surrounded by residential homes. There is no dedicated parking lot for BAL customers hence they must either park on E. 14th St. or on residential streets. Both Dillman and the homeowners know of the circumstances. It wouldn't hurt Dillman to remind his customers to be respectful of the residential area and not; park in front of driveways, yell or talk loudly at night, don't walk over people's yards.

Mel, you have some major issues. You probably want ol' Nick to get you into the Alabama Hucklebuck or something.

Do not EVEN bother to go to the San Leandro Patch site and dispute the racism charges or any other issues with the BAL story and permits or what is appropriate entertainment programs for the mixed use residential area or even try to discuss the BAL's battle with the City of SL. The "uber" progressives such as Marga Lacabe and Leah Hall will attack in their very best and shrill PC voices from all sides. "The Race Card, don't leave home without it".

Amazing post by Manuel. He actually said something smart for a change.
Dillman should be discussing things with homeowners groups surrounding the property and working on compromises to take to the city in order to have the occasional shows.
Doesnt matter if its Toni, Tone Tony or The Beatles. Nearby homeowners have traffic, noise and parking concerns.

I have to agree that the BAL theatre issue is not about racism, it's about logistics. First of all, Dillman is purposely thumbing his nose at what he was originally permitted to do at the theatre. If he was smart he would have eased his way into the live performance arena by having plays or high school musicals. Then if those went smoothly he may have been given more leeway. Instead he jumps into the fire by bringing in a full blown concert which everyone who has ever been to one knows includes loud post-concert noise by drunken attendees and garbage strewn everywhere. Secondly, if he wants to have those kinds of performances, he should build a parking garage in the local area so it people won't be parking in the neighborhoods. Unfortunately, he's got more balls than he has brains and by not planning correctly he is going to ruin any chances of there ever being live performances at the Bal. Nice move Dillman.

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When I look up 100 Club all I find are strip clubs. Nick, did you pay the $100 for the 3 dances in the VIP Room or something?



Is the Big Shot going to be back for this week's Podcast? Is he going to tell us about his trip to the strip club?

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