Friday, February 18, 2011

Episode 21 of the East Bay Citizen Podcast is Available


Alameda County says the worst of the poor economy is yet to come and we’re doing bad, but folks, we’re also doing just fine. Huh? We talk about it. Leaders in the East Bay and statewide recycle themselves over political positions all the time. What impact will a possible vacancy at the secretary of state’s office do to the area’s roster of politicos? It might shock you. Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan is sporting a mustache and goatee now, we talk to her bushy upper lip only on the East Bay’s only political podcast--The EastBayCitizen Radio Program.



weak. San Leandro Patch, San Lorenzo Patch, Castro Valley Patch and Union City Patch all did a better job of covering the East Bay than you did. To be out broadcast by Marga and the Lefties is a shock. The highlight is Kaplan's moustache. What a sad state of affairs. Ralph

Another good one...

Patch is a web site, not a podcast.

What the hell does Patch report besides what to do on the weekend? Like every other media forum they are always a day late.

Kaplans mustache is classic!

Who said Terry lives in Danville?

Ralph, you come on here to advertisefor patch? The AOL-funded patch or the cabbage patch? Obviously you have some ulterior motive because you're downright lying. Put these stories next to the ones on patch. Oh, you can't because they don't cover what I cover. I don't write about it being cold outside. I also don't let people write columns without them being edited for basic clarity. Lede: "I'm going to talk about Davis Street Family Resource Center, which is a non-profit in San Leandro..." No.

Second, the patch regional editor wrote about the economic forum in Fremont this week. He wrote it in 20 minutes inthw back of the room and gave no insight to what was said. He also wrote it in the back of the room. Put my story next to that one and tell me which one of us was in a parallel universe. I wasn't me. And that was a regional editor, whatever that means.

Don't insult me like that, man or mpay Hosni Mubarak shut off your Internet!

Sensitive aren't you. Let's see. Here are Five Easy Pieces, Jack.

1. No coverage of the recommendation by Mayor Sweeney to recall Mary Hayashi and Ellen Corbett if they allow Jerry Brown to bring the elimination of the Redevlopment Districts to a vote.

2. No coverage of the Ninth Court opinion on the Church property against the legal advice to the City of San Leandro.

3. No coverage or discussion on the impact of the early bond committments by Fremont and San Leandro in order to keep the State from seizing the money.

4. No coverage of the ongoing issues the new SL Chief of Police is having with her staff. Sort of a fish out of water and rookie falling flat. That and the 3 shooting incidents in the department as soon as she got there. The Bad Boys are running amok.

5. No coverage of the upcoming Academy Awards Bash at the Acapulco Bar in Hayward which is little more than an excuse for locals to get drunk with Councilman Zermeno on city money while shilling for the fireman's union.

I am no fan or shill of AOL, the SLT or the Patch. I am also no liar. Look at what you have posted as topics and anyone can tell that you are coasting. When the highlight of your podcast is the goatee and moustache sported by Rebecca Kaplan, gotta tell you that is weak. Ralph.

holy shit... that was one of the most thurough burns I have ever read. Ralph just took a giant crap on your head. PASS THE TOILET PAPER!!!

Ralph is probably one of the wusses that were doing that San Leandro Rumors crap on Facebook.

I also see that fat sow-bitch Marga is polluting San Leandro Patch with her atheist bullshit. Why don't you pull than sandwich out of your mouth you smelly rancid gypsy and go move to Cuba with the rest of your atheist bastards. Screw you Marga and that slob you call a husband.

Anonymous, I did not post in SL Rumors, because you are right, that is crap, as is the cunt and fatboy you mentioned as well.

I have lurked for a long time and not posted. I just wish that Steven would do what he said, which is to report on what is really happening. There has been a significant decline in quality and lack of focus.

To add to the call outs, I have long been a fan of boxing. For a fan, as Steve appears to be to advance the skills of Noninto Donaire without mentioning the taint of Victor Conte and the doping skills of Balco is tantamount to selling out.

Boxing is a noble sport of skill and it is a tragedy when scum like Conte are allowed to take an active role in support of a skilled pugilist. Nonito deserves the support of his community wihtout the corruption of scum like Conte. Ralph

That bitch Marga was complaining about BART Chaplains on San Leandro Patch. Hey you bitch, go move to Saudi Arabia you @$$hole scumbag.

Wouldn't it make more sense to post about Marga's postings on the Patch at the Patch???They really need some conservative view points anyways.

Where's Mr. Big Shot County Commissioner Former Talent Agent Brilliant Pundit with the fabulous hair? Maybe he's got a mouth full of hair? Hey Nick, don't hide, are you still wearing shorts in this cold? Have you bought a razor and used it?

Yes, Noninto consorting with Conte is an odd choice for help in training. Many don't know what he's thinking, but there has long been a concern at Nonito since his starlet wife took over the team's operations from his estranged father. She's very unconventional and contrversial.

Conte did his time and there isn't any evidence of him dabbling again in illegal substances, but you're right his star eventually will not rise higher with Conte around. Remember, Mayweather wants Pacquiao to take a steroids test. Maybe Nonito wants to follow Manny, his idol.

And that Leah broad needs to shut her trap. Another mindless airhead.

Wow, Ralphie, you have some good contacts there. Most can’t be attributed yet or never happened which you have to do unless you’re part of the Zocalos Facebook gossips page. You need to work for me. I obviously need more help since I may promise more than I can possibly deliver by mysef. I only know of a very limited group of people who seem to be plugged into what’s going on like you. Email me or maybe you can write for San Leandro Bytes since Mike Katz’s site has been dark for a bit while he and his wife are watcing al Jazeera as she noted a few weeks back. I’ll see you at the school board meeting!

Why doesn't Ralph start his own site?

Steve is one person...can't be everywhere.

Oh looky, Fabulous Hair is back. With his own Brilliant Puns.

Wow. You really are bored with your life to just wait for me to say something.

$535 Million In Porkulus Funds Lost On Green-Energy Turkey...right in our backyard we have a useless company that raped the American people of their money...puts a whole new meaning to go green.


Shocked that Porkulus would be wasted in Alameda County of all places. Especially since Tavares wrote so glowingly about the company.

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