Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hayashi Sings!

Feb. 9, 2011 | California is drowning in a $26 billion budget deficit, but assembly Democrats are awash in cheeky dorkiness. In this video, shot during the last campaign season and tweeted today by the Sacramento Bee, several assemblymembers go all “We Are The World” as they lip-sync Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”. This may explain the assembly's peculiar choice of John as the greatest singer ever!

The YouTube clip begins with East Bay Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi and also features Speaker John Perez and Assemblyman Jerry Hill from across the bay, Nancy Skinner, Fiona Ma, Jose Solorio, Steve Bradford and Bob Blumenfield

The lawmakers traveled like rockstars, although sans bowls of coke and randy strippers. It is not known whether Hayashi’s local aide Chris Parman is accompanying the band on piano, but it sounds like his keystrokes.

UPDATE - 2/9/11 7:00 p.m.: The YouTube video was removed by user earlier this evening. I wonder which assemblymember found the clip undignified? The video was clearly produced with the consent of the assembly members. Filmed inside a campaign tour bus last year, the video is professionally edited and precisely syncs the lawmakers singing with the lyrics of the Elton John classic. Each member appears relaxed and willing to participate, some wearing sunglasses and drumming along with the tune. A few scenes show the notably vain Hayashi belting out sections of the song. But, one of the funniest moments occurs when Speaker Perez croons, "Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing." In the end, it is truly a piece of hysterical political bumbling, but hardly worth more than a good ribbing around the state capitol.

UPDATE - 2/10/11 2:00 p.m.: The clip is back online. The Internet always wins.
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  1. I think I saw Hayashi passing a fat joint around.

  2. Steve, no video? What happened? KRON not wanting to be supportive? Mel

  3. Parman was playing someones skin flute, maybe Perez's.

    Hayashi...OMG...she looked like a Family Guy character. She's as useless as (fill in blank)_______________. Was her lover there?

    Ive seen you and Big Shot Commissioner do karaoke and you could teach these idiots a lesson. They looked like an ethnic school bus that should have crashed.


  4. It looks like the top contributors to KQED took a road trip...what a bunch of dorks.

  5. A bunch of losers sitting on their fat asses singing a lousy song. Better there than being in the capitol screwing us.

  6. For an old lady, Fiona Ma aint that bad looking. Mary is looking ragged though.

  7. No wonder that state is so screwed up. You have a bunch of pole smokers singing songs from the Queen of Pole Smokers! None of those half wits could satisfy those old broads even with their government issued pencil peckers. And I bet that guy with the beard was getting ready to give that chubby guy a knob polishing.
    The Guv

  8. That Black guy has no rhythm, the Mexican with the Ray Bans looks like the guy who rang up my groceries at Los Pericos and the Jewish guy with the glasses was a little to comfortable with this song.

  9. Obviously these idiots never heard of Frank Sinatra.

  10. Perez ain't no tiny anything!!