Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lockyer Raised 92% Of Campaign Funds From Bill

By Steven Tavares

When accountants for Bill Lockyer's campaign for treasurer closed the books on 2010 they found contributions to his wife Nadia Lockyer's run for Alameda County Supervisor totaled over $1.4 million, according to campaign finance reports released Monday.

Nadia Lockyer's successful campaign for supervisor last November astounded many long-time local observers for the unheard of haul of contributions. The reports detail her campaign raked in a total of $1.53 million, with her husband accounting for a whopping 92 percent of her total. Lockyer's ending balance for 2010 still leaves her with nearly $111,000 in funds. By comparison, her opponent for supervisor Liz Figueroa spent over $120,000, including loans, for the entire campaign.

According to the report, Bill Lockyer's campaign contributed $210,000 to his wife's war chest after the election day. On Nov. 22, Lockyer donated $185,000 along with another $25,000 on Dec. 22. Another $110,000 was deposited just a week before the election.

Nadia Lockyer went on to win the board seat for District 2 while garnering nearly two-thirds of the vote in the general election. Bill Lockyer also coasted to re-elected for treasurer while spending $6.87 million, according to his campaign finance reports, with just under $3 million in the bank.

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What gets me is all them walking around like they accomplished something. My hamster could have gotten elected if I gave him 1.4 million dollars.


You didn't expect that airhead with the perky knockers and tight butt to get elected on her looks alone did you? bahahahahhahaha

Perky knockers? Shes got a kid and an older husband. Don't paint a pretty picture.

Yes, the election was bought, but his donors paid for it.


Airhead? She has a law degree! How many degrees do you have?

Talk about hamsters--Meg Whitman spent over 220 million (counting the money she gave to the Republican Party for mailers), and couldn't get elected. Bahahahahahahaha

I realize that it is probably arm chair quarterbacking, but Meg would have done better by giving the cash directly to unemployed democrats.

A lot of idiots have college & law degrees; lets see her transcripts, lets see her law education usage (dont talk like getting a law degree is brain surgery).

She had a plan and she executed it and is living that dream.

Case close.

And yes, I have a law degree.


Yes, she is an airhead. Have you heard her talk? No doubt an affirmative action hack who made it through law school on some type of minority set aside. Yeah, I'd like to see her transcripts. And have you seen her knockers? They aint that bad for a 40 year old. C'mon Ellen Corbett never looked that good at 20 years old.

Anonymous said...
Talk about hamsters--Meg Whitman spent over 220 million (counting the money she gave to the Republican Party for mailers), and couldn't get elected. Bahahahahahahaha
February 2, 2011 1:53 PM

How much of that was donor money vs her own money? Sit on that one for a while, dipshit.


The point is-a candidate must have the right message! NO amount of money can help you win if you have the wrong message. Nadia spent more money on her campaign, but she won because people liked what she said. Meg spent more money on her campaign, but she lost because people didn't like what she said. Are you really that dense?

Gov Brown didnt have a message other then attack his opponent, which is easy to do in a fairly liberal state (Arnold used his name, end of story on him). Brown attacked, thats all. No message, no agenda, no plan. Brown and the Dumbacrates used scare tactics and lies. Don't be as dense as me. Wake up. Its OK to admit it now that the Brown campaign was typical bullshit lies. He won. Its done.

As for Lockyer...she used her name, end of story.

Enough with the bullshit lies.


Quit your whining and crying. Are you the Paul Vargas that goes by the name Manuel at times, and ran for office in San Leandro? Conservative Republicans will keep losing in Calif. because, just like when you ran, we moderates won't vote for the extreme right and what they stand for.

No, I am not him.

You're not a moderate, you can say you are, but you're not.

And there ARE Conservatives in office in this state, so think twice before you vomit bullshit words.


The only state wide office the Republicans came close to winning was attorney general. The Democrats swept every state wide office. You only came close in the attorney general's race because your candidate wasn't as extremely conservative as the rest of your ticket. Words don't hurt, but the truth sometimes does. Over and out.

Have either one of you ever done research on the Nadia Maria Davis Lockyer that is now Supervisor Lockyer? If she was older and ugly, you wouldn't have any thing to talk about - but since she's smart as hell, passionate about helping people as the jalapenos she loves, and hot as hell you think you can ride on all your egotistical, male focused powerful gorgeous women bigotry and not crash? The crash is coming! (and by the way, Nadia was in a horrible car crash 12 years ago and nearly died - BUT she didn't, not only survived, but kicked ass helping others along the way to where she is today)

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