Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Safe Landing For Termed-Out Politicians

Former Democratic Assembly Leader Alberto Torrico was termed out of his District 20 seat centered in Fremont this past year. He, like others who have run out of time in Sacramento, were appointed to what critics describe as a plush retirement home for politically-connected pols—the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. With the job comes a salary of $128,000. State Sen. Tony Strickland (R-Thousand Oaks) has a bill that would limit the salary of board members to $100-per-day. The video above shows just how tough limiting a prime landing spot for free-agent lawmakers will be for Strickland’s bill.

UPDATE: Strickland's bill is SB 685 and includes other state boards, not just the CUIAB. Former Alameda County supervisor candidate Liz Figueroa served on the board until last December.

UPDATE II: The board also includes former state Sen. Roy Ashburn, who was appointed o the CUIAB last December by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ashburn, a frequent critic of gay rights, was arrested last March for DUI after leaving a popular Sacramento gay club. He later admitted, “I’m gay.”
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  1. Steven, good posting. What is the bill number? Mel

  2. Steven, excellent update. Strickland's SB685 is from 2009 and without a miracle will not go anywhere, which is a shame. Putting unemployed termed out hacks back in the job hunt is a good idea. Perhaps Jerry Brown will step across the aisle and back this measure. It seems like a good bill.

    Crazig, what do you think of this? Robert

  3. They are almost like the parasites that feed off the government.

    You'd think they could get a job with their "experience in the legislature." But then again, maybe they can't because of their "experience in the legislature."

  4. Robert...

    If Brown supported this he wouldn't have ever (or shouldn't have) ran for another term as Governor or any other office. Politically, he can't support this...he needs all the love he can get before California turns into Egypt.


  5. Paul,

    You may be right. Brown cannot support this. However, I do not think that he will have much of a choice after the election this Spring. I do not believe that voters will support the extension of the .25% Income tax extension, 1% sales tax and .5 % DMV fees. And, I do not think that the voters will support an addtional up to 10% in additional taxes. So it is going to be a very tough year.

    California will look much worse than Egypt. We will either make the mistake that Mubarak made, which was cut cut cut or we will make the mistake that Greece and Ireland have made which is spend spend spend. Just take a look at California and 1932 and EPIC. The crash is right around the corner. We cannot afford to pay for what is right and we will not accept what we can afford. The result will be really ugly times in the street. Robert.

  6. You had me until "California will look much worse than Egypt."

    The comparison and scare tactic is old & boring and uneducated. Give me a break. People will not take to the streets like they are in Eqgypt...furthermore, the U.S. is on its way to being the next Greece, et al.

    Lets not talk foreign policy when no one that visits this board has a clue; including me.