Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bill Lockyer Hangs Up On Conservative Talk Show Host

By Steven Tavares

Treasurer Bill Lockyer
State Treasurer Bill Lockyer hung up on a conservative talk radio host Wednesday morning while discussing pension reform for public employees.

Appearing with talk show host Eric Hogue on KTKZ 1380 AM in Sacramento, Lockyer inexplicably hung up the phone after a relatively modest exchange between the two. When Hogue pressed Lockyer on why public employees deserved more generous pension plans over private sector workers, the treasurer said, “Well, you mean they should get screwed just like the private sector got screwed by Wall Street? I disagree. But thank you.” The sound of the telephone hanging up then followed.


In a press release, Hogue criticized Lockyer’s depiction of the pension issue, saying, “It’s very disturbing that the Democrats keep clamoring for a vote on raising taxes, but can’t even have a civil discussion on whether those same voters should be involved on reforming our broken state government.”

“It’s also disturbing to hear our State Treasurer dismissing the entire Wall Street institution, the bedrock of our capitalist system,” said Hogue.

He also noted Lockyer eventually called the radio station back but did not return to the airwaves. “Considering his use of foul language towards my call screener during his return second call, we decided it was best to let the Treasurer calm down,” said Hogue, “and have him back on the show another day.”


It's to be expected from him. He has no respect for the taxpayers of California in addition he was part and parcel of the over bloated State Employee Pensions. How can anyone expect the guy who help about bring this mess attempt to solve it?

He's losing it. Between being a full-time dad and grandfather, his role as Treasurer seems to be least important; the states top banker is often MIA even though the Governor and Controller are always around (and this guy wants to be Controller?). He's rattled! He's run out of ideas and is resorting to bullying; someone send him to the White House for a lesson on bullying.

Bill Lockyer stands to receive one of the richest pensions in California public servant history.

Bill is just a crabby old man now that's pissed off he's supporting a kid thats not even his.

Why the hell is he so bitchy lately? I guess now that Nadia is "busy" he's not knocking it out anymore. Poor bastard.

He's got to be the laziest and worst Treasurer we've had; he helped create the mess and can't fix it.

I think he's meeting resistance in his own party or people are on to him. Wake up Dems, your golden boy has turned zinc.

I love it when the ultra-right just whine, cry, and call people names. Some say it's a sign of intelligence--NOT.

As though Bill Lockyer is intelligent?

What ultra-right person whined, cried and called Bill Lockyer any names?

You're rush to judgement is a sign of intelligence - Not!

Hiding behind anonymous is cowardly.

I think Mr. Lockyer did some good things when he was in the legislature, but since then, he's just jumped from job to job, fattening his pension.

Nick, just name one thing, ONE THING Lockyer did as an ASSemblyman or Senator that was good.

The people love Bill and Nadia! That's why they got elected and the people criticizing them either did not, or never will. Their races weren't even close.

bahahahhahahaaa Yeah, Bill Lockyer got elected for one thing; the love of welfare. All the losers on California who want a government check love Bill Lockyer.

Talk about losers--you never were elected. In fact the citizens rejected your thinking by large margins every time you ran. bahahahaha

Oh look at the babooze above, can't argue with the facts so he has to resort to fantasy jibberish. The fact of the matter is that Bill Lockyer and his supporters are welfare loving losers. The people who support him have no more morals than a whore on San Pablo Avenue. They would sell out anything for a welfare check from the government. The whole hypocrisy of them is that they have the mantra; "help the poor" but will stiff a waitress on bill or leave a quarter tip to a bartender; "a dollar a drink? oh hell no" Sorry pal, the joke is you.

Paul Vargas/Manuel--What % of the vote did you get. The voters rejected you time after time. You were the joke! The facts are you lost every time you ran, and Bill won every time he ran. The extreme right is finished. Keep crying and whining if you think it will do any good.

Poor little baboosh, can't argue the facts of Bill Lockyer and his welfare loving minions. The King Pimp and his whores. You can't defend that his record is one of failure and that he's responsible for the economic and societal collapse of California. He was a failure in every elected position fools like you placed him.

You are unable to defend his pathetic record so you resort to a drunken tirade of fantasies that have no bearing in fact. Lay off the absinthe, the little green men are not really flying around your head. Perhaps you think they're bringing you more government checks.

It is not only difficult, but a tad bit irritating when anonymous posters attack other posters. If you cannot have an adult conversation with you moniker then keep your infantile posts to yourself. It would make for a far better debating process than what we are getting so far.

That being said; Bill Lockyer is walking on egg shells. California's credit rating is six feet under ground and Wall St. is not too happy with him.

Nobody has to defend Bill Lockyer. He presents his record to the public every time he runs. The public elects him because they agree with what he stands for by bigger margins every time he wins. You are the ones who are infantile and right wing whores. You lose, he wins. It's that simple!

Why can't you defend Bill Lockyer? You can't becasue he's indefensible. He wins elections because welfare loving whores come out in droves to support him. He wins because the idiots in the Public Employee Unions man the phone banks telling lies to people to vote for him because the Unions owe him favors. The people who pay the taxes lose while the lazy win. It's THAT SIMPLE!

What's indefensible, is that when Republicans lose, they try to blame everyone and everything instead of realizing we're rejecting your ideas. Man up--It's that simple! The party of NO doesn't even want to let the voters decide on the budget in Calif. You really don't believe in democracy.

Let the voters decide on a budget? You mean let the Democrats continue to strangle this state's economy with higher taxes and welfare? Who is rejecting the GOP ideas? It's the Democrats who have to take every initiative they don't like to the courts. So why don't you grow some balls and MAN UP yourself you spineless POS. You don't believe in democracy unless it's for higher taxes and more welfare.

Once again Manuel you are totally out of the mainstream of Calif. thinking. The voters of Calif., by large margins in every poll, want to be able to vote on the tax extensions. That's why the Reps. lost every statewide office. Are the extreme right wingers not going to let the people decide? You can vote NO if you want. I want cuts and extensions. What do you want instead of democracy--a dictatorship?

Sorry Charlie, but the voters in November rejected several tax increases. These polls you cite are taken in the large ghetto areas of Los Angeles and San Francisco. So you are the one out of the mainstream of thinking. You think the Democrats can gerrymander the Assembly for themselves, but when the voters tell you guys to pound sand you cry poor mouth. Again, no cigar for you.

Paul...dont take any one that posts anonymously, seriously, including yourself.

If "Manny" (another anonymous posting, by the way) is confident that Californians would reject a continuation of current tax revenues, then he has nothing to fear by allowing California voters to make the call. He's not confident, you see. Deluded, yes.

Frank, I don't think that the ad hominem attacks you sometimes engage in, and that "Manuel" always engages in (examples above: California voters are "losers" and "welfare loving whores"), are dignified by a name attached to the post.

Besides, I am certain that your critique of anonymous "infantile posts" only refers to liberal anonymous posts made anonymously, and excludes anonymous conservatives. Using the desription you seem to propose, adult conversations usually do not include one calling another's opinion "infantile".

Comments are best judged by their content, not the identity of the commenter.

Finally, are we now judging our politicians by how much Wall Street ass they kiss, no matter how destructive many Wall Street practices have been to our Nation, and how determined Wall Street is to continue their destruction? Call me unconvinced by that proposition.

Here's California's future....


Thanks to people who think the government is the answer to all.


Now, that's funny.

Manuel, I read the article you cited. It mentions that Germany, the Czech Republics and the United States have superior high school graduate rates.

We, and they, have governments and public school systems too, don't we?

John, it is obvious that you are incapable of engaging in rational discussions on this board. You attack other posters, even non-posters, and then claim that others are "deluded" or post "ad homenin attacks" the last is a typical internet attack by he who lack facts or has come to the realization that his argument is baseless.

Frank, I've never seen you post a fact. You just give opinion and think it's fact. I've seen you and Manuel attack other posters all the time. John has posted facts, it's just that you can't accept them.

Impeach Bill Lockyer!

He's more concerned with his autistic kid and wifes future then serving as our banker...we need him now and he's MIA.

Hey, look, guys! A Wall Street executive paid someone $10 an hour to come over and make a snide, extraordinarily insulting comment about Bill in our little blog. Awww, isn't that cute.

Sarah...I posted that, and no one paid me. Just speaking the truth...something many local dems say in circles but not out loud. Fact is, its true and you can try and defend Mr. Lockyer, but you really can't. Sorry.

Anon 11:16 3/29 and 4/1 9:56--Your 1st post was infantile and in bad taste, and your post today showed you to be an April Fool.

Yes, there's a lot of support for your "truthful" opinion.

I don't believe impeachment is an avaliable option for non-Chief Executive officeholders, so there's that. I'm also unsure how one can say something in circles but not out loud. Do those "many local dems" communicate it to you telepathically?

If you want to recall Bill, you're welcome to start collecting signatures. Have fun!

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