Friday, March 11, 2011

Episode 23 of the East Bay Citizen Podcast is Available

The Bay Area continues to add demographic diversity, according to the U.S. Census. Minorities in San Leandro, Hayward, Fremont and Oakland are become a larger segment of the population. Is it good for the region, bad or just the way it is. We talked about it, but if you read the papers and other web sites, it seems the need to scare white people about their lessening majority is seeping into their coverage. Do they realize it or not? And, behind her back, they call Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, Scary Mary. So, why was she spooked to be sitting by our own Nicholas Terry at a local dinner? It’s all on the East Bay’s only political chatfest--the East Bay Citizen Radio Program.



So does Big Shot lives in Dublin or Hayward? I see Tavares is talking about white flight? Something that happened in 1989. You're 20 years too late there dummy. Two dummies who don't know what they are talking about. Then there's this idiot portagee-guinea Terry crying because Mary Hayashi ignore's him??? WTF? You're just some idiot, why do you have such a boner for her? You're stalking her like Mel stalks you. Or maybe you have some type of Korean fetish???

So Fabulous Hair with the stupid sandals, shorts and hoodie have you found a brain? Or are you just being a self absorbed slob who thinks anyone besides you and your fellow portagee Tavares, gives a crap that you wanted to run against Hayashi? Unless you're name was on the ballot and you debated her it doesn't matter you fool. You two are the spawns of Lou Filipovich.

11:38pm....wow! Posting almost at midnight...such hate...is this Marys little toad, Chris? You think I like that bitch? Listen again at how we insult her and attack her lack of real leadership...better yet...hint at a well known Sacramento secret. You people that have nothing better to do then hate me...seriously make our day...you prove that I am not the person you like to portray me as because you don't even know me. Grow up, get a hobby or take the Golden Gate jump challenge.

I own flip flops and wear them in summer only. Not sandals. Nice lie there moron. Slob? Prove it then it's fact...you can't.

For the rest of the non-water heads here...decent comments are accepted...time to start monitoring the assholes who wont get their posts read!

Would 11:38PM like to be on the show next week? Step up or shut up!

Nick, calm down would you? Look it's 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday. If you and Tavares got a thing for Hayashi and Koreans you should have gone to the Red Lace Lingerie Party at Recess Nightclub on Broadway in San Francisco last night. The place was crawling with a lot better looking Asians in red lace lingerie than Hayashi will ever look like. I mean these gals were HOT! WTF are you guys doing? Get over those old bags Hayashi and Lockyer. For one, Hayashi seems to like other Asiats while you're not white enought for Nadia.

I've been listening and reading for a little while; first time to post. Wow, all you people can do is insult and try to be funny? I guess if it entertains yourself, thats all that matters to you (some life you live). I don't always agree with these guys but I don't stoop to the level some of your children do. Immature, to say the least.


Ok...11:38am was asked to join us live and has chickened out; he/she is saved by their unknown existence, yet, he/she will still post safely from their basement.

(but its not to late to step up!)

The idiots have proven that we ARE the best show...they can't have a decent conversation; glad we're dumbing it down!

Big Shot, you haven't dumbed down anything other than yourself. This week's broadcast sucked. All we learned is that you lust for Mary Hayashi. Good Grief Man! At least go for someone younger than you!

Terry's the idiot?

The haters can leave.

Not one of the best shows. Not a lot going on local to make it exciting anyways.

Those that are bored and hate Tavares and Terry seriously are annoying. Take your personal problems up with them in person, not safely behind an anonymous post. You sound like youre in sixth grade.

Terry, I've heard the same about the Census...the person taking my census could barely finish a sentence without me filling in the words and smelt of cigarette smoke. I just made up a number. I was at the Special Olympics Crab Feed and saw Mary come and go...appearances is what shes all about. I saw you too, you were chatting with a a cutie...good job. And for the record, you didnt look like a slob.

Tavares...I admire the championing of the little man but you're one of twenty people doing it...dont hurt yourself. My father came to the U.S. in the Eisenhower days...same story with him!

Who can take the seriousness of these two guys? Tavares champion the little guy? He's like some guy out of Salazar's reign; keep the people poor and dumb. He'd make a better Brazilian than he does an American.

Ok, don't take them serious but respect that others like to tune in and are open to listening to other points of view.

Obviously those who hate on them do it for personal reasons and taking it up on a blog just makes you weak.

Do any of the anonymous experts want to appear on the show?

Terry, no one will step up...they are to busy braiding one another's hair and pillow fighting.

These two windbags are like to old Portuguese men sitting in their garage, drinking a bottle of Mateus and bragging about everything they never did.

Dont bother, Dan, for every lame ass comment these hired hands make, your IQ goes up, theirs goes down. Thanks for listening.

The anonymous windbags can save their impudence for the playground where they apparently belong

Perhaps you two should have a little more serious philosophical discussions, tone down the horseplay and perhaps you won't have as many detractors.

Frank...we have tried, it wont change anything...as we've said, we aren't out to be some philosophical soap box...politics with a little fun...the detractors will continue to speak out for their bosses & friends, the very people we talk about.

Nick, are you insinuating that various people in the employ of Naughty Nadia in a French Maids Uniform and Something about Scary Mary are behind these attacks upon you?

Big Shot still hasn't said whether or not he gave up on Hayward and moved to Dublin. Oh and nice avatar, you look like you should mending a fish net on a dock in Porto. What's the matter? You can't afford a razor?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Are you deaf or dumb, anonymous 6:10am? You are a lonesome bore. Listen and pay attention. All you do here is try and get me to respond by pushing my buttons...I do it because like I said, its community service. I like to help the less fortunate; in this case, the stupid. I've got plenty of razors...but there is no need to shave on a Saturday. After all, I'm a slob! You must really be bored if you can zoom in to see that. Get a life. And yes, I live in Dublin (if you took your head out of your giant ass, you'd know that..its a bit creepy that you care)...I'm white. Duh!

No name before the asshole...yes, what you said is correct. Look at the big brain on you!

Still, none of you gutless morons want to join us in studio for the show...I'm really shocked!

Nick, is it really worth getting yourself all worked up over these guys who won't even put up a name?

No need to shave on a Saturday Mr. Big Shot? What about taking your girl out? She's not worth you shaving? You're such a gentleman.

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