Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hayashi Gets Slammed For Honoring California Legend

Earl Warren
Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi probably thought honoring the life of judicial and political giant Earl Warren was an issue with little downside. The East Bay legislator known for never missing out on a chance to grandstand before television cameras was criticized Wednesday by a member for wasting the assembly’s time on a trivial matter.

According to the Sacramento Bee, after praising Warren in House Resolution 10 as someone who “lived simply and never lost touch of the people,” she came under the wrath of Fullerton Assemblyman Chris Norby, who had a different view of the former chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and California governor.

"All people are a combination of good and bad, including all of us here – Earl Warren as well,” Norby said after making reference to Warren’s involvement as attorney general in paving the way for the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, despite being noted as the one of the most socially liberal Americans of the 20th Century.

Norby said the reading of the resolution was simply wasting the Legislature’s time, but the gratuitious slam on Hayashi and the memory of one of the state’s most important political figures probably points to the levels of frustration and discord in Sacramento after Gov. Jerry Brown announced Tuesday he would no longer seek input from Republicans, who he believes are stalling his proposed budget and desire to seek approval at the ballot box to extend tax increases.

In this one case, at least, Hayashi can’t win for trying.


  1. We have no budget and this carpetbagger wants to honor a key California Socialist? Warren is dead, he won't care if he's never honored. These things are pointless and should be reserved for a time when the legislature isn't trying to figure out a way to fix their screw ups by taxing us. Oh as for Brown saying the Republicans are stalling his proposal...that's just typical of a liberal to blame others.

  2. Earl Warren was a Republican. That a modern conservative would call him a Socialist and mean that as a slur shows how radical the modern conservative is.

    From the Governor's letter this week to Republican Senate leader Bob Dutton:

    "For week, my discussios with you have focused on three main issues: pension reform, regulatory reform and a spending cap...I thought we were making progress on these three topics. When you asked to meet today, I assumed you realized that time is very short (to meet the deadline to allow the voters in California to decide in June if they wish to maintain current taxes)...

    So I was very surprised (and frankly, disappointed) that you came today with a very long list of demands (53 separate proposals), many of which are new and have no relationship whatsoever to the budget...your list of demands- if met- would undermine my entire budget proposal by undoing major elements...

    Much is at stake. Denying the people of California the right to vote on these matters of such profound importance would be nothing less than tragic."

  3. Execuses, excuses, excuses...blame, blame, blame...and the best part...

    "Denying the people of California the right to vote on these matters of such profound importance would be nothing less than tragic." Why would he bet on the people wanting tax increases? Oh, I know, because they'll pump so much money into misleading and lying that the folks MAY just get fooled.

    What an asshole.

    *"For weeks" not For week.

  4. Warren was a known Republican progressive. Was he a socliast...well, he ran against Culbert Olson (do your homework), so anyone could have won the race...he was very much the "give the folks more then we can afford" Republican progressive that exists today. He was a big time ear marker, giving into lobbyists.

    Bottom line is...enough with the feel good crap.

    And Gov Brown...get the job done, we sent you there to do that, not play games or leave it up to us tax payers.

  5. Really, who cares about Earl Warren?

    Gov Brown, is he really surprising anyone?

  6. Hey better this than trying to screw California.

  7. Brown wants to get the job done. Unlike our previous Governor, he has maintained communications with many Legislators from the other party throughout the negotiations. He needs Republicans who bargain in good faith. The evidence above shows that they have not done so.

    I'm for the Legislature handling this and not having to have a referendum. We have a representational government, and we send representatives who are suppposed to know more than us. But, Brown campaigned on allowing the voters to decide if they wanted to maintain current taxes. He was a man of his word and attempted to keep his promise.

    Allowing the people to vote would be to "screw California"? And, if the vote hadn't turned out your way, the public would have been fooled. Who's making excuses and passing blame?

  8. "In 2007 California had the 2nd lowest number of full-time equivalent state government employees relative to population among all states....California's ratio of state government employees relative to population was 28% below the national average....

    (California had the 4th lowest number of full-time equivalent state and local employees)....California's ratio was 11% below the national average....

    ....California ha(d) the 6th lowest rate of K-12 education employees to population....Texas rank(ed) 5th highest among states...

    These data provide another confirmation that residants must face fundamental choices about the level of services they desire and are willing to pay for. The data do(es) not support the idea that California can avoid difficult choices by eliminating "excess" government employees."


  9. "(In 2009) we're at the bottom of per capita spending in almost every major category - 44th in health care, 47th in per-pupil education spending, dead last in highway spending and 46th in capital investment among all states."


  10. Boring...same old diversion tactics as usual.

  11. Sarah--well stated--Anon above can't argue with facts--Sarah wins

  12. Not really, Anon & 9:16PM...because until the day comes when you ignorant libs admit that Gov. Brown is JUST as useless and as much a liar as Schwarzenegger, your points are all fluff.

    More furlough days...here they come...but pensions remain!

    Gov. Browns idea of a cut is taking from one department and giving to another...fact. That's stupid and would piss off Sarah if a Republican did it...fact. Sarah would excuse Gov. Brown completely bankrupting this state...fact. Sarah wants to save field mice and pensions and give up on children...fact.

  13. Why do you libs defend the morons that pass the most ridiculous legislation & resolutions? If a republican did this you'd be up in arms, but a liberal does it and you defend it and then go off topic to attack a liberal "republican" like Schwarzenegger. The legislature is also trying to adopt a resolution to teach school children the importance that gay, lesbian and trans-gender people provide to society. How about sticking to reading, writing and math...and let them figure the rest out on their own. Again, just a bunch of feel good waste.

  14. "Gov. Browns idea of a cut is taking from one department and giving to another...fact."

    No, it's not a fact. Why say things that can easily be shown to be untrue? It destroys your credibility. The Governor just signed a package of bills which cut over $8 billion from the budget. As a liberal, I'm made pretty unhappy that they hit the poor and vullnerable hardest.

    This bull**** about "we're broke" and "we're bankrupt" is offensive in its ignorance. If we're broke, how can we afford three foreign wars? If we're bankrupt, how can we afford to allow the biggest corporations to pay little or no taxes?

    We need to end welfare and giveaways to the economically treasonous wealthy and multinational corporations.

    1. Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.
    2. A betrayal of trust or confidence.

  15. Ray J...

    The governor is doing just that, taking from one department and giving it to another...and calling it a cut. Look, I can say it until I'm blue in the face and hope that you wake up and stop humping his leg and YOU can tell me likewise until you're red in the face...fact is, do your homework OUTSIDE of local media reporting what they want you to hear. As a liberal you're unhappy with some of the things he does but you still defend him and you'll still think he's the only solution; you'll never denounce him.

    First, who is broke, California or the U.S.A., because California isn't fighting a war. Thank you for noting that your perfect man boy Obama is flawed and has continued Bush's two wars and started his own. Are we legally bankrupt or broke...its a metaphor (just because you dont like the term and its context doesnt mean its ignorant). We are up shits creek, hows that? And the current and previous governors and legislatures have done nothing but made it worse.

    How do states that require the "biggest corporations" pay less tax then California does, do so well? What are we doing wrong that companies are going to Texas and Florida, and the like? We do nothing here to tell businesses "we really love you and need you here." Nothing. Have you ran a business, Ray?

    As a liberal I am surprised you say end welfare...I say limit it, drug test, etc. Some benefit greatly from it, but dont end it. Giveaways to corporations? Now that's a line from the idiot left that sounds familiar and is fact less. Wake up friend...you have no clue. Neither do I, but I am certain there are no such things as out right giveaways in a liberal state ran by liberals. Please.

    Many liberals are guilty of the word you define for us. Republicans too.

  16. Zero- ZERO- evidence of your claims regarding fake budget cuts. Stop lying, or tell us where $8 billion in cuts to health and human services, educaton and other programs were shifted.

    California was part of the USA last time I checked. We also share reciept of Federal funds, and are burdened when the Federal government spends foolishly and allows the wealthy and multinational corporations to escape their responsibility to fund the nation which has enriched them.

    Texas, Nevada, Missisippi, Louisiana, South Carolina and Arizona, traditionally Republican-controlled states, have larger or similar 2011 budget deficits to California, measured as a percentage of their total budgets. Texas and Nevada have much larger deficits in that measurement.

    California is a high-income state with a wide range of revenue sources. Besides local and state taxes, California collects fees, assessments and other taxes. Taking into account all of those sources of revenue, California has a very moderate tax rate. The percentage of average income Californians pay in all taxes, which is a measure of tax burden, is reasonable compared to other states. Using that measure of tax burden, California ranks number 17 behind states like Alaska, Wyoming and North Dakota that have a higher tax burden per capita.

    California loses very few jobs from businesses leaving the state. In fact, only 11,000 jobs leave the state annually out of a total of 18 million jobs. That's only 0.06% of California's total jobs that are lost by businesses moving out of state.

    California has lost fewer jobs than our ostensibly "business-friendly" neighboring states. California does not rank in the Top 10 of states suffering job loss from 2008-09 and three of our five neighboring states lost more jobs than California. Our low-tax neighbors of Arizona, Nevada and Oregon had over 6.5% job loss, while California only had 4%. Even notoriously low-tax, little regulation states like Florida and the Carolinas have suffered more job losses than California.

  17. Ray J, your post above...bhahahahahahhaahahhahahaha What the hell are you smoking dude? Get off the crack. You are a moron if you think that businesses aren't must leaving but FLEEING California.

  18. I bring facts, you bring nothing but your own desperate claims. No substance at all to back up your views.

  19. Ray J, the bahahahaha anon above is Manuel/Paul Var gas. He only gives his right-wing opinions and can't stand when someone posts facts that destroy his bias. He's been getting more and more unbalanced since he was defeated by a large margin when he ran for election in SL. Please keep posting your facts, and SL will keep laughing at Manny"s idiotic rants.

  20. Ray gave no facts Babooze above. All you do is make idiocy seem normal. To believe what he posted is like saying that water is hard and rock is soft.

  21. Oh Manuel, please read Ray J April 5, 7:09PM--Those are facts! If you want us to listen to you, give us facts that contradict Ray J if you can. That would mean you would have to do some work and maybe a little reading. If you do a little reading it might lead to a little learning, which may challenge some of your bias. Give us facts--we don't care about your opinion.

  22. Everything that Ray said at 7:09 is a lie and you know it you babooze. End of conversation. Perhaps if you pulled your sorry head out of your @$$ and learned economics you'd realize that.

  23. "Manny", economics professor.

    It's amazing that he displays such a fine intellect and manages to remain a "man of the street" at the same time.

    Such a humble man.