Saturday, April 30, 2011

Corbett’s Performance Gives Way To Talk Of Higher Office

By Steven Tavares

Three of the biggest names in East Bay politics addressed the state Democratic Convention Saturday afternoon with one possibly delivering the day’s best line.

“The party of Honest Abe has become the party of Donald Trump,” Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett said of the Republican Party. “In California, we told the GOP, you’re fired!”

Corbett along with Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and State Treasurer Bill Lockyer acted as the lead-in to keynote speaker Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, but not until the usually reserve San Leandro state senator delivered a string of rough cuts directed at Republicans.

“California Republicans have sought to put politics ahead of people every step of the way,” she charged. Later she stood firm with public employees, choosing to focus on firefighters and saying most people do not see them in political terms when danger arises. “We don’t think of them as Democrat hero or a Republican hero,” said Corbett, “but in return for them going through a burning door, they deserve our respect.”

Corbett’s address to the Democratic Convention in Sacramento tellingly led into a speech by Secretary of State Debra Bowen, who is running to replace the retiring Rep. Jane Harman. Some believe a Bowen victory in House District 36 could elevate Corbett to statewide office. Interest in the job by Corbett has long been held, according to numerous local sources who also tell The Citizen she has recently voiced interest in possibly replacing Bowen.

Oakland’s Quan reiterated her stunning victory over prohibitive favorite Don Perata last November showed the influence of political power and money can be beaten by grassroots efforts. The use of ranked-choice voting in Oakland became a major factor in Quan amassing significant second-place support from every candidate other than the clear first round leader Perata.

Quan detailed her city's slow rise to vibrancy by touting its lead in green tech, racial diversity and, notably, Oakland’s burgeoning status among Bay Area gourmands. Although crime continues to be the city’s chronic eyesore she said, "There's no peace without justice, no victory without equality."

Lockyer’s turn before conventioneers may have been cut short by a raucous clamoring for keynote speaker Sanders  who immediately followed him. The second-term treasurer spoke of the fight for suffrage and stumped for Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax extension. Lockyer facetiously called former governor Ronald Reagan the “great spender,” saying Brown’s current plan would spend just over $5 per $100 in income while Reagan spent a dollar more in the late 1960s. If Democrats have that extra dollar to spend on services, said Lockyer, Californians would be better off.


  1. The people of California should be telling Senator Corbett, “You’re Fired!” Last legislative session she missed work almost 25% of the time. Missed work meant record missed votes. SacBee article shows that Senator Corbett had the highest number of votes missed for all Senators and Assembly Members in the entire Bay Area. She missed a record 409 votes according to the SacBee. Why? Senator Corbett doesn’t work a full week – she’s a part time legislator.

    She failed to show up and vote for her constituents nearly half of all required Wednesdays, numerous Thursdays, quite a few Tuesdays and multiple Mondays. According to the Senate Daily Journal, the following are the actual dates and days of the week Senator Corbett failed to show-up and vote for her constituents during the last legislative session along with whether she waived or accepted her $142 daily per diem for working in Sacramento:

    12/11/2008 Thursday Waived per diem
    12/16/2008 Tuesday Waived per diem
    01/06/2009 Tuesday Accepted per diem
    01/07/2009 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    01/08/2009 Thursday Accepted per diem
    01/13/2009 Tuesday Accepted per diem
    01/15/2009 Thursday Accepted per diem
    01/22/2009 Thursday Waived per diem
    02/04/2009 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    02/11/2009 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    02/12/2009 Thursday Accepted per diem
    02/23/2009 Monday Accepted per diem
    02/25/2009 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    02/26/2009 Thursday Accepted per diem
    03/04/2009 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    03/05/2009 Thursday Waived per diem
    03/11/2009 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    03/18/2009 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    03/19/2009 Thursday Accepted per diem
    03/25/2009 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    04/02/2009 Thursday Accepted per diem
    04/22/2009 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    04/30/2009 Thursday Accepted per diem
    05/07/2009 Thursday Accepted per diem
    05/13/2009 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    05/19/2009 Tuesday Accepted per diem
    05/27/2009 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    06/10/2009 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    06/11/2009 Thursday Accepted per diem
    07/09/2009 Thursday Accepted per diem
    10/28/2009 Wednesday Waived per diem
    12/15/2009 Tuesday Waived per diem
    12/16/2009 Wednesday Waived per diem
    01/07/2010 Thursday Accepted per diem
    01/27/2010 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    02/03/2010 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    02/04/2010 Thursday Accepted per diem
    02/10/2010 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    02/24/2010 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    03/09/2010 Tuesday Accepted per diem
    03/17/2010 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    03/18/2010 Thursday Accepted per diem
    03/24/2010 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    04/28/2010 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    05/05/2010 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    05/10/2010 Monday Accepted per diem
    05/11/2010 Tuesday Accepted per diem
    05/12/2010 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    05/13/2010 Thursday Accepted per diem
    05/18/2010 Tuesday Accepted per diem
    05/19/2010 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    05/20/2010 Thursday Accepted per diem
    05/26/2010 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    06/09/2010 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    06/16/2010 Wednesday Accepted per diem
    06/21/2010 Monday Accepted per diem
    08/16/2010 Monday Accepted per diem
    08/18/2010 Wednesday Accepted per diem

    Any employee who doesn’t bother to show up and work nearly 25% of his/her required time should not be considered for a promotion - but should be fired instead.

  2. Senator Corbett is the hardest working legislator in the State. As Senate Majority Leader, she "rides herd" on all of the Senators to make sure THEY vote. Plus you don't see her sponsoring namby pamby bills just to get her name in the paper. She takes on the big lobbies: challenges the Hospital Association, the pharmaceutical giants, the insurance industry. Pay attention to the bills she sponsors and passes for the good of Californians! She is one great person whose heart is in her work and I hope she has a long career representing us wherever!