Friday, April 1, 2011

Filipina First To Open Assembly Campaign To Replace Hayashi

By Steven Tavares

Assemby candidate (AD18)
Dr. Jennifer Ong
Hayward optometrist Dr. Jennifer Ong is the first declared candidate hoping to replace Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi when her term expires in 2012.

The Alameda County and Hayward commissioner announced her candidacy for 18th assembly district last week. Ong’s last attempt at some form of political office ended last June when she lost out for a seat on the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee in the 18th assembly district.
Ong owns a optometry practice in Alameda and serves on the County Commission of the Status of Woman. She is also an appointed member of the Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force and one of the more visible Filipina Americans in the East Bay.

Earlier this year, Ong was elected by local Democrats as a delegate to the state convention held this April. She was part of the Hayashi-led slate that swept the election. Hayashi was also listed as a backer of Ong’s campaign for central committee, which could set up an interesting play for the assemblywoman’s blessing with likely candidate Hayward Councilman Bill Quirk on the cusp of running. In the past, Quirk has been politically linked Hayashi’s good graces.

Quirk said he awaiting results of the state’s redistricting committee before making any official announcements for 2012, but recent comments reveal it to be a good bet for his inclusion.

Results from the 2010 Census will likely result in the loss of one Bay Area congressional seat, although it is unlikely to be purloined from the 18th or 20th districts. But, if the borders of the 18th continue to spill east towards the fast-growing Tri-Valley, it may also attract the attention of Dublin Mayor Tom Sbranti, according to sources in the district. Many expect a large field for the assembly seat termed-out in 2012 as nearly every local state and congressional offices up for grabs in the next three years. Ultimately this will lead to one big, ugly political version of musical chairs in an area near you.


  1. Never heard of her. But then I never heard of Hayashi either.

  2. Tim Sbranti can beat Ong. Yes, he's from Dublin, which isn't an affluent city, but he's a dye in the wool liberal Democrat school teacher with elected experience and Dublin is a decent city.

    Will she vow not to be in the pocket of health insurance companies and medical unions (given her background) unlike Mary?


  3. How can a person be in the pocket of health insurance companies and medical unions at the same time? When it comes to legislation, they oppose each other the vast majority of the time, Federal health care reform being the biggest example.

    If you're running to win in the 18th AD, almost no matter where the lines are redrawn, you will have a history of respecting and supporting the aspirations of the working person; it's a value the District's voters respect. Unions are the strongest fighters on behalf of working people, and their support has made the difference for scores of candidates in the East Bay.

  4. I wonder if Mr. Big Shot is going to throw open his garage door on Alcosta Blvd. Hold up his fists and yell "I'm running against Dr. Ong and I'm not going to take it anymore".


  5. This is Big Shot at 1:50April 1, 2011 at 10:33 PM


  6. John Evans...look at Marys donors, follow the money.

  7. You didn't deal with the premise. Mary, or any other legislator for that matter, can't support bills which please CNA and Blue Shield at the same time. Can't happen.

  8. John, stop being ignorant, follow the money, its easy. Mary is one of the best great political whores. She accepts money from insurance companies and labor/union organisations, as well as endorsements.

  9. Wouldn't she lose the support of one or the other if she always did the bidding of one or the other? It makes no sense.

    It would be better for a politician to gain no endorsements or financial support? OK....

    Criticize specific positions the Assemblymember has taken. That's a real discussion.

  10. Why do some people always attack Nick Terry?

  11. I wouldn't doubt if Nick Terry hears this when he sees Mary Hayashi....


  12. Jennifer Ong is a terrific Democratic Party leader, and a healthcare and community activist. As I know them, her views definitely fit the 18th District.