Tuesday, May 31, 2011

LiveTweeting From Alameda County Reditsticting Meeting in Dublin

The East Bay Citizen's Nicholas Terry attended Tuesday night's Alameda County Board of Supervisors redistricting meeting in Dublin. Here's a rundown of his LiveTweeting of the meeting, the first of six in the next 10 days across the county. Follow him on Twitter @NicholasTerry and @eastbaycitizen.

I hope more citizens show up at redistricting meetings; I was the only regular Joe in the place. Didn't speak; would have been kicked out. #ALCOredistricting
1 hour ago»

A liar says his lie over and over until someone buys it. @AlamedaCounty @eastbaycitizen Sups will lie to get best political map. Sick.
1 hour ago»

New maps benefit long time incumbents who swear they want practical not political. Fool me once... @AlamedaCounty @eastbaycitizen
1 hour ago»

Sups question residency of map author; so I question residency of county staff. Fair? @eastbaycitizen @AlamedaCounty
1 hour ago»

I'll sum up meeting; "f you (voters)." @eastbaycitizen
1 hour ago»

Haggerty says people benefit from having 2 sups; how? County has no means to help anyone. @eastbaycitizen
1 hour ago»

Haggerty says he's not being political. But he's being political. Cares about what's best for Sups election odds. @eastbaycitizen
1 hour ago»

Miley says they'll be political, practical and legal when selecting map. Aka f you. We are in charge. @eastbaycitizen
1 hour ago»

Miley seemed nervous when he called Dem Chair "gal." it's ok. Better then me.
1 hour ago»

Sup Miley is campaigning. Some guy just burped. Well said.
1 hour ago»

@eastbaycitizen he wants a helicopter. Land is bit but population is fair. Cry me a river.
1 hour ago»

Sup Miley speaks...boilerplate stuff. These sups are safe if these maps pass. All benefit them. @eastbaycitizen
1 hour ago»

Every speaker is a govt employee or connected citizen. Not me. These people are jokes. @eastbaycitizen
1 hour ago»

Dem Chairwoman said new Map C is now racist. Splits Hayward = loss of votes for Lockyer. @eastbaycitizen
1 hour ago»

Map B is no longer. Haggerty said Map B is to big for him. His territory is not as big as he thinks. @eastbaycitizen
1 hour ago»

Dem Chairwoman said Map B is sexist. Map B responded "who asked you?"
1 hour ago»

Map B would mean @nadialockyer would have to move. Not a game changer for her. Boo. Would be fun to watch that train wreck @eastbaycitizen
2 hours ago»

My friend said "I like that one" re 3rd map idea. I agree.
2 hours ago»

BOS takes 6min break so someone could submit 2 new maps. Haggerty has cool glasses. @eastbaycitizen
2 hours ago»

I'm not the worst dressed at the @AlamedaCounty BOS hearing; middle-aged guy has on shorts. It's 55 degrees out. Looney. @eastbaycitizen
2 hours ago»

I have a great interest in the @AlamedaCounty BOS re-districting. @eastbaycitizen gonna take a listen tonight at meeting.
2 hours ago»

@eastbaycitizen - they made a wise choice and a "we ain't really gonna' use that one" choice.
4 hours ago»

I'm going to @AlamedaCounty BOS re-district meeting tonight, yikes, wearing jeans and a sweater...I better get out my tux! @eastbaycitizen
4 hours ago


Local Dem Chairwoman said Map B is sexest.

Haggerty does what many wouldn't allows a speaker time to get to meeting; should have closed meeting.

Long awaited speaker arrives; has 2 new maps; they benefit incumbents; Sups question his residency.

I huffed loud at Haggerty; if looks could kill.

This redistricting is a joke; the politician benefits, not the people; you'll see.

Local Dem Chairwoman says new Map C is racists; takes Hispanics away from Lockyer.

All maps guarantee incumbents a re-election.

As I noted, no I did not...sad to see that you're still using the same boring line, jackhole!

Someone else borrowed my clothes...a city employee! The nerve!

tri valley needs to be it's own county "white county". then all the other counties can be jealous of the low crime rate and great schools!!

Once again, Anonymous...what about the LARGE Asian and Indian population in the Tri-Valley? Come on out, you'll see them in the community...the are my neighbors, they are out, walking daily and nightly in groups (which is nice to see families still taking walks)...looks like YOU are the one living in the past. I've never seen Dublin Police (Alameda County Sheriffs) doing their job like they have lately...maybe small crimes, but it's not all perfect over here. Again, come check it out, the colors of our rainbow are mixed. Don't be a racer.

Oh no, you mean the curry smell has drifted from Fremont?

It's a rancid cloud of Indian filth. I'm in the process of organizing a political activist group for the tri valley "Keep Pleasanton White Brigade" or KPWB for short. If Dublin wants communist homosexual Indian and slant eyed garbage in their town more power to them BUT beware. if you filth ridden camel jockeys or your spawn attempt to cross over to the holy white promised land across the freeway you will be met by stern resistance from KPWB!!

Come my white brothers!! We must fight!!

Anon above--you're a joke and a racist!

All the anonymous comments against other races...they prove no point and are PROBABLY written by some trying to get idiots to think some Republican Conservative wrote them; truth be told, its easy for us to connect those comments to others written previously that share a liberal point of view (telibatardchnology is great). Say what you want to say, but anyone with HALF a brain knows better.

The "white" comments are no doubtedly written by a Democrat who has closet racist and or perverted thoughts.

Little Shot--the racist comments were written by tea party activists and others who follow your posts. You should at least be man enough to admit it even if you don't condone it. There--I said it!

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