Friday, June 3, 2011

Alameda County Redistricting Maps Pit Pleasanton Against Hayward

By Steven Tavares
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HAYWARD - When it comes to redistricting, it is nearly impossible to make everyone happy. At the county-level, a set maps presented by an Alameda County ad-hoc committee and a redistricting task force is perpetuating a stubborn intramural rivalry between residents within the region.

An initial county redistricting map presented Tuesday in Dublin brought considerable opposition from officials and residents in Pleasanton for a proposed partition of the city between Supervisor Nate Miley's District 4 and Scott Haggerty's District 1.

A duo of alternative maps offered by a group calling themselves the Alameda County Redistricting Task Force would keep Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley whole, but instead, splits Hayward. The newest maps including a fourth proposal quietly taken off the table because it drew district lines outside the homes of two current supervisors brought about equal consternation to a similar meeting Wednesday in Hayward.

"It does more harm to one and does that by preserving a historical east-west conflict," said Jesus Armas, a former Hayward city manager and current school board member. "As a Hayward resident, I would not support this."

While there is a clear trend of residents moving east away from the traditional urban centers of the Bay Area, Armas says the eventual maturation of numerous transit-oriented developments in the region will slowly begin to draw people back to the coast. "Soon you're going to see a return to the older urban core featuring better transportation which the Tri-Valley cities don't have," said Armas. At the moment, though, three of the four fastest growing city's in the county reside in the Tri-Valley, with Dublin increasing its size by a whopping 53 percent.

Diluting a city's political power among differing districts has long been a problem in Alameda County's eastern and southern areas. At the state and congressional level, places like Pleasanton, Concord and Walnut Creek have been weakened by representation among up to three different lawmakers. Residents in Hayward and Fremont have also griped about inattention from the county's power base in Oakland.

"In the past, Hayward has had a trying time pooling resources from the county," said Hayward Councilman Mark Salinas. "This plan would make it harder Hayward and the South County."

The growing Latino demographic in Hayward could also face the possibility of losing some of its political punch under a split redistriciting map. There was some argument over whether the power of two supervisors brings more benefits to a city than one, but Armas disagreed. "Conceptually, you might be too small in each area to make any difference." The latest U.S. Census shows Latinos became the city's largest demographic at over 40 percent of the population.
Jeff Wald, a representative from the Alameda County Redistricting Task Force, which has created three of the four proposed maps says each should be compact and protect areas of interest and first tackle the county's largest cities--Oakland and Hayward. Wald defended keeping Pleasanton intact in favor of splitting Hayward, saying the rural nature of the Tri-Valley has little in common with the rest of the county. "What does Dublin have to do with Oakland?" asked Wald, who has long been active in the Alameda County Republican Party.

The group withdrew a more tidy map on Tuesday that neatly tucked four of the five districts along the bay and created a large district for Haggerty's District 1. Without much notice, the plan, known as Map B curiously disappeared without much notice. Several speakers questioned its disappearance while asking for greater transparency in identifying the makers of each map.

Chris Bazar, the Alameda County community development director, said Wednesday, the map was withdrawn by the maker because it would have displaced two supervisors from their current district. The county counsel in attendance said a supervisor drawn out of their district could still serve until the next election, but would have to run in their new territory, something too unpopular to imagine among members of the board.


  1. All you watermelon eaters and burrito makers need to leave the tri valley alone. Whites only!!!

  2. Good article Steve. You should give some pointers to the Pleasanton weekly on how to write an actual news letter.

    Also, check out the tri-valley patriots. This group merged with the tea party and is hiding behind this redistricting task force nonsense.

    I understand why the tri-valley is upset with the way the state and congressional lines are drawn, but the mayors of Dublin and Livermore are on record of supporting a split of Pleasanton at the county level because they view that as an automatic two votes for the region on the board of supervisors. Pleasanton doesn't agree from what I've read.

    I hate to pull the race card, but I'm afraid this might be coming down to Pleasanton not wanting the black guy to represent them.

  3. "brought considerable opposition from officials and residents in Pleasanton..."

    Not one resident voiced an opinion...not one resident, besides me and maybe one other guy, showed up...voicing opposition were current & former elected officials or city/county employees.

    Again, this is all political and they are trying to protect their friends, and asses.

  4. As for...

    "I hate to pull the race card, but I'm afraid this might be coming down to Pleasanton not wanting the black guy to represent them."

    Then don't make ignorant comments like that. That is ridiculous. Pleasanton is not Alamo, or Orinda or Blackhawke. I live in Dublin and don't want Nate Miley representing me...the man, not his skin color. Get real.

  5. Big shot....call Sup Miley's office and ask if he has recieved calls from Pleasanton residents that are "racial".

  6. Nate Miley??? C'mon, the guy is from the ghetto, he has nothing in common with people who actually work for a living or pay the taxes that provide the welfare for East Oakland. Splitting Pleasanton is "Racist", why should they be forced to have their vote diluted by the ghetto?

  7. I agree, there is no common interest between Pleasanton and Hayward amd Nate Miley has no conectivity to Pleasanton or its people, regardless of anyones race. Unlike Hayward, Pleasanton is clean, well run, has great schools/test scores, parks where kids can play safely and very, very low crime. That is not Hayward's descriptor at all.

  8. To break it down, Pleasanton is for well behaved human beings (whites).

    Hayward is for the human beings who really aren't quite human and are liberal welfare collecting pieces of shit. (blacks, spicks, towel heads, gooks, and coconut head pacific islanders)

  9. If you look at who pay the taxes in Alameda County vs. who absorbs the taxes - it's a wealth transfer from Pleasanton to Oakland. Even with this transfer of wealth, Pleasanton thrives, and Oakland is pitiful. Pleasantonians are already screwed by the county system - at least let those who pay the bills have fair representation. Gerrymandering the county is like giving Pleasanton a public defender and giving Oakland Johnnie Cochrane.

  10. Why is being black a privilege in alameda county while being a proud white means you must be taxed and punished for working hard so the blacks can smoke the crack pipe, pop out babies and hold their hands out for all the free money stripped from the whites

  11. above poster makes a good point. tri valley needs to be seperated from alameda county. if the tri valley was it's own county it would prosper in to one of the shining stars of this state and at the same time Oakland would sink into the abyss of wretched laziness and squaller as it becomes impoverished even more than presently because they don't have the Pleasanton tit to feed from

  12. Pleasanton is 40% non-white, so stop with the "all white" comments. Only group largely missing form Ptown is....the black ghetto trash from Oakland, that is why it is a nice community. Non-white does not = bad, but black ghetto trash from Oakland or similar environ = recipe for a trashed community.

  13. Actually divide the county along 580 and take those of us above (east) of 580 with you to your new county with you, we do not want to be a part of Oakland either! It is a festering pool of crud, crime and entitlement.

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  15. Why is no one at these redistricting meetings talking about splitting the tri valley from the rest? Oh that's right, then there would be no one for Hayward and Oakland to leech off of.... Whites need to end this "we feel bad for ol' blacky" mentality

  16. Can we annex Bay-O-Vista to Castro Valley??? Would boost our property taxes immediately and allow us to send kids to good schools, then Oakland can take San Leandro.

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  18. More whining and crying from the right-wing!

  19. Anonymous said...
    Big shot....call Sup Miley's office and ask if he has recieved calls from Pleasanton residents that are "racial".
    June 3, 2011 6:08 PM

    Why, you seem to know the answer...you must have it logged. I can see it now..."Hi, I'm from Pleasanton and I don't like you because you're black. Yes, here's my address to prove I'm from Pleasanton, please don't call the cops since this is a hate crime, I trust you won't, black man."

    Give me a damn break. Typical fashion of a libatard using race again.

    Libatards love race so much that they are proud to elect someone that isn't white for their political advantage; to me, that is the ultimate racism.

    Perhaps an African American or Latino should run against Mr. Miley...then what would you say? The racists white foke out in Pleasanton would really have a problem. But maybe they'd get a white-washed black man (like Mr. Obama) or a gringo-hispanic like most of the Latinos in Sacramento...then they wont be racists.

    Mr. Miley has MORE in common with the wealthy white foke in the Tri-Valley then he does with the blacks in Oakland; I'm certain he has wealth and his girlfriend is white. But like Mr. Carson, he turns on the give (like Mr. Obama) when he's with the right group.

    Wake up people and just elect decent, honest men & women who want to serve you, not their interests and who don't use race as their key ability to get elected.

    Most of you are dumber then me. And that's sad.

  20. Nick, all the dummies are Democrats anyway.

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  24. Anonymous said...

    Umm, not so if you read this blogs commentators, seems many of the Conservatives here must have graduated from the Flinstone's School of Dumb and are stuck in that era.
    June 5, 2011 8:46 PM

    Seriously, it IS possible for Dems to come on here and TRY and post things as Republicans/Conservatives...especially when they hide their identity. WAKE UP!

    As for the racism...well, I agree...some of these (probably dems) arent really that shocking.

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  26. Yeah, there's absolutely no racism at all in the Tea Party/Minutemen crowd which has a number of acolytes in the East Bay. Yes, there's no history of extreme racism in San Leandro. Denial is a river in Egypt, right?

    Look over there- a liberal! Boo!!!

  27. Little Shot Nick--The Tea baggers are the most racist party on this blog. Some are out and out KKK'ers. There--said it!

  28. Anonymous said...

    Little Shot Nick--The Tea baggers are the most racist party on this blog. Some are out and out KKK'ers. There--said it!
    June 6, 2011 1:49 PM

    Waiting for your proof...assuming YOU'RE not a libtard bot.

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    Proof? Hell, no. That's just how Nick rolls.

    How about we agree together, conservative, liberal and otherwise, to condemn each of these loathsome posts, and leave it at that?

    I'd also suggest to the administrator that it's time to step in aggressively. Many of these posts meet the definition of obscene; posts which are not meant to contribute to the discussion should not be rewarded by remaining.

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    So Mr. Ray J, or Mrs (many of the "men" on here have the same amount of testicles as Lance Armstrong, before you accuse me of posting racial comments, think twice about how ignorant, arrogant and incompetent you sound when you have nothing to base it on.

    I live in Dublin, a city with a growing population of Asians and Indians, as I've noted. I am not the one against that. I am not posting hate...you sir, until you prove otherwise, are.

    As always, anyone willing to sit down with me gets a free dinner. I'm free tomorrow evening; I'll even dress up.

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