Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cassidy Moving To Home of City Attorney's Boss

By Steven Tavares
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Steven Meyer's law firm
represents San Leandro
San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy is moving--not out of town--but into the ranch-style home of the founding partner of the law firm contracted by the city to provide legal services.

According to county records, a deed of trust was filed May 26 transferring the half-acre property in San Leandro's tony Bay-O-Vista neighborhood from Steven Meyers of Meyers-Nave to Cassidy.

The four bedroom-three bath, 3,111 sq. ft home on Lakeside Court is listed at $838,000, more than double the median home price for San Leandro.

Cassidy's financial dealings with Meyers raises a few questions about the separation of personal business and transparency between the mayor and the city attorney.

Meyers is former San Leandro city attorney during the 1980s. His firm Meyers-Nave is well-known across the state for its familiarity in representing local governments. Current City Attorney Jayne Williams is a part of Meyers-Nave.


"Tony" neighborhood??? Maybe a few houses are but overall not that tony. Mostly dated 1950 and 1960 ranchers in need of renovation with nice size lots and some views are pretty nice. $838K is by far one of the very top end homes in Bay-o-Vista.

Seriously? Tony?? Is that all you got out of this article?

Sounds to me like conflict of interest and more bad decisions by this one term mayor

So, basically, this says Jayne Williams' job is safe.

Why would you risk people questioning your motives like that. What a dummy. Couldn't he find another place not owned by someone with a financial interest in city government. Meyers/Nave probably makes millions a year on legal fees just from settling lawsuits with the police department

I think its Lakeview ct
Couple problems with this move, and Cassidy is a public figure so its fair criticism

Calling for fiscal austerity while moving into what is probably one of the most expensive homes in town is kinda thumbing your nose at the people who you are asking to take pay and pension cuts.

Buying from the former city attorney makes u wonder about quid pro quo

Buying a 800k house in the middle of a housing glut makes me question his fiscal smarts.

wonder if he has enough room for Manual to move in and cut his parents some slack?

My parents and I are doing just fine. Please refrain from using them in your rhetoric as they are the most free spririt geriatrics I know. I filmed a gay orgy last in their living room. enough said. are you able to express such beautiful love in front of your family?


On his Twitter feed, Tavares admist to "sexting." Maybe Marga needs to FOIA Tony Santos' text messages?

now Manuel is not the only one writing gay sexual comments via electronic devicse. welcome steve and Tony Santos to the club hahaha

Sounds like Tavares has a lot of jealousy towards Cassidy over looks, intelligence, educational attainment, income, penis size? I guess if I were the minimum wage butt-boy schill of city employees, I'd feel the same way.

He's sad because his but buddy Tony isn't around for him to play with anymore

So what, so he buys a home for full market value, for sale and listed by a realtor from someone who happens to be the cities law firms founder? Big whoopee, knowing what is for sale uo here, this is the nicest home available, not much for sale in Bay0Vista and what is for sale is msotly the crappy stuff and a few short sales. His choices were limited if he really wanted a nice home, so can not blame him for his choice and more power to him that he can afford a nice home. He also sold his Estudillo home for a top $$ price for this market. Hopefully Cassidy will create as much success for our city as he has for himself!

Why do the Conservatives have such a fascination for rear ends and keep alluding to them in most of their posts?

That's right. That's why Cassidy moved to bay o so he could let his balls out to breathe without a bunch of communist homosexuals trying to get a peak.


This is really a non story. If Meyer's sold him the house at way below market value then something would smell wrong. But until something like that happens, big deal. Where is Meyer's moving to? Retiring?


Furthermore, I've been awaiting cassidy's departure from the homosexual burdened broadmoore. now me and cass can have some real butt plugging alone time while catching a great view! :•D

Love always,

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