Thursday, June 9, 2011

Colbert Teases Garamendi About Not Living in 10th District

As part of the Colbert Report's 435-part series "Better Know A District," Stephen Colbert interviewed East Bay Rep. John Garamendi Wednesday night.

The talk show host repeatedly ribbed Garamendi for not living in his own 10th District. Garamendi has long maintained his front yard resides in the district, but not his home, which is situated in the 3rd District.

"The tenth is a nice place, but you wouldn't want to live there," Colbert said. "That's what you're telling your constituents." Colbert then mocked Garamendi with either a high-falutin New England Brahmin voice or a British Lord.

Colbert also proposed marriage, but Garamendi declined. "You're not my type," he said.


Wow great story. that was really enlightening of east bay politics.
I'd rather read about manuel's gay exploits than read another dump like this. You can do better Steve

Why would someone without a sense of humor like Garamendi agree to sit down with Colbert?

hey Steve I heard cassidy's butt cheeks smell like cheese. Go blow the lid off of this scandal!!

Manuel--you seem to have a fascination with butt cheeks.

Manuel you've written letters under anonymous before without signing.

John Garamendi, one of the many TRULY idiotic politicians California has ever seen. Useless.

It must gall you that people you call idiots keep getting elected by large margins.

I gall liberal democrats throats whith my penis.

Best wishes


why should I when I can stay in my parents house for free and also use their Internet..... FOR FREE! I think I won't grow up but thanks for the suggestion.

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