Wednesday, June 15, 2011

East Bay Cities Lining Up In Favor Of Splitting Pleasanton in Redistricting

By Steven Tavares
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Mayors from Dublin, Livermore and Fremont have sent letters of support for a proposed Alameda County redistricting map dividing Pleasanton among two districts, while maintaining the status quo in the rest of the county.

Pleasanton Mayor Jennifer
Hosterman is against dividing
her city through redistricting.
 Hayward's City Council also approved Tuesday night support for the plan labelled Map A. Hayward Councilman Mark Salinas placed the item on the agenda last week after competing maps called for Hayward to be separated in place of Pleasanton.

Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty, who sits on the two-person ad-hoc redistricting committee, motioned Wednesday afternoon for a version of Map A to be removed for consideration, along with another county-prepared proposal known as Map F.

Haggerty said the second map was created to show the current lines of his District 1 would contain too many residents if the hyper-growing city of Dublin were still included in his region.

In some ways, the dilemma facing Pleasanton is due to the rapid growth of nearby Dublin. The U.S. Census figures showed the city grew by 53 percent, vastly outstripping the state average of 10 percent.

Maps C and D, created by an independent group calling themselves the Alameda County Redistricting Task Force have contributed four proposals, mostly featuring Pleasanton aligned with its Tri-Valley neighbors, but to the consternation of some in Hayward, who instead, would grapple with two supervisors, if approved.

"We have been whole for many years," said Hayward Councilman Francisco Zermeno. "Once we are not, it will be hard to get back together, again."

A relatively new map under consideration, known as Map G, in some ways attempts to placate critics in both Pleasanton and Hayward by keeping both relatively intact.

A representative from Pleasanton invited the ad-hoc committee to reach out to residents of the city once more in the near future. The matter of the five remaining redistricting maps is scheduled to be heard at the June 28 Board of Supervisors meeting. The county is targeting the July 26 meeting for final adoption.


  1. People are fucking dumb. O gee let's take the last city in alameda worth bragging about and split it up. How about stop being liberal faggots who are straight up jealous of Pleasanton and make your own piece of shit cities better

  2. It makes more sense to split the larger cities in Alameda County - Hayward, Fremont and Oakland - than to split Pleasanton or Dublin. Those two cities, plus Livermore should be kept together with Sunol and parts of Fremont. Plus Hayward has more than twice the population of Pleasanton. The county should use the East Bay hills as a natural dividing line, as much as possible.

  3. You should see the latest proposal by the citizens group, Map G, which is a change to Map D, reuniting Cherryland and Ashland with Castro Valley and Fairview in District 4 and putting more of Oakland in District 3. Visit http://www.acgov.org/redistricting/maps.htm

  4. Anon 11:21 is absolutely right. it makes no sense for gigantic cities to say the same or in some cases get even bigger at the cost of the smaller ones getting even smaller.

    What this really boils down to is democrats trying to keep a strangle hold on the east bay because it's becoming painfully clear that the tri valley isn't falling for their liberal bullshit anymore

  5. I agree they should split the bigger cities. Which one or ones is the big question?

  6. Haggerty will argue that his district is the largest and needs Miley to aide him.

    Miley will argue that he needs to aide Haggerty and we shouldnt change horse in mid-stream.

    It's political, even though they say its not; they say it's practical.

    Haggerty is pretty safe in re-election, unless Republicans don't like that he left the party to be a Lockyer Democrat.

    Map G pushes Lockyer out as she resides in Hayward; or she'd have to run against Chan or move to Newark.

    Seems the ONLY person safe in Map G is Carson.

    Miley would lose Dublin / Pleasanton votes, which doesn't affect him.

    Its all political, not at all practical.


    District 1: Fremont, Pleasanton & Livermore

    District 2: Hayward, Newark and Union City

    District 3: Alameda, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Cherryland & Ashland

    District 4: Castro Valley, Fairview, Sunol and Dublin.

    District 5: Albany, Berkeley, Piedmont and Oakland

  7. They might divide Oakland.

  8. Oakland is already divided three ways. That's why Wilma Chan is so powerful because she has a lot of support in Chinatown. I believe Miley and Carson have the other parts.

  9. I was referring to Nick's scenario.

  10. Solve the problem by not splitting districts; that makes no sense to share.

    Yes, Oakland is large, so what. These people act as if EVERY resident calls on them for service, help or advice. Sups have an office in Oakland and in their district; house the district office with 1-2 people, I'm sure you can get a couple volunteers every day, and then keep your Oakland office staffed with 2-3 people.

    Point is, with Albany and Piedmont being such a low population, one SHOULD be able to take on the heavy load of Berkeley (not so heavy) and Oakland.

    Maybe it's me but I think we baby our politicians to much.

  11. Proud San LeandranJune 18, 2011 at 12:01 AM

    I prefer professional, skilled staff in the Supervisors' offices. You don't get what you don't pay for.

    It's pretty illegitimate to complain about the quality of constituent services provided by the offices of electeds while simultaneously saying their staff doesn't need to get paid.

  12. proud, slavery is back and were not paying anyone.
    Get your nigger loving libtard ass out of my country.

    more insightful comments from,


  13. The Democrats want to make so' the plantation is split up so the nigs will vote Democrap.

  14. Proud San Leandran said...

    I prefer professional, skilled staff in the Supervisors' offices. You don't get what you don't pay for.

    It's pretty illegitimate to complain about the quality of constituent services provided by the offices of electeds while simultaneously saying their staff doesn't need to get paid.
    June 18, 2011 12:01 AM


    You prefer a professional skilled staff...ok, well, most staffs have volunteers who are VERY skilled, often more skilled then the paid staff; its not a job to them, its a service. Obviously you don't care about budgets.

    I never said the staff doesn't need to get paid, I said they have a heavily staffed office and also use volunteers, as I also said, are very skilled and well appreciated.

    Sorry you're confused as well as proud.

  15. Proud San LeandranJune 20, 2011 at 6:02 PM

    Don't you care about saving the budgets of those to whom you provide your private service, Big Shot Nick? Why should your work be a compensated job for you, but you pull the same consideration from County Supervisor staffers? In advocating for volunteers and saving the budget, you are asking for paid staff hours to be cut.

    You defend the highest compensation levels that can be obtained by private sector workers (with your opposition to Unions, you appear to limit that support to owners, executives and upper management- the creators of low-pay jobs, right?). Oddly, however, you want to reduce the number of public sector paid staff positions, positions which have already seen their compensations slashed.

    "....most staffs have volunteers who are VERY skilled, often more skilled than the paid staff." You should provide multiple names, since you defame staffers from multiple professional offices. More likely, this is an example of false, gutless bloviating.

    Experienced Chiefs of Staffs and multiple field staffs are irreplaceable, which is why they often keep positions when a new Supervisor takes over representation for their District. The new Supe often values these staffers' experiences in knowing the history of service needs for many hundreds of thousands of County constituents.

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