Friday, June 3, 2011

Economy Stalls; Lee Calls On House GOP To Create Jobs

By Steven Tavares
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On the heels of unexpectedly poor national unemployment numbers, East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee appealed to leaders of the House Republic majority help the millions still reeling from the effects of the worst economy in generations.

Rep. Barbara Lee
"Republicans have yet to create a single job in the five months since they’ve taken control of the House," Lee said Friday morning, "yet they want to cut these programs that assist the most vulnerable.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released jobless figures showing a scant increase of 54,000 net jobs in May and pushing up the percentage of unemployed back up to 9.1 percent. News of the middling job figures puts a dampen on a general feeling the worse is behind us economically.

“While the overall economy may be showing signs of improvement, too many people are unable to find work and millions are still feeling a great deal of pain," said Lee. Unemployment is still unacceptably high among minorities, which make up a large number of Lee's congressional district. The rate for African-Americans stands at 16.2 percent, with Latinos at 11.9 percent. Nearly a quarter of all young adults are unable to find work, according to Lee. In Alameda County, joblessness still sits around 11 percent for most of its cities.

Lee criticized the Republican leadership for failing to put legislation authored by her and Louisiana Rep. Bobby Scott up for a vote. The bill would reinstate unemployment checks for millions of Americans, known as '99ers, who have exhausted their allotted number of weeks of benefits.

She also reiterated her belief in a meeting yesterday with President Obama for the need to protect programs to help alleviate the pain many are feeling, including WIC, food stamps and job training.

“The extreme Republican agenda of paying for tax cuts for millionaires and subsidies for oil companies on the backs of the low-income and the poor is hurting millions of people in a very real way," said Lee. "This jobs report should serve as a stark reminder that Republicans need to work with us and get serious about creating jobs, fostering new economic opportunities and providing pathways out of poverty.”


  1. Steve, are you monitoring the comments. These right-wing racist comments(see above) are ridiculous and contribute nothing to the point of the article.

  2. I think the first comment is a liberal fake - after all we got to keep up the myth that all conservatives are racists. Wonder how that's going to jive when Herman Cain wins the nomination and it's Cain vs. un-Abel?

    On the other hand, why can't Barbara Lee lead on jobs? Why must she call on the GOP to do so? Either it's an admission that she knows nothing about job creation (which is true); or she lacks the self-confidence to lead and actually do anything of value. Basically, she's self-fulfilling the prophecy that African Americans are bad leaders.

  3. As is often the case- Barbara Lee speaks for me!

    Why do so many commenters fail to comprehend the article they're commenting on? Quoting from the story:

    "Lee criticized the Republican leadership for failing to put legislation authored by her and Louisiana Rep. Bobby Scott up for a vote. The bill would reinstate unemployment checks for millions of Americans...

    “The extreme Republican agenda of paying for tax cuts for millionaires and subsidies for oil companies on the backs of the low-income and the poor is hurting millions of people in a very real way," said Lee. "This jobs report should serve as a stark reminder that Republicans need to work with us and get serious about creating jobs, fostering new economic opportunities and providing pathways out of poverty.”

    Barbara is leading. The Republicans don't care to follow, because the rich and corporations are the only people recieving government welfare from GOP policies.

  4. is this last guy fucking serious????
    Please explain to me how someon getting an extension on their unemployment checks is going to help them get a job thus lowering the jobless rate??? This is completely asinine. get off your ass and get 2 or 3 minimum wage jobs until you can find that dream job you were holding out so long for that caused to be under the dreaded classification of a "99er".

    if you lose your job that sucks and I truly feel compassion for you. If you lose your job but then absorb unemployment checks for a year and a half +, shame on you. There is no, and I mean no excuse for such waste of time and money

  5. OH yeah, like Oakland is a shiny example of what America should be. What an @$$hole. She hasn't created one damn job ever. Screw this punk.

  6. Most likely that racist stuff was made by some intolerant local Libtard who couldn't keep their true feelings about their slaves to themselves. WE all know you Dim-o-tards only use them for votes by promising all kinds of bullshiat, only to forget about them once the votes are counted. Go eat a bowl of dicks, then DIAF farktard.
    The Guv

  7. John Evans said...
    As is often the case- Barbara Lee speaks for me!

    Why do so many commenters fail to comprehend the article they're commenting on? Quoting from the story:

    "Lee criticized the Republican leadership for failing to put legislation authored by her and Louisiana Rep. Bobby Scott up for a vote. The bill would reinstate unemployment checks for millions of Americans...

    “The extreme Republican agenda of paying for tax cuts for millionaires and subsidies for oil companies on the backs of the low-income and the poor is hurting millions of people in a very real way," said Lee. "This jobs report should serve as a stark reminder that Republicans need to work with us and get serious about creating jobs, fostering new economic opportunities and providing pathways out of poverty.”

    Barbara is leading. The Republicans don't care to follow, because the rich and corporations are the only people receiving government welfare from GOP policies.

    June 3, 2011 11:29 PM
    WELL Evans, did you momma have any children that lived or where you an asshole baby courtesy of some late night donkey humping down in the Castro district? Your copying and pasting of the standard bullshit DNC talking points earns you one smiley face, but no free Internets. You Madam are quite the shining example of the dumbmasses that have driven this country straight into the gutter and won't stop till we are a Turd World Shit hole like the Kenyan mudderland of our Messiah, Comrade Chairman Messiah Maobamma O-VOMIT! No please...Have a nice, hot, streaming bowl of manchowder and STFU. Or go play in traffic.

    Oh yeah Tarves, go put on a tux.
    The Guv

  8. Racism is back in style. Since Civil Rights, the negroes have had 40 years to get their act together. White people decided to be tolerant and treat them as equals and let them assimilate themselves into society. We gave them advantages and the benefit of the doubt with Affirmative Action. Instead of them thriving, things just keep getting worse in the black community - welfare and Section 8 self-perpetuate the lazy, ignorant ghetto mentality. In short, they re-nigged on the deal. So now, white people are too and are going back to being racist. How come they can't get jobs, Ms. Lee? It seems like the Mexican immigrants without legal status or language barrier seem to be working all the time.

  9. Concur with Mr Anymouse above. Whitey is tired of their bullshiat, especially after all the disastrous 'Urban weekends' that ruined people's Memorial Day weekends. Hell, even one of the biggest poofters in South Beach/Miami has written an open letter asking that 'Urban week' be put to a damn halt. They are tired of city sponsored riots, rapes, and general monkey shines. We've given the black folks more and more and more, but it's never enough. The time is now to say enough is enough and cut off the damn checks. And when they riot, put them down like a wild animal.
    The Guv

  10. the above poster hit the nail on the head. Illegal mexicans swell fruit on the corner, stand infront of home depot waiting hungry for work and at the end of the day pack into 2 bedroom homes with 12 others. they're happy just to be on American soil. the blacks sit back with their hands out waiting for their welfare checks and their imaginary entitlement. If all other minorities are hard working citizens convinced that you only get out of this life what you put into it then what's wrong with the blacks?

    Thrive had plenty of time to get it right. Whites will rise!!

  11. Look at New Orleans; 6 years and it's still a craphole, and these loser blame the Republicans???? What a cruel infliction on America Lee, Stark, Miller, Pelosi, Tauscher, Speier and Feinstein and Boxer are to this great nation.

  12. The whites have risen--most of the people collecting unemployment checks are caucasian thanks to the republicans and the depression they started in 07, due to war and tax giveaways to the millionaires and billionaires. Hows that working for you tea bagging racists?

  13. Sorry shit for brains. A greater percentage of the black population collect unemployment and welfare as opposed to caucasion. The fact that more whites collect is only because there are more whites in the united states. Whites run this country and make it great while blacks use it like a cheap hooker only to be thrown to the gutter when their through

  14. According to AFDC, welfare use by race is:
    White 38.8%
    Black 39.8
    Hispanic 15.7
    Asian 2.4
    other 3.3

    So overall, blacks DO collect more welfare than any other race. And what's astounding is that blacks only comprise 7-8% of the entire US population; yet they collect almost 40% of the welfare.

    If telling the truth is racist, then the Tea Party is racist. It'll be funny when Herman Cain wins the Republican/Tea Party nomination. All those racism claims will backfire on the liberal idiots.

  15. The jig is up!

  16. Are you guys real?

    I think we all just saw how a mob becomes dangerous- one misinformed, misguided racist says something he wouldn't dare say in public, then another person ups the ante, and all of a sudden we're up to our asses in ignorance.

    OK, try to consider this, Anonymous June 4th 10:18-

    "The average unemployed person in America has been looking for work for 39.7 weeks, or more than nine months. That is the longest average unemployment spell since the Labor Department started keeping track in 1948...

    The growing length of joblessness is particularly worrisome because it tends to be self-perpetuating. The longer a person is unemployed, the less employable he or she becomes because of factors like stigma and skill deterioration. That means that the longer it takes to get Americans back to work, the further behind they will fall...

    The social safety net for these workers is also fraying. Many of the long-term unemployed — who now constitute about 45 percent of all unemployed workers — have already had their jobless benefits run out. In some cases states (like Arizona) have neglected to make the legislative changes necessary to receive additional jobless benefits paid for with federal money.

    To add insult to injury, many unemployed people who have retrained for new careers have so far racked up student loan debts but not jobs.

    These long-term unemployed are disproportionately composed of older workers — who, compared to younger workers, are less likely to lose their jobs, but more likely to have trouble finding re-employment if they are laid off."


    This idea that the unemployed are sitting around, unwilling to take low-pay jobs, makes no sense. Unemployment is very high BECAUSE THERE ARE FEW JOBS AVALIABLE FOR THE UNEMPLOYED. Example from 2005, when the job market was better:

    "Oakland's first Wal-Mart started hiring. More than 11,000 people showed up to apply for just 350 jobs."


    Capitalism depends on people having disposable income to spend. People who recieve unemployment insurance paid for it through payroll taxes they were charged when they worked.

    "Unemployment benefits are one of the most effective and efficient ways to boost demand, which is exactly what our economy needs right now. Economists estimate that the economy grows by $1.61 for every dollar spent on unemployment benefits because recipients typically spend all of their benefit payments quickly...

    Congress has provided emergency unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed during every recession over the last four decades with bipartisan support. It has not once during the past 40 years allowed extended unemployment benefits to expire when the unemployment rate was above 7.2 percent—2.4 points lower than it is today."


  17. Just read about a 14-year old who caused the murder or a Korean store owner in Oakland. Where are the Asian reparations for the many human lives taken by blacks?

  18. Check out who collects the most unemployment benefits--it's whites! You can thank George Bush for that. P.S. Some of you racist idiots need to go back to school and learn to spell.

  19. Whites collect the most in unemployment benefits because they were they are the ones who actually had jobs at one point in their life. Many blacks have never held gainful employment ever - probably about 75% of the black population in Oakland. Obama's policies are keeping down those who want to work by promising more and more entitlements to those who don't want to work. How long must Obama be president before libtards acknowledge he's doing nothing to create more jobs?

  20. Liar or ignorant? Both? You be the judge.

    Job LOSSES at end of Bush Administration:
    September 2008: nearly 500,000
    October 2008: nearly 600,000
    November 2008: nearly 750,000
    December 2008: nearly 700,000
    January 2009: 779,000

    Job GAINS in most recent months of Obama Administration:
    January 2011: 36,000
    February 2011: 192,000
    March 2011: 216,000
    April 2011: 244,000
    May 2011: 54,000

    I'll say "both". With all the supplemental slurs, certainly viciously racist either way.

    "Obama's policies are keeping down those who want to work by promising more and more entitlements to those who don't want to work." This is completely incoherent and wrong. What the hell does this mean?

  21. Hey moron, "capitalism depends on people having disposable income"???? Yeah, but when taxes are raised that means that the disposable income is dimininhed. But to "John Evans" that's fine because that money is just lost in government bureaucracy.

  22. Notice how John Evans leaves out all of the job losses from February 2009 to December 2010; when most of the jobs were lost.

    The recession has hit whites and Asians the hardest because they do the high paying knowledge work and stand to lose the most. Many Mexicans and other illegal immigrants have gone back to Mexico.

    Sadly, most black men were either in jail or not working by choice even when the economy is booming. To them, it doesn't matter if they collect a welfare check in good times or in bad - they still collect a check!

  23. So its the House Republicans fault for not creating jobs? Did House Democrats create jobs when they ran the House, Senate and WH?

    And why is it a politicians job to create jobs? Is that in the Constitution? I never use the "unemployment" and "job creation" line because NO politician can literally create jobs; you're stupid to think that.

    Can they CUT spending and lower taxes on small business (wake up, I said SMALL), yes! Can they cut unemployment and give folks a NUDGE to go after jobs that they might normally not take? Yes. Is there anything wrong with going from making (lets say) $25/hr to $10 or $15? No. Will you have to prioritize? Yes. Will it earn you more then unemployment? Yes. Will it help the economy? Yes.

    Someone has yet to argue why continuing unemployment for those who have well surpassed their take, makes sense and is GOOD for the economy.

    Understand, liberals in Washington NEED to fight for their voters who think they give a shit about them (ie. extending unemployment, welfare, etc)...the more they provide, the more they get re-elected.

    Heaven forbid a man have to face the cruel world on his own.

    "I am for doing good to the poor, but...I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed...that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer." -Ben Franklin

  24. Anonymous June 5, 8:31: Your assumption is wrong. To use a current example, if your Federal income tax is lowered $1,000 a year but Medicare is destroyed in the fashion approved by the votes of 96% of Congressional Republicans, future retirees and other Medicare recipients will be on the hook for an average of approximately $7,000 a year in increased healthcare insurance costs. They would suffer a net loss in disposable income. If the Republicans are successful in tearing down Social Security, which they tried to do in 2005 and will try to do again, it would get even worse.

    Where would those starving, destitute, less healthy retirees go? Many will end up needing to rely on friends or family for support. Those family and friends will have less money to spend due to the need to support their parents and friends. This is true of all government social welfare programs- we pay for the programs through our tax contribution so that they will ease our burden when due to age, loss of job, health crisis of other cause, we lose our work income.

    On the subject of tax rates, you've been snookered. Relative tax rates between upper and lower incomes have been raised on the middle and lower classes over the last decades of Republican ascendancy, and massively lowered on the richest and corporations. The overall outcome is that Federal tax collection as a percentage of GDP is at its lowest level since 1950. We have a revenue problem.

  25. Proud Tea Party MemberJune 5, 2011 at 11:52 AM

    "John Evans" you need to pull your head out of your ass and come to reality you dipstick. Starving destitute less healthy retirees???? What a moron you are. Do you actually believe that everyone is just one step away from poverty? If you do you are an idiot. But for the grace of a crack pipe go I. Most people, unlike you and Democrat voters are responsible enough to take care of themselves. The GOP plan for Medicare will turn it into a voucher program where people will be able to go out, find the policy that they themselves like and buy it. Will there be higher deductibles and co-pays??? Why yes. What a novel concept; taking responsibility for oneself.

    "John Evans" you are the only perpetual liar on this board, there was NEVER a 10% tax rate on the lower incomes until George W. Bush instituted it. But then the truth goes over your head like the wind between your ears.

  26. In response to Anonymous June 4th, 8:37: Given the racism which wafts off the garbage he peddles in his last two paragraphs, we should be unsurprised that his first paragraph is wrong as well.

    Yes, "the period of time between February 2009 and December 2010"- the period of time in which Obama and the Democratic Congress were trying to dig us out of the massive hole created by failed Bush/Republican policies, and the minority Republicans in the Senate filibustered EVERYTHING, preventing the majority Democrats from implementing the best policies to undo the damage. Despite that, Obama and the Democrats have had success.

    Given the Republican rhetoric claiming that the poor economy under W. Bush in 2001 was caused by the "Clinton recession(?)", it is pathetic to see our misinforming friend try to place responsibility for early 2009 job losses on Obama. This is like shooting your friend in the head, and then lecturing your friend that their increased health care costs over the next year shows that they are not doing the right things for their health. Disgusting.

    You see the trends in my post above of the massive, increasing job losses Bush and Company were responsible for at the end of his term. See the trend which took place during the portion of Obama's term mentioned by our prejudiced friend:

    February 2009: -651,000
    March: -663,000
    April: 539,000
    May: -345,000
    June: -467,000
    July: -247,000
    August: -216,000
    September: -263,000
    October: -190,000
    November: -11,000
    December: -85,000

    January 2010: -20,000
    February: -36,000
    March: +162,000
    April: +290,000
    May: +431,000*
    June: -125,000*
    July: -131,000
    August: -54,000
    September: -95,000
    October: +151,000
    November: +39,000
    December: +103,000

    2011's numbers are above.
    So, we now have eight straight months of job growth. This trend clearly supports the fact that policies pursued by Obama and the Democrats helped the job situation, even if the best of those policies were chipped away by Senate Republicans' intransigence.

    Private sector job creation in the last year has been even higher than the numbers above, making up for the large losses in public sector jobs. It is noticeable that the Republican Party and seemingly every conservative commenter on the Citizen is actively demanding that there should be more unemployed public sector workers- I'd lay that portion of the unemployment problem entirely on you and your policy priorities.

  27. Democrats and apes - always looking for a handout.

  28. Note the lack of factual information by our Tea Partier. This commenter certainly does represent these neo-John Birchers and their policy prescriptions, as well as their vicious, eliminationist rhetoric.

    Our weak Tea Partier tries to slide right past the fact that, in the current GOP budget proposal, retirees and others in the Medicare program would be forced to begin "taking responsibility for oneself" by being forced to accept a new burden of approximately $7,000 a year for private health care insurance they would be required to purchase individually. This GOP budget piles this huge burden on the elderly and gives almost all the resultant budget savings to the weathiest and corporations in even greater tax breaks to those who don't need them.

    As a result, this budget is fraudulent as a means to "fiscal responsibility". Even with its preposterous projections (for example, in order to reach its assumptions unemployment must be at 3% in a few years), the Ryan budget, BY ITS OWN NUMBERS, fails to balance the Federal budget until 2021.

    We haven't even to begin to talk about the cuts in the Republican budget to Medicaid, which would throw millions of the elderly in nursing homes out in the street.

  29. Score is--John Evans 5 --Tea party and right-wing racists 0

  30. Proud Tea Party MemberJune 5, 2011 at 4:45 PM

    Sorry but once again John Evans brings us no facts, no hint of reality. Where does he come up with this "$7,000" that people are supposedly going to be forced to pay for Medicare under the GOP plan?? He can't because he knows it's wrong and he is no more correct than Harold Camping was that the Rapture was going to happen on May 21. He knows that the Republican proposal will bring about much needed free market reforms which always lead to a lower cost product. "John Evans" wishes that everyone be burdened with inferior health care that not even a cold and callous person would inflict upon farm animals.

  31. Gosh, weak Tea, your're right. I was a little off with the $7,000 number. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, under the Ryan budget proposal "Medicare" recipients would actually have to pay MORE per year to private health insurance companies on the individual market. Some "free market reforms"!

    "Seniors and the disabled would pay sharply more for their Medicare coverage under a new plan by House Republicans aimed at curbing the nation’s growing deficit, a Congressional Budget Office analysis shows.

    For example, by 2030, under the plan, typical 65 year olds would be required to pay 68 percent of the total cost of their coverage, which includes premiums, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket costs, according to CBO. That compares with the 25 percent they would pay under current law, CBO said...

    The CBO highlighted key features of the proposal, based on information from Ryan’s staff and its own analysis, including:

    -- Starting in 2022, the eligibility age for Medicare would increase by two months per year until it reached 67 in 2033.

    -- The so-called "doughnut hole" in the Medicare prescription drug benefit – in which beneficiaries pay 100 percent of drug costs – would continue under the Ryan plan. The health law passed last year calls for the coverage gap to be ended by 2020...

    The CBO report also said that in 2022 the average government payment for a 65 year old in Medicare would be $8,000. In each successive year, it would increase to reflect inflation and the enrollee’s age. Patients’ share would rise sharply. Higher-income beneficiaries would get a lower premium support payment."


  32. "Is there anything wrong with going from making (lets say) $25/hr to $10 or $15? No. Will you have to prioritize? Yes. Will it earn you more than unemployment? Yes. Will it help the economy? Yes.

    Someone has yet to argue why continuing unemployment for those who have well surpassed their take, makes sense and is GOOD for the economy."

    I found this bit in Nick's post breathtaking and amusing in its obliviousness.

    - "Is there anything wrong" in losing $10 to $15 per hour in pay? You and I would say "Goddamn right there is!!". Nick thinks it would just require reprioritizing. Do you agree with Nick that such a loss in pay (from $52,000 to $20,800 a year gross in the drop from $25 to $10/hour for a full-time job) would be a minor thing?

    - There's no reflection at all by Nick on the fact that we have a high unemployment rate because there are more workers than jobs avaliable. For every one of those $10 an hour jobs, there are large numbers of applicants.

    Carrying around this belief that everyone who has been out of work for lengthy periods is in that state because they haven't applied for poor-paying jobs allows the Nicks of the world to justify their callousness. If Nick decides that the "99'ers" lack character and their slacking is enabled by the State's luxurious maximum UI benefit of about $450 a week, a benefit the unemployed paid for during their years of work, Nick has given himself a reason to believe that he is superior to the rabble on the unemployment line. "I don't give a shit, and I'm justified in doing so", goes this defensive thinking.

    Regarding the effectiveness of UI payments for the economy, I'll repeat this one; Nick didn't read this earlier post.

    "Unemployment benefits are one of the most effective and efficient ways to boost demand, which is exactly what our economy needs right now. Economists estimate that the economy grows by $1.61 for every dollar spent on unemployment benefits because recipients typically spend all of their benefit payments quickly...

    Congress has provided emergency unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed during every recession over the last four decades with bipartisan support. It has not once during the past 40 years allowed extended unemployment benefits to expire when the unemployment rate was above 7.2 percent—2.4 points lower than it is today."


  33. Score---John Evans with facts=7 Right wing conservatives with swear words and opinions=0

  34. Here are the facts: blacks don't like working and they don't like paying "they bills." We have the first black president and we have the largest unemployment/underemployment in 60 years; and we're in the largest debt, ever. Remember when $2 Trillion was scary under Reagan? It's $14 Trillion and climbing now. Black president was just not a good idea; even among the liberals we're seeing voters remorse.

  35. "John Evans" sounds like the idiots in the Unions who when their members want to go to health insurance with higher deductibles in order to save on their monthly pay tell the members; "oh you don't want to do that, it's really nice to only pay $5 per office visit". And the members tell the moron "look you twit, right now we're paying $250 a month for a $5 office visit, what if we upped that to $30 a visit? It would lower our monthly to $140???" and the idiot Business Agent says; "yeah, but what if you don't have $30, a lot of people will take that $110 savings and drink beer". So "John Evans" STFU with your bullshit. People are a hell of a lot smarter than yourself and those on welfare.

  36. The business representative doesn't determine the health benefits for Union members, their contract does. Unions worth their salt have the members vote on whether or not to approve the tentative agreement negotiated by their own bargaining team; the workers determine their choice of benefits. The fact that Union members typically have better health insurance coverage from their work than unrepresented workers is a sign of how effective unions are in helping the working person.

    Don't want to talk about the despised Ryan budget, huh? Forcing Medicare recipients to go from their current negligible payment obligations to $8,000 a year for private insurance? In addition, a renewed obligation for Part D medication coverage that could cost thousands of dollars more, an obligation which will be eliminated if the Affordable Care Act is maintained?

    Yeah, if I were you I'd make up irrelevant stories and show my allegiances to the KKK too. Ladies and gentlemen, the Tea Party Republicans.

  37. "John Evans" You're an idiot, the Business Agent is the go between the Company and the Members. And Union Members don't always have better coverage, they have "more expensive" coverage that is wastful. It makes no sense to pay $150 a month more in order to only pay $5 per doctor visit. But then logic doesn't always play in your favor.

    The Ryan plan? Yeah, That $8,000 is a voucher the recipients will be given to purchase their own policy. Where they will be given the freedom to choose whatever policy they want. Unlike the current one size scenario. And you fool, Part D. would be eliminated by who???? Why that bitch Pelosi and the incompetent Obama. Once again you make no sense an painted yourself into the corner of stupidity.

    Glad you admit you have closet KKK feelings. Get professional help.

  38. For having so much free time, your facts are a bit off.

    And off topic.

    Barbara Lee is another race card playing idiot who is blaming the GOP when her own party screwed up the same.

  39. You don't want Barbara Lee in charge of job creation. She was an ardent supporter of Yousef Bey - who started the "black self-reliance" movement in Oakland. Unfortunately, in addition to selling baked goods, Mr. Bey ran a welfare fraud scam and murdered people. Sorry--but you can't blame that on whitey.

  40. the blacks can blame it on whitey because...... THATS what they do!! Everything is whiteys fault! Reparations!!!

    you show me a nigger and I'll show you someone whos looking to blame another race for their own worthless existence

  41. The $8,000 voucher the Republican plan would provide to seniors previously covered by secure Medicare insurance is the only thing Anonymous has right. Here's the problems with that for retirees:

    1) Elderly people would start out with a huge new burden to cover their health care insurance costs, a burden which would grow quickly over time. The Ryan proposal calls for 65-year-olds to contribute $12,513 of the estimated $20,513 total cost of their health care in 2022, including premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. They are expected to pay $20,713 of the $30,460 in total costs in 2030.

    2) In addition, the Affordable Care Act closes what is commonly known as the "donut hole" in the original Medicare Part D medication coverage created by Republicans. In 2010, this hole created an obligation for elderly people on fixed incomes to pay 100% of their prescription costs up to a maximum of $4,550 when their total medication coverage costs began to exceed $2,700; this hole also grew over time.

    The health care reform law created in 2010 under Pelosi and Reid's leadership and signed by Obama began to close that donut hole last year, sending those who paid for coverage to cover the hole a $250 reimbusement check. The ACA allows Medicare to use its huge purchasing power to bargain drug prices with pharmaceutical companies; the resultant cost savings will allow the donut hole to be closed by the end of the decade.

    So you see, it's not Medicare Part D which will be eliminated by the law Pelosi helped us enjoy. In fact, the program has been strengthened to the point that Medicare recipients will have thousands of dollars of additional drug charges eliminated. Anonymous has it exactly wrong here.

    All of this shows that the House Republican budget proposal does not control health care costs. It just shifts the costs onto seniors.

    3) The current Medicare is NOT a "one size scenario". Medicare Part C, known more commonly as Medicare Advantage, currently allows seniors to purchase supplemental Medicare coverage from private health insurers at additional cost to suit their individual needs.

    Medicare Part C was also strengthened by the Affordable Care Act. Currently, Medicare Advantage requires the government to pay health insurance companies as a subsidy for Medicare recipients who choose to purchase this supplemental insurance. These subsidies (which added an additional $14 billion to the Medicare program last year alone) will gradually be reduced until they are eliminated altogether. This year, Medicare Advantage subsidy payments will be frozen at 2010 levels. After that, Medicare Advantage subsidy payments will be reduced an average of 12% per year until they are brought in line with traditional Medicare payments.

    This is the estimated $500 billion in cuts to Medicare costs that the Republicans shamelessly demagogued in the 2010 election, claiming that this would be a cut in benefits for the elderly. In fact, if this portion of the ACA is maintained it will extend the life of Medicare by eliminating a subsidy to private health insurers who are currently using those subsidies and other profits to pay their CEO's, upper level executives and shareholders obscene amounts of money which do nothing to provide health care.

    In the Republican proposal to gut Medicare authored by Ryan, the donut hole would be maintained as it was originally created, allowing Blue Cross/Blue Shield and dozens of other insurers to siphon off Medicare funds at huge additional profit for them, while leaving seniors stuck with an ever-increasing bill for their prescriptions.

  42. Headline...today...just now...

    "The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says the real cost of the federal government guaranteeing the business of failed mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is $317 billion -- not the $130 billion normally claimed by the Obama administration."


  43. Anyone who has to resort to childish name calling and using words that offend people has already lost the argument. Grow up and try to use logic, facts, and reasons in your arguments. John Evans is winning by a large margin. Swearing and using the N word doesn't help your cause.

  44. Did I miss something? Did the Yousef Bey post not contain facts?

  45. Barbara Lee didn't support any of the illegal and immoral things the Bey family did, nor was she involved in any of them. It is beyond scummy, and very fact-free, to associate Congresswoman Lee with their crimes.

    Republican Congressman John Ensign coerced one of his employees into a sexual affair. The husband of that employee also worked as a staff member for Senator Ensign. When the affair was discovered, Ensign claimed he would end the affair and his sexual harrassment of his employee, but he continued. Eventually, he decided the remedy for his own misconduct should be:

    - Firing both the woman he had assaulted and her husband

    - Bribing the couple into silence by getting Senator Ensign's own parents to write the victimized couple a check fo $96,000

    - Conspiring with the fired husband to violate the spirit, and very likely the letter, of the law which requires ex-Capitol staffers to wait a minimum of one year before they lobby Congressional representatives

    - Threatening constituents in his home state who did not want to hire the ex-staffer because they did not view him as professionally qualified to be a lobbyist

    - Getting Republican Senator Tom Coburn to act as a go-between in negotiating more hush money with the attorney for the fired couple

    - Senator Ensign publicly lied about these shameful actions for years. He never admitted what he did until he announced his resignation, which took place the day before the bipartisan Senate Ethics Committee revealed these details in the report of their investigation.

    Is every single Republican politician and every registered Republican who supported Senator Ensign responsible in any way for his actions? Is Senator Ensign's behavior representative of a character flaw or lack of accountability for white people? OF COURSE NOT.

    You're unable to take on the discussion which had been happening on this thread, so you bizarrely change the subject. We care about solving the problems of our country; you wish to play in the shallow end of the moral pool.

  46. Stick to the topic...

    Barbabra Lee has no idea how to create jobs; she thinks you just push a button or pass a "job creation" bill.

    So, if you support Lee, then, you are easily mislead and I would like to discuss some money making options for you.

  47. Ray J - you ignorant slut. Barbara Lee used her power to keep the Black Muslim Bakery from going bankrupt. Maybe had it went bankrupt, Chauncey Bailey would still be alive today. Or maybe the corrupt negroid thug would have had the banker put to death: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1879650/posts.

  48. San Leandrans who don't like Pete Stark, meet the most progressive member of Congress!Some of you better contact the Citizens Redistriting Commission because those in the northern half of San Leandro could be represented by Barbara Lee.

  49. no ape fucking communist monkey is representing me. Fuck that

  50. The topic, Nick? Amusing.

    Not sure what Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac's situation has to do with job creation. If you're about to take the Tea Party tack that Fannie and Freddie forced bond traders, mortgage financers, banks and investment firms to take insane risks with public and private money, then you're entering into an issue that is in much dispute, no?

    "Start with the most basic fact of all: virtually none of the $1.5 trillion of cratering subprime mortgages were backed by Fannie or Freddie....While the credit bubble was peaking from 2003 to 2006, the amount of loans originated by Fannie and Freddie dropped from $2.7 trillion to $1 trillion. Meanwhile, in the private sector, the amount of subprime loans originated jumped to $600 billion from $335 billion and Alt-A loans hit $400 billion from $85 billion in 2003. Fannie and Freddie, which wouldn’t accept crazy floating rate loans, which required income verification and minimum down payments, were left out of the insanity.

    There’s a must-read study by staff members of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York analyzing the roots of the subprime crisis that came out in March....(N)ow that Washington politicians are trying to rewrite history, it should be mandatory reading for every American interested in knowing how we got here.

    ...(I)n the Fed’s five causes (of the meltdown)...there’s some culpability for lenders, borrowers, investors and credit raters. There’s no blame for Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae which had little or nothing to do with the entire situation."


    Now, to jobs. If Representative Lee's Democratic Party had been in full control of the Legislative and Executive branches agendas for any lengthy time during her years in Congress, then we would have had a chance to find out if her Party's preferred policies would have been more effective in creating jobs.

    Given the unprecedented use of filibuster tactics by Senate Republicans in the last Congress, I would claim that very little time in that Congress saw the Democrats in full control, despite their majorities. Thank God there were still accomplishments during that time.

    What we can see, however, is that the Administration with the best jobs record in the last three decades, by far, is the Clinton Administration.

    Almost all of this huge job growth happened after a Democratic Congress passed and President Clinton signed an increase in the top marginal tax rate, an important element in the budget surpluses of the last three years of Bill's Presidency. The response of the doomsayer Republicans of 1993 about this small increase in the top marginal tax rates?

    "[T]he GOP succeeded brilliantly in driving up opposition to the Clinton plan. Fearful voters turned against it in polls as they heard about the devastating effects it would have on the economy and their own lives. The hysteria was stoked by literally every Republican on Capitol Hill; not a single GOP member of the House or Senate ended up voting for the plan.

    ...(T)here are several entertaining clips (in C-Span's video archive), featuring remarks from Newt Gingrich (current presidential candidate), John Kasich (current Ohio governor), and a parade of like-minded Republican lawmakers, all of whom were certain Clinton -- a president whose legitimacy they questioned from Day One -- was making a drastic mistake. Gingrich went so far as to predict, "I believe this will lead to a recession next year. This is the Democrat [sic] machine's recession. And each one of them will be held personally accountable."


    Sound familiar?

  51. By the way, Representative Lee is one of the co-sponsors of "The People's Budget", which is much more progressive than President Obama's budget. You see, despite all the literal insanity from Tea Partiers, Obama is actually very centrist to center-right in his policies.

    This proposal from the House Progressive Caucus closes the Federal budget deficit as quickly as does the horrible Ryan GOP budget, but it does so while stregthening Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other vital programs. Read on:


  52. Real liberal Democrats have no idea why they vote for Lee other then the D before her name. Progressives love her, which is a rare thing in her district.

    More idiots.

  53. blacks will only vote for other blacks. A study was done in 2005 showing that blacks pull recessive genes from their chimpanzee ancestors that give them "an internal need to form a pack and pick a leader". It was an interesting informative read. I'll try to find the link and post it later.

  54. Fuck you taveras. I posted something in opposition to you and you censor me while you let others wrote racist comments!! You must be a racquet yourself since you leave all these comments on here. Shame on you

  55. This blog is ridiculous! I see racist comments all over the place and mornings being done and now people are having their comments removed for having opposite opinions than the author. this is an obvious racist man using this blog for him and his friends to spread racism. This is bullshit

  56. Little shot Nick is being destroyed by John Evans and Ray J. I love it. Just saying.

  57. If you wrote something that challenged Tavares' intelligence; then he might of censored it. To him, that's more offensive than the racist drivel on here.

  58. Anonymous said...

    Little shot Nick is being destroyed by John Evans and Ray J. I love it. Just saying.
    June 6, 2011 11:41 PM

    John Evans and Ray J continue to talk about how this President and Congress are there for the middle class. They continue to post talking points and weak evidence of success or any attempt at it. Somehow the rhetoric falls short, because the actions have seemed to hinder job growth and entrepreneurial activity.

    I know that was a lot of your pea sized brain to grasp, so just sit there, quietly. Mr. Evans and Mr. J (of course not his real name) would actually do more then just post libtard rhetoric, then we'd get somewhere, but they just post left leaning points.

    Just because Evans copy & pastes a lot of text doesn't mean...much.

  59. "Obama's Played 71 Rounds of Golf as President, Still Can't Break 90..."

    Wow...that's more then Bush's two terms (actually Obama beat his games in just nine months)...and he can't break 90? Must be the mom jeans. Or the fact that he has no athletic ability...why's he even try. If you get off your couch, you'd know that golf is a 5-6 hour game. No one parasites love him.

    Its all in the wrist and if you notice, he has very limp wrists.

    That reminds me, you never hear about past Obama love affairs...no wonder he likes Barney Frank so much.

    Just sayin!


    *GM's Akerson Pushing for Higher Gas Taxes.
    *Debbie Wasserman Shultz says GOP pushing Jim Crow laws.
    *Real Unemployment Numbers: 15.8%
    *US Owes $62 Trillion In Debt

    Slow down libtards, you have nothing to be proud of.

  60. I think Nick just pulled ahead of the libtards. And I'm guessing the racist drivel was put here by liberals as well. It allows them to express their true feelings about blacks while perpetuating the myth that conservatives tea partiers are racist. Liberals - what are you going to do if Herman Cain wins the Republican nomination? Will you still try to play the race card? Will you call him an "Uncle Tom" - basically showing your racism by saying that anyone who is successful and hardworking isn't really black?

  61. The Republicans are too racist to allow Cain to win --just saying.
    p.s. Nick can't or won't refute John or Ray--there, said it!

  62. Such a "substantial" discussion of the issues by Nick. No attempt to take on the substance of the discussions. Just call them libtard and he can be done with bothering his pretty little head over the root causes for the large unemployment numbers.

    We're still "enjoying" the Bush tax cuts, by absolute insistence of the Republicans. I thought low taxes are the Holy Grail of job creation!

  63. Herman Cain has zero chance of winning the Republican nomination.

    a) The Party elders don't want him to win.

    b) Behold the Republican primary voters infesting this and other recent Citizen comment sections.

  64. John Evans...you coward of Alameda County...wont' even take my invite to chat.

    John Evans...racists for saying Cain can't win because he's 100% black. (Mr. Evans, you have absolutely no clue if Herman Cain can win; I know rednecks and affluent yuppies willing to vote for him because they think he'd beat Obama...you wouldn't know that because you don't get out of your bubble.) Mr. Cain inspires many...you wouldn't know that because you don't want it to be true.

    John Evans...such a sad boy.

  65. Little Shot--you are out of touch with reality!

  66. What is "inspiring" about Mr. Cain's policy positions?

  67. hes a black who isn't an entire waste of life. That's inspiring in it's self

  68. Anonymous 11:20--that was an idiotic rant--you must be Manuel.

  69. I despise any acusation that I would post such thoughts with out leaving my signature. Though I agree with the sentiments that cain is no more brilliant than your common house hold Negro I will say that a ploy to use him as a puppet to dupe the wild African vote to swing towards the republican side is dubious and commendable . Had I thought of that during my campaign I might have had a chance with the homosexual liberals of san Leandro.


  70. Manuel, you really are the lowest form of life in our City and that's why you lost by huge margins.

  71. Boy, the babooze's sure have been sipping the Mateus lately. Give them a $5 jug of vino and a computer and they go nuts.


  72. Manual needs to take his/her meds!

  73. The poster above is not Manuel. It seems that my life is so amazing that someone would want to... Be me. I'm flattered but I must ask you to stop posting as me immediately. Thankyou


  74. You mean there are 2 people that stupid to use babooze's and Mateus in the same blog? It's hard to believe anyone wants to be you.