Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lee Criticizes Obama's 'Modest' Troop Reductions in Afghanistan

...And when the bulk of the remaining troops return they may have the opportunity to grow marijuana without fear of prosecution. A bill co-sponsored by Rep. Barbara Lee is forthcoming. Although it's probably not a better way to medicate returning soldiers broken by the burdens of warfare, its sure beats having them dwell on the cuts the V.A.that will eventually follow making them vulnerable, bitter men. Think of Tom Cruise in the "Born on the Fourth of July."


  1. I'm worried about becoming part of Barbara Lee's district. Is this all she does? Grandstand for causes that will never, ever appeal to the mainstream? There's no chance in hell the feds allow pot to be decriminalized. It's just crazy talk.

  2. "Poud" Dem, not Liberal.June 23, 2011 at 11:24 AM

    Ut oh, Obama is failing to live up to his unlivable promises, again and again...how any one can re-elect him is beyond me.

  3. Californians almost voted to decriminalize pot in an election recently.

    Prohibition was the law of our land in the 1920's, making alcohol use illegal. It was viewed as a moral issue, and a public health and safety hazard. Sound familiar?

    Alcohol prohibition was repealed quickly, seen as counterproductive. Perhaps this nonsensical, extremely wasteful prohibition needs to happen as well.

    The drug "war" has been extremely expensive, ballooning our budget deficits, incarcerates minor drug users, making it difficult for them to remain productive members of society, and creates the current black market for drugs, jacking up the prices and creating incentive for murderous turf wars over this needless market.

    Bringing it fully out into the open would reduce or eliminate black markets. Who would want to go to the local dealer and pay those prices when you can go to a regulated store which would be cheaper and woudn't kill you with a bad product?

    We also lose the ability to raise revenue by prohibiting drug use. Sales taxes on alcohol are used to fund health programs for those damaged from alcohol use, and to run programs meant to discourage alcohol abuse and help those who want sobriety.

    Criticize these policy prescriptions if you think you can. Saying "it'll never happen" is the attitude that, if maintained on all issues, destroys empires.

    Barbara was the only member of Congress (534-1) who voted against the war in Afghanistan until we gathered ourselves and came up with a well-planned response to the 9/11 attacks. How's that vote look now? Doesn't look like grandstanding to me; looks like smart thinking.

    The Afghanistan war has lasted longer than our country's involvements in the Civil War and two World Wars COMBINED.