Thursday, June 9, 2011

Instability in San Leandro Grows as Finance Director Resigns

By Steven Tavares
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San Leandro Finance Director Tracy Vesely is resigning from her position for a similar job opportunity with the City of Hayward, The Citizen has learned.

Vesely tendered her resignation Thursday before notifying members of her department of her intentions. Her last day is July 8.

After spending just seven months in charge of San Leandro's budget, Vesely's departure leaves the city's leadership in further turmoil.

Just this week Vesely's first fiscal budget returned was unanimously approved by the City Council and featured a balanced budget without the use of reserves since 2006, but she gave no indication any change in employment was imminent.

Vesely replaced interim finance director Perry Carter last October. Her move to Hayward will be third East Bay city she has been employed in the past year. She came to San Leandro after a short time as Berkeley's budget director.


Cassidy is not worried he will bring this city to greatness from the ashes that Santos left us in! Long Live Cassidy "the defeater of liberal communist scum"!!!

Great. Now can we outsource the job to Accountemps for $50K per year and get a better quality person than we've had?

Vesely was new and extremely competent as the finance director. Read the article.

not a smart move. Leaving SL and going to Hayward is like going backwards from 12th grade to elementary school.

Finance Director is a glorified spreadsheet jockey. She only produced a balanced budget because that's what Cassidy told her to do. Had it been the dumb old Portugee, she would have passed a budget tha gave unions more money and borrowed from reserves.

Manuel if you knew what you were talking about you'd be dangerous. You can listen to the Council meeting while sitting in your parents house. The Finance Director said the budget was balanced because of the huge cuts that were made in the last 2 years and the 1/4 cent sales tax increase that Cassidy was against. In other words it was balanced not because of Cassidy, but despite him. Nobody could have given the unions more money because they are locked in a contract till the end of 2012. That means they haven't had a raise in 5 years by the end of 2012, they have taken cuts in pay due to furloughs and they have paid half of all medical increases. Try not to just make things up when you give a biased opinion.

Actualy shit for brains. This is the first year since 2006 that we haven't dipped into the reserves which means Cassidy hasn't dipped once and the pork n cheese dipped 4 TIMES!! so shut the fuck when the big boys talk. Remember kids, the white man runs the show.


This place is getting whackier every day.


oh it's the imposter again...... This is a little embarrassing


In 06/07 budget San Leandro put even more money into the reserves to use in case of an emergency. It was a rainy day fund to be used in case of a recession like we have every decade or so. They used part of these reserve funds when our sales tax revenues and property tax revenues dropped like a rock during the recession/depression caused by Bush and Wall Street. By law city budgets have to be balanced and they were every year. They are allowed to use reserves that were put aside for these type of emergencies. That is what San Leandro did, but still kept a bigger reserve than what Cassidy did, when he was on the School Board. In fact when he was on the school board they only had a 3% reserve. San Leandro always had ~12% in reserves, much better then most other cities, and 4 times better than Cassidy had on the school board. In fact, when He was on the school board, he was one of the few that wanted them to give more to the teachers. That's why he was supported by the teacher's when he ran this last time.

what a horrible guy wanting to give more to the people who are responsible for educating the future whites of the united states! Once again you people continue to show your true colors. Red and pink Aka communist homosexuals.


Why post if you have nothing meaningful to say.

that's exactly what I was thinking when reading post by anon 4:58.


Yep Nick Terry, you were correct. The liberals are posting insanity under other's name's because they are unable to argue their case anymore. bahhahahahahahahhaa So goes the East Bay so goes the East Bay Citizen.

Manuel (The original, the one, the only, El Primo Lusitani!!!!!!!)

Anon 4:58 is one of the few that said anything meaningful--argue against it if you can. The original Manuel, if you think it's the liberals who are posting racist comments you are crazier than your followers. It did convince me you are the real Manuel for sure.

Manuel, you still need professional help.

I'll say this one more time and that's all; Steven Tavares, you are a disgrace to your race by continually allowing someone to post under the fake "Manuel". Why do you allow this nonsense against a fellow Portuguese? Are you that hateful of your people that you allow such vile filth to be posted against one of your own? Have you no shame son?

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