Wednesday, November 30, 2011

House Passes Anti-Union Law Stark Calls 'Attack' On Workers, Middle Class

Rep. Pete Stark
Nov. 30, 2011 | The House of Representatives voted along partisan lines to roll back new union organizing rules proposed by the National Labor Relations Board last summer. East Bay Rep. Pete Stark labeled an "attack" on workers and the middle class.

The Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act (H.R. 3094) passed Wednesday afternoon by a vote of 235-188.

The bill would provide employer 14 days to file complaints with the NLRB before a union representative can raise objections and ensures union elections did not occur before a minimum of 35 days. It would also allow supervisors to participate in union votes.

Republicans and business interests raised questions over the NLRB's new rules. They contend the changes were pursued by labor unions to make it more difficult for employers to file repeated appeals. Labor unions contend management abuses the appeal process practice by purposely extending the election period. The longer workers wait to vote, the unions say, typically reduces the chances of potential union members will approve entering or forming bargaining units.

Nevertheless, the NLRB also today approved by a 2-1 vote to move forward with its new rules.

On the floor of the House Wednesday morning, Stark spoke in opposition of the legislation. "This bill is just one more Republican attack on workers and middle class Americans under the guise of protecting the 'job creators' we hear so much about from the other side of the aisle," Stark said.

"Every aspect of this legislation would make it more difficult for workers to form a union," he added. "It would allow companies to obstruct any attempt by workers to unionize and create infinite avenues for employers to delay elections, including litigation. These delays empower those employers who want to intimidate and harass workers and bring in union-busters. It would also allow employers to gerrymander bargaining units to skew election results in their favor."

House Republicans point to H.R. 3094 as part of their jobs plan for this year. Opponents, including Stark claim, it has no role in putting people back to work.

The bill heads to the U.S. Senate where its passage is unlikely with the current makeup of the upper house of Congress.


  1. union members already hate republicans. This isn't going to help them get any votes in the future

  2. I wonder how many Union Employees Stark employed in the 1960's at his bank??? Screw him! He doesn't know jack about working families.

  3. Wether he does or doesn't has nothing to do with this issue. He's on the side of the union/ worker on this issue so at the very least you can stand behind him for only this one thing. No one is saying you have support him when he moves on to some other half brain argument against corporate America.

  4. Oh screw you jerk! Why should I support some atheist bastard like Stark???? People don't need to be slaves to assholes like him. And the Unions are ass reaming their own members. Do you belong to a PRIVATE SECTOR UNION???

  5. SEIU. just so you know, I share your opinion of him as a person. He's a half brain liberal moron. You missed my original point so I'm not going to even try to get through your thick head anymore

  6. Pete Stark votes "correctly" on many issues.
    However he is no longer a member of this community.
    Decades ago he became a citizen of Washington DC or Maryland, where ever his house is, or he claims as his residence (for tax purposes...property tax).

    Anyway, I campaigned for him in 1972 when he made no bones that the incumbent, a 80 year old, was tired and out of step with the world.
    Now, Pete has long since passed his prime. Even his own party members no longer respect him and even passed him over for leadership despite the time honored seniority system.

    We, the voters in this district don't OWE him the seat just because no one is telling him its time to GO..
    He stays, not for us, but because its his only life. Sorry but he has become nearly ineffective.

    40 years is about 10 years too long. We don't owe his this seat until he dies. He ain't the Pope.

    Go Pete. Go now, before everyone agrees you are a worn out office holder.
    Save us the trouble of kicking you out like we did to your predecessor.
    I still remember the photo you had of the former congressman in your 1972 brochure...showing him to be a doddering old fool.
    Don't make us run a similar photo of you.
    Know when to retire. Know it is NOW, not two years from now after another lackluster term.

    Go now Pete.

  7. Thank you above. Stark is a buffoon and the only ones who think otherwise are the same losers who vote for his sorry ass.