Thursday, January 26, 2012

Corbett Goes All Bollywood On Senate Floor

Jan. 26, 2012 | State Sen. Ellen Corbett donned traditional Indian garb this morning to celebrate the establishment of India's Constitution, at the same time giving one of the clearest indications yet she will attempt a run for congress later this year.

Corbett appearing on the Senate floor with a long red dress and traditional scarf around her neck (video below) introduced Fremont Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, members of the her district's Indian community, including Interim Fremont Mayor Anu Natarajan during the short ceremony. Notably beaming in the background was Ro Khanna, who was also introduced by Corbett.

Khanna is viewed as a potentially huge road block for Corbett's congressional aspirations either this year or 2014.

The 35-year-old Khanna jumped to the front of the pack recently with an amazing $1.2 million in fundraising within a relatively short time. A vast majority of Khanna's haul, though, came from Indian Americans situated in Silicon Valley and many outside of the district.

Several East Bay insiders have recently raised the pros and cons of Corbett running against Stark this year as opposed to waiting for her senate term to run out in 2014. One consultant described Corbett as being caught in a quandary by Khanna's impressive fundraising ability, which may already be three times larger than her campaign bank account.

"That money is only going to get bigger if she waits," said a consultant, who asked not be identified. Corbett's name-recognition in the area is also an advantage that could blunt Khanna's ability to raise big bucks, they said.

Of course, you cannot count out Stark, who despite declining health, is still very popular among his long-time constituents and has shown no indication he will decide to leave behind his 40 years in Washington behind.


  1. Uh,

    "giving one of the clearest indications yet she will attempt a run for congress later this year."

    "Notably beaming in the background was Ro Khanna, who was also introduced by Corbett."

    So why is he joining in to her event? And why would she invite him?

    If she runs now and spends all her political capital, as well as money, then he gets a clear ride in 2014. Perhaps he wants her to gamble, knowing she is likely to lose against Stark.

    On the other hand, she will certainly make it into the November runoff and if she squeaks by, then Khanna has blown his chance.

    I think 2012 is Corbett's only chance. In 2014 Khanna will beat her. She is not exactly brimming with charisma.

    Every time I see Stark, I am stunned at his appearance.
    Still, if he runs and uses brochures, billboards, and such with photos from 5 years ago, who will complain and bring up the issue.
    Most folks will never see him in person.
    Very difficult for her to bring up the "age" issue, even though Pete did such in 1972, running a terrible photo of his 80 year old opponent at the time.

    His opponent in 1972 was George Miller (no relation to the current congressman)
    Pete took a hugely unflattering photo of him and stuck it in his brochure. The guy looked like a 80 year old deer who was caught in the headlights of a approaching car.

    What is the filing deadline?

  2. Excellent point on whether it's a positive or negative for Khanna to be in this photo op.

    My first thought was no, it's not good. Obviously she invited him and it makes him look subordinate to her, but who knows?

    Debates like this is what makes this whole game so fun.

  3. I think it is important to note that Ro Khanna has received more support from INSIDE the District than Stark, Corbett or Swalwell. That support has been received from across the spectrum of voters. The community at large is responding to Khanna's message of jobs, technology and innovation that produce good paying union jobs creating usable, humanity advancing products, goods and services.

  4. Filing opens Feb 13th and closes March 9

  5. She looks like an idiot.

  6. She's pandering and wearing an Anarkali is bordering on racist, absolutely infuriating.

  7. Khanna is getting big money from politicos and wealthy Indo Americans. The overwhelming majority of voters have never heard of him which is why he is amassing a war chest. Just cuz he gets a couple of articles in the papers doesn't equate to squat.

    Besides he isn't running til 2014 if there was such a groundswell for him to be in office why is he keeping the people waiting?

  8. Last point that's an idiotic statement to say Khanna receives more support within the district than a multi-term incumbent congressman who is repeatedly elected by overwhelming majorities. And a case could be made for Corbett as well. People have actually voted for them over and over.

    You been drinking the Khanna Kool Aid too much there

  9. Is this guy a Hindu? A Moslem? A Sikh?

  10. Hindu? Moslem? Sikh?

    Yes, we'd better find out what kind of non-Christian he is.

    At least Pete Stark has no God, much safer than having a God that might have a competing theology.

    Isn't this "first" business getting a bit old around the Bay Area?
    First woman, first gay candidate, first Indian candidate, first Korean...
    The we start mixing them together after we run out of our initial set of "first" categories.
    First gay-woman school board member..

    Isn't this getting old?
    How about some "last" categories.

    "last old straight white Protestant"...

  11. I like "last left-wing faggot" election. Of course Stark is an atheist, he has no conscience and no morals.

  12. And it was straight white Protestants that brought civilization to this world, don't EVER forget that!

  13. The first Sikh was elected to Congress in 1956.