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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Corbett's Health Care District Bill Heads To Health Committee

Sen. Ellen Corbett
Jan. 12, 2012 | A potential legislative road block to Sutter Health's bid to take control over San Leandro Hospital passed a state Senate committee and raising the possibility of district voters deciding the fate of the facility.

"I'm here to talking about one of my most favorite subjects--keeping hospitals open," Sen. Ellen Corbett told members of the Senate Governance and Finance Committee in Sacramento Wednesday morning.

Corbett's bill calls for an independent auditor to appraise the fair market value of a health care district asset when the total accounts for over 50 percent of the transfer to a non-profit entity. The appraisal must be performed within 180 days of the transfer and offered for public discussion.

In such an occurrence state law says the matter must be decided by the voters of the health care district, Corbett said.

Calling it a "straight forward" bill, Corbett said the legislation is needed to allow taxpayers a better understanding of the district's assets. "The information is crucial because health care district assets are owned by the residents of the district," she said.

SB 804 passed, 6-2, and heads to the Senate Health Committee for further deliberation.

The bill is a reaction to the fight among residents of the Eden Township Healthcare District to save San Leandro Hospital, which Sutter Health moved to purchase in 2010. The non-profit hopes to convert the hospital into an acute rehabilitation facility leased to the Alameda County Medical Center.

Sutter's purchase price for San Leandro Hospital, through credit for maintenance and capital improvements to the facility, would amount to a transfer of ownership without any money changing hands, according to Alex Briscoe, the director of Alameda County Health Services. Some believe the fair market value of the hospital runs closer to $30-35 million.

Corbett's bill is supported by the California Nurses Association and received no official opposition during Wednesday's hearing.

"I see this being a bill about transparency in government," added Sen. Loni Hancock and committee member, who asked to be recorded as the co-author of the bill. "I think it is a very good bill and a needed bill." Pending re-election to the state senate, Hancock stands to absorb the San Leandro constituency next year through redistricting.


  1. Hey, I will post a comment. It appears people do not understand the constitution nor the law. Should Ellen's bill passes, it would have no affect on SL Hospital; it would possibly for future situations, but not the one in SL. Several major reasons for this: 1) Sutter has been deemed to own the hospital and the District has been required to turn the deed over to Sutter. 1A-under the California consituition, ariticle one, section 19, the state is precluded from taking property without just compensation-so if the state takes the property it would have to compensate sutter. Cost? 2-The bill would be and "ex post facto" bill and again would not affect Sutter. You cannot pass a bill after the fact to gain ownership. 3-conversion. No governmental agency can just "take" control of property. Look it up folks! Tony Santos

  2. EX Mayor Tony Santos , it is none of your business.
    Did Sutter pay you to post these comments to
    discourage residents from fighting for San Leandro
    Hospital ? San Leandro residents don't have anymore respect for you . Move Out !!!!
    The fight is not over EX Mayor!!. The fight is not over !!!

  3. Corbett is just pandering to you fools. Tony is right.

  4. This is the same bill (SB 134) she gutted in the last two days of session after it had passed both the Senate and Assembly. It was headed to enrollment and to the governor and could have gone into effect this past January 1st. Instead Corbett gutted her San Leandro Hospital bill with the stroke of her own pen and replaced it with language to provide taxpayer subsidies for Solyndra. Two days later, Solyndra filed for bankruptcy and fired all its employees. Corbett doesn’t care about the hospital, she was just trying to up one on Ro Khanna. - Bill Sneed

  5. Anonymous, I never want to say fight is over, but when you strike out three times it is nearly over. Chances of Supreme Court hearing case less than 5%, but I have worked around courts long enough to know I could be wrong. Tell me-how does district and Corbett get around constitution? and the passage of a bill which seem to be "ex post facto?" I don't believe her bill would apply to Sutter. And I probably have been in San Leandro longer than you-so if you want to move-move! I am staying as I benefit from prop 13. It america friend. Tony Santos

  6. Mr Sneed, you are correct that SB 134 is the bill I make reference to, but it was nowhere close to becoming law as you state as a bill to help SLH.

  7. As for the second part of your comment regarding Solyndra you make a valid point, but it did not happen two days before they announced bankruptcy, but the same day.

    Also, I not sure Ro Khanna was on her radar in August. To most then and many today, his name sounds more familiar as vaguely sounding like a villian from an 80's Star Trek movie.

  8. Mr. Tavares – SB 134 passed the Senate and made it all the way to the Assembly Floor without any amendments. Corbett’s San Leandro Hospital bill would have been law. Corbett gutted the Save San Leandro Hospital bill on August 30, 2011 on the Assembly Floor to insert language from a previously failed bill (SB 175) that gives taxpayer subsidies to Solyndra. Solyndra filed for bankruptcy protection on September 1, 2011 – two days after!


    Corbett gutted the hospital bill to insert the Solyndra bill because she was looking for money in Silicon Valley for her congressional race. She doesn’t care about the hospital!

    Ro Khanna has been running for Pete Stark’s seat since he moved from the peninsula after running against Tom Lantos in 2004. How else does one raise $1.2 million in a quarter? You are either out of touch or have your head too far up Corbett’s… As far as Ro Khanna’s name - let’s not forget those who said someone named “Barak Hussein Obama” could not the presidency. I find your derogatory innuendoes regarding an Indo-American name less than professional. - Bill Sneed

  9. I said you make a valid point. But, what makes you think the governor would have signed it?

    Going forward, am I suppose to run all comments through you so as not to offend Indian Americans, Mr. Red Herring? Especially when the quip had no relation to the ethnic group, whatsoever.

    Do not pull the race card on me when much of my reporting revolves around the theme of giving minorities and the poor more power in the East Bay.

  10. The governor vetoed it in the past. No reason to expect that he would have signed it. Knowing that it was dead anyway...give her a break.

  11. corbett is a whore for money. Perhaps the health district will send her and her family to spain on a healthcare mission.

  12. All these sour grapes, I am still curious as to why all of you want SLH closed, or is it just because you dont have a life and you sit at a computer and look for things to rile everyone up. And mister Santos, I have never seen you so negative since losing your bid for Mayor, do you ever plan on running again, if so I would suggest you support your city and dont let some big corporation dictate what you will have and not have. Now Mr. Sneed I am not familiar with you or who you represent, but if you also should start thinking politics in the future, I would suggest that you to should support your community and its constituents. I would be curious right now to know why you are so interested in SLH closing ??? So to Corbett I say thank you, just think she once was SL Mayor. So until next time, KEEP IT UP STEVE. John Kalafatich ( PAPA JOHN )

  13. Tony,
    Please shut the fuck up already. You just plain suck as a human being. You understand that all your public verbal diareah will do nothing good for you in any future political campaign you ever intend to run.
    all you ever do is try to make that shocking, 'go against the grain, everyone look at me' comment. You're a clown

  14. Well Anonymous, you are a well rounded individual and a human being-your sure of that-you looked in the mirror and found your human! Good for you! hopefully you did what I did for good old US-served in air force, saved lives, received an award for doing so-i will gladly show it to you if your interested. The last time I played a clown was during a halloween party-when did you last play a clown? You do write as if you lack an education. finally what are you running for! ghostbusters? Tony Santos

  15. by your last response I know what your doing while you look in the mirror you conceited faggot. I can't believe someone who publicly speaks so immature and low brow was a mayor. Only in San Leandro.

    keep posting tony, you only further my point that your a self promoting, cocky bafoon.

  16. To anonymous 10:03 PM -- there is something wrong with you. Get help and please don't have children.

  17. At least anonymous 10:03 is capable of having children, and he seems to know exactly who Santos is, was and will never be again, a decent human being, and as for military, well Mr. Santos, I to am a veteran, served as a Hospital Corpsman, and I know what it is to save a life, as I have helped to do, I have even in my service helped bring life into this world,I dont want a medal I would just like to keep on saving lives by keeping this hospital open, I guess you no longer care about saving lives, well I do. So until you decide that you need to change back into a human being you will have to answer to the public you once served but no longer care for. John Kalafatich ( PAPA JOHN )

  18. John you are a self-serving idiot.

  19. You could be right especially if I were to be serving you, A gutless wonder who has no name or is ashamed to put it in writing, name calling is a definite sign of ignorance when one has nothing worth saying they resort to name calling and evidently you have nothing to say, so quit wasting your life and just try reading and learning maybe someday you to will have something to say. John Kalafatich ( PAPA JOHN )

  20. Hey John you are only worried about your job. It's obvious - we here you so don't worry.

    Don't get your blood pressure up, cause you'll have a stroke and god forbid wind up at SLH.

    Stop worrying about your job. You can always go back to your old job at Hee Haw.

    Yours, the gutless wonder.

  21. Gutless wonder Aka Tony Santos

  22. Well we finally know who you are gutless wonder, and it looks like your name fits.As far as my job goes, I do need it and I am not ashamed to admit it, and unlike you I am not ashamed to say my job is to help in saving lives, are you afraid to put your name where your big mouth is because one day you just might wind up in the hospital and run into someone like me, you are a sorry piece of work and they would probably take you to the animal hospital anyway, so keep your ignorant comments to your sorry self, and I will keep helping keep the hospital open even when we have to treat the likes of you. John Kalafatich ( PAPA JOHN )

  23. thank you St. John.

  24. Keep saving lives John. We need you.

  25. Really what pious bull crap.

  26. Gutless wonder aka Tony santos,LOL could be.
    Who else could be so negative . I don't understand
    why you hate SLH so much . Wait till you get sick .
    We all wish you go somewhere else . To Highland H where the criminals go and you share the same room . LOL

  27. Tony Santos is not the only one who thinks you all are fools for the unions and your own jobs. There are many of us out here who are sick of your illogic.

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