Sunday, February 26, 2012

Resignation Talk Rises With News of Lockyer Sex Video; Who Would Replace Her?

Stephen Chikhani: Nadia Lockyer's
leading man?
Feb. 26, 2012 | And the Oscar for Best Attempt at Ruining You and Your Husband’s Political Future goes to…

Obviously, Nadia Lockyer cannot accept this award because she is in rehab, but this picture is far from its final act.

The story arc contained in the “The Nadia Lockyer Affair” reached a new plateau, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. News came Saturday that Lockyer and her boyfriend/ex participated in a sex video. The scene, along with other salacious photos, were uploaded to Stephen Chikhani’s computer, according to Matier & Ross.

Chikhani also reportedly told investigators that it was Lockyer who initiated the now infamous Feb. 3 altercation at a hotel in Newark. The statement may be a reason why Chikhani has never been charged with a crime.

Whether it be bizarre ethical and moral missteps by Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, Alameda County Chief Probation Officer David Muhammad, Assembly candidate Joel Young or Lockyer’s recent escapades, there is a growing distaste and disenchantment growing in the county and it could get very ugly from here to November.

If Lockyer was the aggressor Feb. 3—that’s one thing in the mind of voters who believe the whole story is far past a local embarrasement—but, the pure titillation of the 40-year-old Lockyer live on video with another man other than Bill Lockyer is probably too much for her district, supporters and Alameda County Democrats to stomach. If this is, indeed, the end of Lockyer’s one-year reign, who’s next in line?

A seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisor is a plum job. It pays more than any other locally attainable position, but more importantly, its offers job security somewhere between dictator and Supreme Court justice. If Lockyer were to resign, the immediate list of possible candidates is short and mostly comprised of politicians already in races for office this year or already serving.

One of the first names consistently bandied about is Union City Mayor Mark Green. Most cite his extensive experience working with many of the same groups and commissions that a county supervisor would immediately interact with. Green also ran in 2010 for the same seat eventually won by Lockyer and narrowly losing out on advancing to the general election that year.

As Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty said last week in speech in Dublin, the perfect candidate for county supervisor is someone who can start at full-speed on day one. Green would foot the bill, but he is also running for the Assembly’s 20th District centered in Hayward. If he were interesting in changing horse midstream, he would need to answer a few questions for himself.

Over the past three months, Hayward Councilman Bill Quirk has quietly begun constructing the foundations of inevitability in the 20th District race over Jenniefer Ong, Sarabjit Cheema and Green. With doubt beginning to be raised over Ong’s ability to win, which is more likely for Green? Finishing in the top two during the June 5 primary or replacing Lockyer on Oak Street?

Lockyer’s general election challenger, former State Senator Liz Figueroa, Saturday evening said via Twitter, “No way Jose,” when asked about her interest in running for supervisor again. Figueroa now works for Planned Parenthood and appears content in fighting the resumption of the old culture wars reigniting in presidential politics.

Former Hayward Councilman Kevin Dowling is another name being thrown out there. He also ran last time around and appeared to be the most knowledgeable when it came to understanding exactly what the board of supervisors attempts to accomplish on a daily basis.

Of course, speculation is only that until its reality, but there’s another very intriguing possible suitor for the seat. What about Ellen Corbett?

First, she would have to move from her home in San Leandro to District 2 in the southern portion of the county. There are numerous reasons why this would make perfect sense for the person former San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos calls, “the luckiest politician alive.”

Corbett was seriously contemplating a run for Alice Lai-Bitker’s supervisorial seat in early 2010. She relented and easily won re-election to the State Senate and subsequently named majority leader. Her interest in extending her political career is well known, but events in recent months have surprisingly put the possibility of replacing Rep. Pete Stark on life support.

Here’s the calculation should would have to make: If she does not make a surprise run this year for congress, joining Eric Swalwell and Stark, she will be risking the possibility of facing an opponent in Ro Khanna with millions in funding along with the appearance of support from heavyweights in the Democratic Party. Beating Khanna is nowhere near a certainty in 2014 and neither is beating Stark in 2012.

Corbett is definitely in a sticky quandary and that’s where the potential for Lockyer’s seat re-opening becomes manna from Heaven; an escape hatch to political safety apparently only afforded to the East Bay’s luckiest leader.

UPDATE: Although his political resume is even shorter than Nadia Lockyer's, Hayward Councilman Mark Salinas has been mentioned by more than few local insiders as a possible supervisor. It's an interesting suggestion. In just one year on the city council, Salinas has definitely raised his profile in a positive light. Many believe Salinas could also be the future mayor of Hayward.


  1. I believe the song that is currently playing in Bill Lockyer's head goes something like this....

    ....turn out the lights, the party's over....

    Bill you had a great run, hang those boots up, get a divorce and head to "K" Street for a consulting job.

  2. May I speculate regarding the question about withholding Nadia's boy friends name.

    He may actually end up being the victim...not the perpetrator, of what is shaping up to be a rather messy investigation that could include all sorts of players, with the possibility of attempted cover ups and more.

    Again, just speculation...but keep in mind victims have a right to a certain level of privacy regardless of gender.

  3. Corbett would make a pathetic Supervisor. She is a fence rider. Green as a pastey white guy, the board already has one of them

  4. The "kick them when they're down" award goes to.... East Bay Citizen!!!

  5. Why doesn't this tramp just go???

  6. Thank you. I'm more than willing to attend the banquet, make a few remarks and accept the trophy.

  7. Well Steve, you're such an idiot, putting up a picture of this vamp with the header "get well". She's a junkie you idiot. She's weak, she's a liar, she's a tramp. She brought it upon herself.

  8. As an outsider (NY) looking in at CA politicos, I just have to laugh at the idiocracy you've allowed to fester within your borders. CA, the once great state millions used to flock to for opportunity, has been trumped by human trash and poor leadership. Reap what you sow.

  9. The next person for the job shouldn't be a household name...its not a position for someone to plot their next political move. None of the folks listened should take the spot; it should be someone that can build a bridge between the county and the folks, someone that's been on the inside.

    As for the Lockyers, well, shame on them and shame on the party members that supported them.

  10. When you run a banana republic, you attract monkeys. Who knew?!

  11. By MW:

    Rather than discussing some of the possibilities as to who might replace Nadia Lockyer, I am going to discuss how her and similar clowns got into high government positions.

    (But first let me mention the reason why major circuses do not seem to come to the Bay area very much anymore. And the reason is that virtually all of the Bay area's circus clowns, and such as Mary Hayashi, Carole Migden, Ross Mirkarimi, and Nadia Lockyer, and to name just a few, are now in politics and are therefore no longer available to the old fashioned traditional circuses.)

    Some years ago when such people as Bill Clinton and Dianne Feinstein decided they wanted M.L. "Larry The Liar" Lawrence to be the US Ambassador to Switzerland (Lawrence was also an extremely close political associate of Bill Lockyer), the extremely sleazy Lawrence was sarcastically described on The CBS Evening News by the comment: "HE GOT HIS AMBASSADORSHIP THE OLD FASHIONED WAY - HE BOUGHT IT."

    (In other words, Lawrence's only "qualification" to be the Ambassador was that over the years he had given a fortune to various high ranking politicians.)

    So similarly and in regard to how the totally unqualified Nadia got on the Board of Supervisors, basically Bill Lockyer bought her the seat.

  12. By MW:

    Having given the matter further thought, I have now come to the conclusion that it would be both outrageous and ridiculous to even consider replacing Nadia Lockyer on the Board of Supervisors.

    More specifically, we citizens and taxpayers of Alameda County cannot afford to lose a person of her extreme intelligence, wisdom, sobriety, and judgement. Still furthermore, the "deep" resume of related experience she already had previous to becoming a member of the Board of Supervisors also, and on that basis alone, obviously made her far and away the best person for the job.

    And still furthermore, she is also a lawyer, in other words a member of the mafia, er, excuse me, I mean the profession, of pathological liars, alcoholics, embezzlers, thieves, money launderers, addicts to heroin, cocaine, meth, and virtually all of the other hard drugs.

    And she has even been involved in domestic violence and also placing her young son in a potentially very dangerous situation.

    So what more could you ask in a public official, or in fact of any person or employee.

    (NOTE: Lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism, drug addiction, mental disorders, and domestic violence of any major profession.)

    So my suggestion is the following. In that Alameda County has a population of approx 1.5 million people, all of us should pay a special additional tax of one dollar and twenty five cents each, and to be added to her already present salary of $143,000 thousand dollars a year, and which would therefore give her a salary of approx two million dollars a year, and in exchange for an absolute and unconditional promise by Nadia that she will never leave us, AND EXCEPT WHEN SHE HAS TO MISS A BOARD MEETING TO GO ON A DRUG BINGE OR TO MEET A BOYFRIEND IN A MOTEL, and will stay on our Board of Supervisors forever. In other words even at two million dollars per year she would still be a great bargain, since she is one of those extreme talents that we absolutely cannot afford to lose.

    And we should also pass a special law making her position on the Board of Supervisors permanent and not subject to elections or any possible future term linits laws, since she is far too valuable to lose, and it would be much too extreme a loss to the County and to all of us if we lost a person of her great, and in fact world class, intelligence, wisdom, sobriety, and ethics.

  13. By MW:

    Now that Nadia Lockyer is officially back as an active member of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors (as of yesterday, Tuesday, March 20, 2012) and until her next public relapse into drug addiction, agues we no longer have to concern ourselves with replacing her.

    Since I am sure she will do be doing her usual fine job, and will never again try to fake it by showing up at Board meetings and other County policy making meetings full of drugs but pretending she is sober.

    However in more seriousness, Nadia is lucky that she has seven years of college, and including three years of law school - she is a lawyer and in addition to being a politician - since if a high school dropout acted even a tiny fraction as stupidly as she regularly does, then the high school dropout would be considered to be severely mentally retarded.

    However one of the advantages of being a lawyer is that a lawyer can regularly make statements and take positions that are several major levels below severely mentally retarded, and without being declared and classified as a nitwit, a halfwit, and an extreme mental retard.

    QUESTION: So if we have a lawyer who functions at several major levels below mentally retarded and who is also an alcoholic and a drug addict, what type of jobs would be available to such a lawyer?

    ANSWER: Such a lawyer can always go into politics, and especially if he or she can find someone, and such as for instance Bill Lockyer, who will put up so much money for an election campaign that therefore any opponents will be overwhelmed.

    NOTE: It also shows what an extreme joke most law schools are that someone as mentally deficient as Nadia Lockyer could ever receive passing grades in her law school courses.

    And as far as her having passed the California State Bar's exam, a requirement to get a California law license, while the CSB and California's lawyers like to pretend that since the percentage of test takers who pass the CSB's exam is much lower than the percentage who pass the state bar exam in other states, that therefore supposedly proves that California's lawyers are brilliant. However the fact that so many flunk the CSB's exam does not prove that the test is difficult.

    Since thw low rate of those passing the CSB test is not due to difficulty but simply because the CSB asks a lot of totally irrelevant questions.

    More specifically, the CSB exam is such a silly and irrelevant test that therefore a lot of geniuses flunk it and a lot mental retards pass it.

    In fact if baseball had come up with a test to "determine" baseball "ability" as silly and irrelevant as the CSB's exam, then a high percentage of such players as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax, Ken Griffey, and Barry Bonds while in their primes would have flunked it, and while many players who were never more than good enough to be bench warmers in the Class D minor leagues would have passed, and some even been declared good enough to be superstars in the major leagues.

  14. By MW:

    In regard to my previous comment and the fact that the California State Bar exam to get a law license, and which halfwit Nadia Lockyer passed, is a total and irrelevant joke, some years ago (I will very roughly estimate maybe about ten years ago or so) a Stanford Law professor, and who a lot of lawyers considered to be the most brilliant lawyer they had ever met, took the CSB exam and FLUNKED it.

    Yet at the same time, I could also give you a long list of mental retards who have passed it. In other words, its low pass rate is not due to difficulty but simply due to its total irrelevance and the total stupidity of the questions on the test.

    No, I never took the test, and in fact I never enrolled in, nor even ever applied to, law school.

    However having been a whistleblower, and including in regard to a major San Francisco office building that regularly secretly blew huge clouds of invisible asbestos dust all over its tenants (in other words, the building's owners and managers were engaging in slow mass murder), since doing so, and rather than taking the proper precautions, drastically reduced the cost of the building almost constant remodeling projects, I therefore got to meet and debate with some of the sleaziest professional pathological liars and common criminals ever to hide behind a law license, and who also regularly insisted that their clients were running a legal and kosher operation.

    (The building's primary owner, and who got away with just about everything since he was a major source of money to the politicians, was also an extremely close political associate of Bill Lockyer.)

    However by the time those sleazy nitwits with law licenses were finished "outsmarting" me, I had learned, and largely due to their stupidity, such things as: one, lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug abuse of any major profession; two, most fires in office buildings if the fire was caused by arson and arranged by organized crime usually occur between 2AM and 4AM, and especially at 3AM; three, the CSB has a secret system of two sets of books, and which includes selling pardons and coverups for lightly disguised bribes that it pretends are fees for courses; and four, that the two largest fires San Francisco has had in decades both, and just by "coincidence," of course, have a connection to one particular real estate office on Kearny Street in SF.

  15. Every drug addict wants to learn this guys moves...it appears he got free legal advise from an elected public official while in jail...and not only didn't have to pay for the advise, but likely was on the receiving end of a "happy ending".

    Even better when he left jail he received a special public service ride from the same elected official.

    I wonder if the ride was in a county owned vehicle?? Or better yet, was the sex tape shot in jail during these pro-bono visits?

    Who says crime doesn't pay. Every drug addict in California is Facebook'n elected officials in Cal. looking for the next Nadia Lockyer.

    Anyone know if Nadia has made Dave's top 10 yet? If not, a possible sex tape from Santa Clara Jail might do it for Dave?

  16. I know this old but I have to laugh. What Nadia needs again is rehab. Real rehab - not a "Wellness Center" . Its obvious by her new pics she is still on Meth. Denial is running rampant through her. I wish she would surrender and get help.