Sunday, April 15, 2012

Three Days After Latest Bizarre Twist, Lockyers Make A Public Appearance

April 15, 2012 | Just three days after sending an email to a local reporter so shocking that the newspapers feared for her safety, embattled Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer appeared in public Saturday night in Fremont with her husband, State Treasurer Bill Lockyer.

The couple attended a Democratic fundraiser at Ohone College in Fremont Saturday in honor of Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski. It is believed to be the Lockyers first public appearance since reports surfaced linking her to drug and alcohol abuse in early February.

Attendees of the event say the Lockyers appeared to be putting on a happy public face in front of some of their long-time supporters just as stories of their private life continue to make headlines. Last Thursday, a reporter from the San Jose Mercury News wrote of receiving an email from Nadia Lockyer suggesting her husband supplied her with drugs long before meeting her now ex-boyfriend, Steve Chikhani. She ominously ended the message by saying, "I simply can't bear this any longer. Goodbye to everyone." The remark sparked a call to Hayward Police, who later found Lockyer safe at home. She later admitted writing a portion of the email, but denied sending it. Lockyer later claimed Chikhani hacked into her phone, added references to Bill and sent it to the reporter.

Photos from the Democratic soiree posted on Wieckowski's Facebook page show one photo of the couple seated in the distance and enjoying the night's program. Another image shows a who's who of East Bay Democratic leaders, including the Lockyers, posing on stage, all raising a thumbs up to camera.


  1. This is a fucking circus

  2. Maybe they were both on drugs. They deserve academy awards for best actor and actress in a drama. Sick.....

  3. I heard the afterparty at a Newark motel was off the hook. Hopefully there's video on it.

  4. By MW:

    A few comments and observations in regard to the above item that states: "Maybe they were both on drugs. They deserve academy awards for best actor and actress in a drama."

    1. Lawyers, and Bill and Nadia Lockyer are both lawyers, have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug abuse of any major profession, and in fact no other major profession comes even slightly close.

    2. Actors (in other words phonies) who are not good looking enough for Hollywood go into politics, and in fact somewhat related to that, Washington DC is sometimes sarcastically referred to as "Hollywood for ugly people."

    3. If I remember correctly, back in the early 1990's the five members of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors each received a salary of forty thousand dollars per year. However, they have periodically voted themselves large raises and now they are up to approx 143K per year. In other words, they are now making more than three times as much as they were back in the early 1990's.

    However based on Nadia's extremely high quality work and also the fact that once in awhile she even takes a break, or at least a partial break, from her binges on illegal drugs to show up at a Board meeting, I therefore demand each of the members of the AC Board of Supervisors, and extra especially Nadia, be given a pay raise to one million dollars per year.

  5. If Nadia is kicked out of office I'm sure she will have a successful career as an actress....I mean a porn actress.

  6. By MW:

    As far as any smiling and seemingly happy performance of togetherness the Lockyers put on at Saturday night's fundraiser.

    A lot of lawyers and a lot of politicians, and both Bill and Nadia Lockyer are both politicians and also lawyers, are extremely skilled at faking it and faking confidence, and no matter how much they are actually extremely scared that they will be eventually exposed for the extreme phonies they actually are, and also holding nothing but a hand of twos, and while they pretend they have a hand of all kings and aces - or while their weapons are weaker than a five year old child's unloaded capgun, and as they pretend their weapons are loaded, and even supposedly loaded with nuclear tipped missiles.

    To give just a few examples. Mike NitwitFong, in other words the DA in the Duke lacrosse team case, had worse than an empty hand. However, he kept on faking that he supposedly had an extremely strong hand and supposedly also tons of great, strong, and conclusive evidence. However when the opposition refused to fold, NitwitFong was eventually exposed as nothing but a fraud, phony, crook, and pathological liar.

    For those who remember Richard Nixon and Watergate, Nixon, and who was a lawyer, kept on pretending that he was innocent in regard to the assertions made against him. However eventually, and as a result of the opposition keeping the pressure up and refusing to fold or give up, he was exposed as a phony, pathological liar, crook, and coverup artist who had engaged in all of the things that for a while he had denied and insisted he was innocent of.

    And then we also had Bill Clinton, and who was also a lawyer, for awhile insisting he had not had a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. And of course John Edwards, and who is also a lawyer, for awhile insisting he had not had a sexual relationship with Rielle Hunter and nor fathered Hunter's baby.

    In other words, most lawyers and politicians, and including the Lockyers, are total phonies, and regardless of how much confidence they pretend to have.

    So when dealing with sleazy politicians and crooked lawyers, and especially if the character is both a lawyer and a politician, and as both of the Lockyers are, call their bluff.


    (In fact, it was a result of a whistleblower case involving a close and extremely sleazy friend of Bill Lockyer, specifically a guy that the radio talks shows referred to as Larry "The Liar" Lawrence, that I learned that lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug abuse of any major profession.)

  7. As a lifelong Democrat, I have to say that the Alameda County Democratic Party leadership has become a joke. The picture at the top is the punchline of a long and disturbing joke. Between the Lockyers' scandal, Mary Hayashi, Joel Young's actions, and Pete Stark's long history (going on 40 years) as an "unhinged" Member of Congress (who speaks down to his own constituents and doesn't live in Alameda County) -- I have to ask: is this really the best we can do?

    What the picture above shows is that you can literally do NOTHING in the Alameda Democratic Party that will lead to censure from the party "insiders" (save run against a fellow Democrat...). This group has become far too insular and comfortable. The status quo MUST CHANGE, for the good of the party, and for the good of our community.

    I can't decided if the picture above is more "out of touch" or "desperate" -- either way, it seriously disturbs me. Those smiles try to convey the sense "everything is going to be alright".... move along, nothing to see or question here. Us East Bay citizens need to step up and vote, and loudly state "No More. Stop this. Now!"

  8. Oh mine and to think I am a Democrat..what lousy attitude these dems have and to think I voted for all of them. Yes, even the Lockyers, Hayashi, Quirck, etc...It is one big corrupt club. I even gave money. Too bad all we have are democrats running with name recognition and money and a lousy attitude. I will make every effort now to not vote democrat or democrats pretending to be independent. I need a change, too late to change parties for voting.

  9. Why don't some of these little shits who work for some of our legislators and council people in Oakland run for office instead of playing like they're actors on West Wing?

  10. Has Nadia resigned yet?

  11. By MW:

    If in spite of the Lockyers, and especially Nadia, over the last few months having put on far and away the craziest circus I have ever seen in politics, in fact even many times crazier than the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinskly circus ever was, and yet if the the Lockyers and Alameda County's Democratic Party are assuming that it will still work out for out them in politics and "Everything's gonna be alright," then they are assuming that most of Alameda County's voters are severely mentally retarded.

    But than in consideration of the fact that world class phony, demagogue, charlatan, and con man Jim Jones (and later of Jonestown fame) was an extreme success and very popular in the Bay area, and altho almost anywhere else he would have been instantly seen as the world class phony and all around scumbag that he was, it is certainly not impossible that Bay area people will continue to support the Lockyers and their enablers, and such as for instance Alameda County DA Nancy O'Malley.

    And let's not forget that the Bay area is so completely dedicated to total insanity and getting virtually everything sideways, backwards, and upside down, that therefore Willie Brown, and who over the last few decades has received far more money from the tobacco companies than any other politician in the entire country, a few years ago actually, believe it or not, still received the Humanitarian of the Year award from the Bay area chapter of the American Cancer Society.

    (Perhaps the reason the Bay area chapter gave its Humanitarian of the Year award to Willie Brown was because Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Josef Stalin, and Pablo Escobar were no longer available.)

    So therefore it is not impossible that due to the fact that Nadia Lockyer having proven that she is a total idiot, a world class nitwit, an alcoholic and an extreme drug addict, and also a pathological liar will actually cause her to get far more votes in future elections than if she had been extremely competent but at the same time fairly dull and boring.

    Since after all, this is the Bay area, in other words the world's capital for total insanity and also the world's capital for worshipping surface charm and wanting to be entertained by its politicians.

    In other words while there are some places in the United States where people strongly prefer competence in their elected officials and do not care if those competent elected officials are boring as long as they are competent, however in the Bay area the general public wants its politicians to be entertainers and surface charm clowns, and usually does not care very much if those entertainers and surface charm clowns are extreme crooks and/or totally incompetent. And that at least partially explains why there have not been large and vehement demonstrations by the general public at the weekly meetings of the AC Board of Supervisors demanding that Nadia resign.

  12. We all know where their thumbs really are.