Friday, April 13, 2012

Nadia Lockyer, County Residents Are Hurting; When Will It Stop?

Lockyers in December 2011.
April 13, 2012 | One thing is clear: the Lockyer household is in shambles and its tumult threatens to overwhelm her constituents. Thursday's latest chapter in the very public and meteoric fall from grace of both Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer and her husband, State Treasurer Bill Lockyer appears to have reached critical mass. In an email to a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, Nadia Lockyer said her husband supplied her drugs in the past and shockingly signed off by saying, "Goodbye to everyone." She later told the paper she had composed part of the email, but claimed her ex-boyfriend Steve Chikhani had somehow hacked into her phone and adding the part about Bill. What to believe?

Even the East Bay Express, in a stunning reversal today, called for her resignation. "The public needs to be able to know that their elected officials are telling the truth. But Lockyer, probably because of her addiction, can’t seem to come clean," wrote Robert Gammon. "And she may not be able to until she resigns her position, and fully concentrates on overcoming her addiction."

The community in Hayward, still recovering from Lockyer's escapades and the circus around Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, not only needs to trust their supervisor, but also needs to know she's doing her job. It is not clear whether Lockyer is actually doing anything since her return to the supervisors chambers two weeks ago, according to sources at the county level. Her appearance continues to be pale and thin. Her is speech halting and at times incoherent as she addressed county staff during the last two board meetings. In addition, there continues to be a sense that her time in rehab, which was actually a wellness center, has not really done anything to begin to cure what ails her.

One former county staffer told The Citizen, "If she can't help herself, how is going to help others?" This point may become crystal clear next week when staff reveals the county's funding gap for the coming fiscal year. Last year's shortfall approached $140 million. This year's round of cuts to services for the poor, children and the elderly could rival that figure. The board of supervisors may be forced to again tackle the immense job of bridging the funding gap with just four members. St. Rose Hospital in Hayward is also teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and its hazy future could literally be a question of life and death for many poor, uninsured and under insured county residents. Lockyer had made the hospital's viability a signature issue before news of her February rendezvous in Newark made national headlines. The nature of the board of supervisors is unique in local government. No other body directly affects more people in real-life situations than at the county level. It is the safety net for hundreds of thousands of Alameda County residents. In some ways, its heartening for a supervisor to directly witness the fruits of their good work, but equally troubling to see the excruciating pain their decisions can mean for those less fortunate. It's no longer clear, Lockyer can make that distinction any longer.

Like so many who enable Nadia's behavior, are we now to believe Bill is the biggest of them all? Did he supply her over the years with drugs, as her email suggests? Who knows? The suggestion made by the Mercury News that Bill had never been linked to drug use was called "hilarious" by one long-time East Bay political observer. The paper reported Bill Lockyer's spokesman said, in effect, the state treasurer was once a young man willing to experiment with drugs, but never abused them. Bill Lockyer's bachelor days in the State Legislature in the 1980s, though, tell a different story. In fact, Bill's wild exploits with women and other stimulants is well-known and recounted wistfully among those who participated in his bacchanalian days.

This current spiral towards personal destruction between both Nadia and Bill seems far from reaching an endpoint and, in fact, evidence show it has been swirling for quite some time. Nevertheless, it is obvious Nadia's constant contact with the Mercury News reporter shows Bill has lost control of her in both the public and private sphere. From his perspective in maintaining his own power and legacy, she has gone rogue and their demise has been a long time coming. Rumors of their separation had percolated around the end of last year and reports of Nadia meeting up with her paramour last June appear to line up with other observations that, in hindsight, paint a difficult past nine months for the Lockyers. Last October, during a speech celebrating the 50th anniversary of Chabot College, Lockyer began whimpering near the end of an address recounting a story about his family and the loss of his mother. At the time, the scene appeared odd, but innocent. Weeks later, though, at an event in San Leandro, a first-person source told The Citizen then that Bill became inconsolate after he repeatedly urged his wife to grab a plate and eat. She resisted and walked away from the group. He somberly confided to the person, "I don't know what to do with her." Yet another report in the Mercury News said last year Nadia called police to their Hayward home claiming Bill had become violent with her. The police told them to go to separate areas of the house for the night and left. Maybe a similar cooling off perioid is now needed.

When Nadia ran for office in 2010 she often said the her candidacy was for the "women and children" of the her district. Maybe her exit from the office should be for herself.


  1. She needs to resign. Most telling was her choice to her boyfriend in the Santa Clara County jail last June and not attend a county budget meeting. She even lied why she was there, used her status of attorney to gain extra privacy and time, and has not addressed why she made the decision to miss the budget meeting. She chose her relationship with Chikani over her professional duties.

    Now Nadia is lying or covering up about her current situation. She needs to address her personal life first and foremost. Her district deserves a Supervisor who can devote the time and attention she can not. Her family deserves a healthy person. And she deserves a chance to concentrate on her recovery and the next steps in her life.

    Resign now Nadia! It is best for your district, the county and you.

  2. Get rid of all democrats... I am not voting democrat anymore

  3. By MW:

    If she resigned or was removed from her position as as a member of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, and which includes a salary in excess of 140K per year, she would then need a new job and a new source of income. While I myself intended to write for her a letter of recommendation addressed to Barnum & Bailey/Ringling Brothers suggesting they hire her as a circus clown and/or as a comedian and/or as a professional idiot, however having given the matter further thought I have now decided she is far too crazy even to be a circus clown.

    However for those who are far too crazy even to qualify as circus clowns or professional idiots, there is one particular job they are absolutely perfect for. And that job is Bay area politician.

    (Let's not forget that Bay area politicians are so totally dedicated to total stupidity and complete insanity, that therefore they even made a hero out of Jim Jones, in other words the guy who later became world famous due to the Jonestown Massacre. In other words while in virtually any other place in the entire country Jim Jones would have been seen as nothing more than a demagogue, con man, charlatan, and scumbag, however the Bay area's politicians, and due to their superior "intelligence" and "wisdom," "realized that Jim Jones was a "wonderful" person.)

    So therefore I suggest we leave her exactly where she is, in other words as a member of the AC Board of Supervisors, since she is so crazy, so erratic, so extremely nutty, and such a total nitwit, that therefore in her present condition she fits in wonderfully with the rest of the fine "public servants" we have running Bay area governments and agencies.

  4. By MW:

    So according to Bill Lockyer's spokesman, back in the old days Bill Lockyer experimented with drugs but supposedly "NEVER abused them."

    That sort of "denial" of drug abuse immediately brought to mind Bill Clinton's statement that he didn't inhale. Of course Bill Lockyer and Bill Clinton are both members of the two sleaziest and most totally unprincipled mafias of pathological liars of all time, in other words: one, politicians; and two, the modern American legal profession.

    And finally, let's discuss recidivism. While there are certain bad behaviors that some people engage in but most such offenders eventually retire from, however for those who engage in drug abuse the rate of recidivism is extremely high, and in fact most drug abusers repeatedly start abusing drugs again and again, and no matter how much they insist they are permanently cured and supposedly not doing it anymore.

  5. When will this woman resign? She's publicly embarassed herself, her marriage, her family, the AC Board of Sups, all the Dems who thought she was the next great thing from Alameda County! Maybe she is just waiting and hoping that her meth head ex won't leak the sex tape. Maybe after we see her doing a Pamela Anderson/Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian performance, she will finally resign!!!

  6. You know the crappy thing is that because this is so early in her term all the moron voters in hayward, union city, and newark will probably forget about this and vote for her again in 2014. How is there not any talk of a recall? She needs to resign and it's too bad the board of supes has no way to remove her.

  7. By MW:

    In regard to whether Bill Lockyer was a wild man and a drug abuser in the 1980's, in other words when he was in his forties.

    According to Wikipedia, Bill Lockyer was born on May 8, 1941 and which confirmed my earlier impression that he was about seventy years old.

    And according to the California State Bar's website, Bill Lockyer did not get his law license until June 1989, in other words when he was in late forties, and which also, and when combined with information from Wikipedia, confirmed my earlier impressions that he did not go to law school until he was in his forties and did not get his law license until he was much older than most people being granted law licenses.

    However since the CSB, in other words that totally corrupt organization of phonies and pathological liars that pretends to regulate and enforce standards for California's lawyers insists it will only issue a law license to someone who has passed a long and extremely thorough background investigation and then been found to have the very highest moral standards, therefore I can "prove" that since Bill Lockyer has been issued, and also continues to retain, a law license by the CSB, therefore he must have been a saint during the time he was in the state legislature in Sacramento, and also obviously he must have not been a drug abuser, and even though lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, and domestic violence of any major profession, and furthermore many lawyers become alcoholics and drug addicts while in law school.

    So there.

  8. Nate Miley's son, Chris Miley, works for Nadia. Maybe that's why Nate has been so overly and openly supportive of her. Job security for his kid. Or maybe it was Chris Miley who got a hold of his boss's cell phone and sent the crazy email to the newspaper to stir the pot a little bit and force her to resign thus saving daddy the need to take action...? Either way, maybe Nate should take Nadia with him for some destressing spa treatments at the Claremont for $33,000 per year.

  9. Well that explains why Nate has not pushed for Nadia's resignation...in truth Nate Miley is just another enabler of Alameda County's problems...for which another member of Nate's family benefits.

    Alameda County BOS would be much better off without Nadia and Nate. Voters take notice!!

  10. Gas for a night out in Fremont ... $3
    Tickets to Ohlone Dems fundraiser $25
    Watching the Lockyers attempt to build public support when they should be focusing internally but in reality looking even stranger ... priceless

  11. he needs to get his child and divorcer her. forget her and completely focus on your child because all this craziness is going on around him and it will effect him if you dont get him away from it. you are a co dependent and as hard as it will be you need to think about your child. she is a terrible mother for letting this go on around her child. i am suprised CPS isnt involved.