Monday, May 14, 2012

Miley In Another Potential Scandal, This Time With Coliseum Bidding Process

May 14, 2012 | One of Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley's favorite campaign talking points is about leading the county in keeping the Raiders, Athletics and Warriors in Oakland, he just never said how.

On Monday, Miley recused himself from voting on a new management contract for the O.co Coliseum after a lobbyist for the stadium's current adminstrator donated $1,000 to his re-election campaign last Friday, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

A letter from the lawyers for SMG, the Coliseum's current management firm, alleged Miley may have violated the state's pay-for-play laws by soliciting and accepting a $1,000 check from Shonda Scott, a lobbyist for SMG. The Coliseum Authority on Monday voted for a second time to begin negotiations with sports management giant, Anschutz Entertainment Group, to take over the Coliseum's day-to-day operations.

Miley admitted he had received the $1,000 campaign contribution, but also told the Mercury News he had received donations from "the other side." Fellow county supervisor Scott Haggerty also received $4,200 over the past two years in donations from SMG, said the paper, but voted Monday for AEG--its competitor.

The news of a large campaign contribution is yet another flank in a run of current or burgeoning county-based scandals involving participation from Miley. During a candidate's forum April 30 in Castro Valley, Miley responded to his challenger Tojo Thomas's charge that he accepting $1,000 from a medical marijuana dispensary in unincorporated Alameda County by admitting he received the contribution and added, he "takes money from anybody," but it does not affect his decision-making.

His decision to not participate in Monday's vote also adds to a growing list of agenda items Miley has recused himself from discussing at the Board of Supervisors. In recent months, it is not uncommon for Miley to regularly recuse himself on votes that risk a conflict of interest with his long-time girlfriend's work as head of  a non-profit drug and alcohol prevention program, along with the government employment of his son and daughter.


  1. By MW:

    So previous to the vote by the members of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, one of the corporations, or perhaps thru its lobbyist, who wanted Supervisor Nate Miley's vote gave him a one thousand dollar election campaign contribution.

    That is sickening and disgusting and let me tell you why. More specifically, if all that corporation and/or its lobbyist was willing to offer was only a measly and insulting one thousand dollars on something that big, then we should arrange for them and their associates to be constantly harassed by the DA and also every other major County agency.

    In other words on anything that big, that corporation, its lobbyists, their associates, and their lawyers should have offered at least tens of thousands of dollars in election campaign contributions and/or under the table bribes.

    I mean, a piddly only one thousand dollars. That's an extreme and unforgivable insult. I mean, what kind of chicken blankety blank operation do they think we are running here, some small child's lemonade stand?

    For instance if I myself should decide to run for the AC Board of Supervisors and then win election, once I am in office as your fine and dedicated public servant, and who will constantly issue John Edwards type statements as to how my one and only concern is helping and protecting all of the little people, in other words the ninety nine percent, and who need to be protected from the one percent, I won't even allow anyone in the door to my office, and nor give them even ten seconds of my time, unless that person first gives me a minimum of ten thousand dollars in bribes, er, excuse me, I mean campaign contributions or consultation fees or whatever, and as basically a cover charge or admission fee. And then if that person, corporation, or its lawyer or lobbyist wants something really big and/or important, then I am going to want an additional one hundred thousand dollars in bribes, er, excuse me, I mean contributions and/or consultation fees, before I agree to give it my supposedly "impartial" and supposedly "unbiased" consideration, and after which I will then, of course, provide the standard lies and garbage statement that I was not influenced in any way by the money anyone gave me.

    I mean, we are supposed to do these things with class, and only one thousand dollars is an extreme insult and extremely low class.

    In fact once I am on the Board of Supervisors or in some other high ranking elected office, maybe I will then also open up a law firm, and so that way a lot of the the bribes I collect I will then be able to pretend are business consultation fees, and also be able to pretend they were given to me only since I was supposedly such a brilliant lawyer and supposedly had nothing to do with trying to influence my vote. For instance, that's the way such characters as Willie Brown and John Burton regularly did it.

    Only one thousand dollars!!! The nerve and the gall of them. I mean if I get on the Board of Supervisors and someone who wants my vote on a major issue offers me only one thousand dollars, that person had better hope I am not good friends with the DA, because if the DA is my good friend, I then promise to have them investigated and harassed until they come up with something drastically larger and much more "respectable" than mere pocket change.

  2. This guy should never be on the Board of Sup's. Like Nadia, he should resign immediately. What an unethical piece of trash!

  3. He's a perfect representative for Oakland...

  4. Campaign committee accounts are not used just for re-election. They pay for travel, meals and entertainment, custom made suits, plus one can donate money from this account to another politician's (like Lockyer)... The whole system needs to come down.

  5. Knowing how unethical and corrupt Miley is, the media should look into Voter fraud in this coming June 5th election. This guy will do whatever it takes to get back in office. He has no integrity, whatsoever!!!

  6. Knowing how unethical and corrupt Miley is, the media should look into Voter fraud in this coming June 5th election. This guy will do whatever it takes to get back in office. He has no integrity, whatsoever!!!