Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nadia Lockyer's Ex Asks: Where's The Restraining Order?

May 23, 2012 | Less than two weeks ago, the Bay Area News Group published an article detailing former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer's temporary restraining order against ex-lover Steve Chikhani. The date of the scheduled hearing is May 24 in Pleasanton, but Chikhani says he will not attend because on the eve of the court hearing he has yet to be served with the reported restraining order.

"I'm not going to show up," Chikhani told The Citizen. "There's not reason to." Chikhani and his attorney say they expected to be served during a scheduled court hearing last Thursday in Santa Clara County regarding a separate legal manner, but the summons never arrived. Instead, he believes the timing of the restraining order by Lockyer was meant to blunt potential damage his comments about the affair with Lockyer and drug use might cause. He says the Bay Area News Group reporter may have tipped off the Lockyer's when asking for their comment after his reported four hour interview earlier the week.

Indeed, the resulting article pushed Chikhani's version of some events with the former supervisor, who resigned from the fallout last April 20, from the lede in place of the restraining order angle. In the document filed in court, Lockyer charged Chikhani with repeatedly calling the Lockyer home, texting her young child, threatening to call Child Protective Services and enlisting a person named, "Tiny" to rape and kill her.

"Everything they're putting in the paper is totally false," said Chikhani, while adding, "She's making things worse."

UPDATE: The scheduled court hearing Thursday for Nadia Lockyer's restraining order against Steve Chikhani was postponed to June 14, according to a report from the Bay Area News Group. Lockyer's lawyer told the paper they could not locate Chikhani to serve him.


  1. What a surprise...more spin and lies from the Lockyers.

    What a sad desperate pair Bill and Nadia have become.

    They have step not only down to Chikhani's level, but below...allowing Chikhani to actually take the high road...while Bill & Nadia take the low road.

    Chikhani is correct...and likely has been from the start..."she (nadia) making things worse".

    Bill needs to resign and they both need to just go away!

  2. Total public relations stunt. Anybody can get a restraining order and fill it out with anything they want. You don't need proof until you see the judge.

  3. By MW:

    If the Lockyers are refusing to allow Chikhani to have a copy of the paperwork and documents (in other words paperwork and documents that contain various statements, charges, assertions, and allegations by the Lockyers) he is supposed to respond to, then what does that mean?

    It would mean that Bill Lockyer, and who has close ties and a long history with such San Francisco lawyers and politicians as Willie Brown, and who over the years learned a lot from Willie in how to be as sleazy as possible and as corrupt as possible, decided that his and Nadia's case is so weak that therefore in order to prevail they need to use San Francisco "standards" and SF style methods.

    In other words when San Francisco lawyers realize that their position is so weak and totally and completely absurd, that therefore they have little or no chance to prevail on the facts and the law, then they start engaging in other methods, and including: one, arranging and having phony, scripted, and choreographed hearings and "fact" finding sessions (and such as depositions) in which they pretend that the opposing side was informed of the hearing (and then such SF lawyers commit perjury by stating to the judge that the other side was informed of the hearing and also given all appropriate documents); two, paying under the table bribes to corrupt judges who are willing to arrange illegal backroom fixes in exchange for cash; and three, when necessary arranging arson fires so as to destroy evidence.

    NOTE: San Francisco is so totally corrupt, that therefore those who pay under the table bribes can have arson fires declared to have been caused by bad luck rather than arson, and arranging an arson fire is a great way to destroy evidence.

    In fact you might have noticed that almost every time there is a suspicious fire in the type of structure that is normally unoccupied during the midnight shift, and such as for instance a warehouse or an office building, the fire almost always occurs at between 2AM and 4AM, and in fact usually at about 3AM.

    In other words when a lawyer or building owner who is organized crime connected uses a professional "torch" to arrange an arson fire, if the structure is normally unoccupied on the midnight shift then the fire usually occurs at about 3AM.

    In fact the largest fire SF has had in decades occurred in a large office building whose primary owner was not only organized crime connected but also a close friend of Bill Lockyer. So when the building was scheduled to be the subject of a followup and more thorough inspection by CAL OSHA into its many asbestos violations, it suddenly went up in flames at 3AM in the morning, and just a few days before that followup CAL OSHA inspection was to be done.

    And you might have also noticed that the huge warehouse fire which fairly recently occurred in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood, a fire in which two firemen died, also occurred at 3AM.

  4. By MW:

    As a followup to the immediately above comment, I am sure that at least most readers recall the recent incident in which a bicyclist in Dublin was killed, and probably due to a hit and run driver, and with most people aware that the most likely driver of the car was a particular lawyer whose office is in San Francisco but who lives in San Ramon.

    However if that lawyer had also lived in San Francisco, or had even arranged to have the car stored in a SF building or SF garage immediately after the accident, if even only one or two days later the space or garage in which the car was being stored had suddenly gone up in flames and destroying the car, and in other words the evidence, as long as under the table bribes were paid it would have been no problem to have the fire declared to have resulted from such supposed bad luck as for instance an electrical box shorting out rather than arson.

    And in the totally corrupt city of Scams FraudFIXso, if someone in a court case had later challenged the SF Fire Department's determination that the fire had been caused by bad luck rather than arson, as long as SF's judges received their under the table bribes, it would have also been no problem to get SF Superior Court to continue backing the conclusion that the fire had been caused by bad luck rather than arson.

    NOTE: If you think that such cities as New York, Chicago, Detroit, and New Orleans are extremely corrupt, actually they are a bunch of choir boys compared to San Francisco's public officials and the crooked lawyers who supply them with under the table bribes. However SF's public officials are much better actors, and therefore much more skilled at pretending to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians than are the thieves, fixers, and corrupt parasites who run the city governments in such places as NY, Chicago, Detroit, and New Orleans.

  5. Mw needs his own blog...

  6. lockyer's attorney could have served his counsel. Tony Santos

  7. Anyone taking wagers Lockyer never serves Chikhani...the last thing Nadia needs is for Chikhani to present evidence to the court (for the public record) that his concerns for Nadia's son are merited.

    We already know Nadia took her son to the motel to meet Chikhani on that fateful night in Feb. He has also implied he has evidence that Nadia drove while under the influence with her son in the car.

    God knows where Nadia's son was when she was making those sex tape...lets hope not in a room nearby!!

    From an outsiders standpoint...it appears Chikhani is effectively using the press...again (as noted by Tavares) to provoke Nadia to serve him, so that he may present his evidence in a court of law...not in the court of public opinion.

    This guy is playing his cards well, in my opinion. Give him credit...he has turned a political powerhouse upside down...and appears far from done!

  8. By MW:

    1. The Lockyers have connections, tons of money, virtually unlimited political power, and plenty of friends in high places, and including among the judges.

    So if not for some members of the media, and such as for instance the East Bay Citizen, reporting and bringing to public attention Chikhani's position and assertion, in other words that he had not even been served with and nor seen the Lockyers' documents in regard to their supposedly requesting a restraining order, most likely the Lockyers could and would have: one, gotten some crooked lawyers to go into court to lie and commit a fraud on the court by insisting that Chikhani had been served, and in other words had received copies of the documents; and two, found at least one judge who would have been willing to pretend to believe the lies and garbage of the Lockyers and their lawyers, and therefore rubberstamped and approved virtually anything the Lockyers and their lawyers requested.

    So most likely the original plan of the Lockyers and their lawyers was that in requesting the restraining order, they would go in and tell their lies unopposed.

    2. And furthermore let's be realistic. In regard to the situation that Nadia has been involved in for the last few months, the Lockyers wouldn't dare get engaged in any "ballgame" (in other words courtroom battle) in which the "umpire" (in other words the judge) was not, and as a favor to Bill Lockyer and the Establishment, willing to rule in their favor no matter how absurd their case and totally ridiculous their assertions and "facts."

    I mean pretend you are Nadia Lockyer. In other words you have have already been proven to be: one, an extreme drug addict; two, also a pathological liar, and furthermore whose non stop lies even regularly contradict each other; and three, still furthermore a world class nitwit.

    In other words if her name was just Jane Doe, and rather than her being the wife of one of California's most powerful and politically connected politicians, her overall conduct and non stop lies, and especially over the last few months, would mean that no one, and not even a judge, would pay even the slightest bit of attention to anything she said, and including giving any validity to her assertions that supposedly Chikhani threatened her.

    3. Finally, the Lockyers should start paying attention to that old saw that the first rule of holes is: When in one TO STOP DIGGING. However on many things, and especially when already stuck in a hole, most lawyers are often the stupidest people on earth, and not actually good for anything except continually making things worse.

    For instance and regardless of what happened in that motel room that caused Matier and Ross to write the original story about Nadia Lockyer and her problems, and regardless of who hit who, among prominent people who are secretly drug addicts, lawyers are the only ones who would have been stupid enough to call the police in to referee the situation.

    In other words any other person except a lawyer who had a serious drug problem they were trying to keep secret and not let the public learn about would not have been stupid enough to call in the police to intervene and get involved, and therefore make the whole thing into a huge public stink.

    In fact California lawyer Nadia Lockyer is such an extreme nitwit, that therefore I seriously wonder if someone had stolen her stash of illegal drugs would she have perhaps called the police to make out a complaint.

  9. By MW:

    While the Lockyers desire for a restraining order is supposedly due to a fear of physical violence by Chikhani, however I seriously doubt that.

    More specifically, almost certainly the real reasons the Lockyers are interested in getting a restraining order on Chikhani include that a restraining order, if granted, could be used as a gimmick to assist in the Lockyers' efforts to limit Chikhani's Constitutional rights to free speech, and he obviously knows a lot of embarrassing, and true, information about the Lockyers that they don't want the public to know about.

    Of course since telling the truth about the Lockyers is not only embarrassing to the Lockyers, but also extremely embarrassing to the entire political, legal, and judicial structure, and especially in Alameda County, it is certainly quite possible that the Lockyers will be able to find a judge who will be willing to assist them in their efforts to attempt to silence Chikhani.