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Opponent Says Post On Cannabis Web Site By Supervisor Miley's Aide Smacks Of Racism

Nate Miley and Bob Swanson
May 30, 2012 | Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley’s opponent in next week’s June primary is angry over a posting on a pro-cannabis Web site by one of Miley’s long-time aides, saying they say smacks of racism and insinuate  the challenger is something other than American.

Bob Swanson, who is often Miley’s point man on medical cannabis issues in Alameda County’s unincorporated areas, posted a plea for donations to Miley’s re-election campaign on a site called, SaveCannabis.org. The call included an assertion that Miley’s challenger for supervisor this June, Tojo Thomas, an Alameda County probation officer, is unfriendly to the pot movement.

In the posting, dated April 27, Swanson says he does not want to lose his job if Miley is defeated and fears Thomas, who is an Indian American, may possess deep-pocketed contacts among “Silicon Valley Indian engineers." Also included is a odd non sequitur referring to Thomas’ affinity for playing cricket.
Hi Folks, 
Nate Miley has a challenger for his District 4 seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. His name is Tojo Thomas and he is a cop. I suspect that he is not going to be very good on marijuana issues.

Nate needs to refill his war chest now, because the election is June 5th. Tojo is from South India and I am concerned that he has connections to rich "Silicon Valley" Indian engineers. He is captain of a cricket team. Nearly all the rich "Silicon Valley" Indian engineers play cricket and want to see their fellow countryman in elected office. I may be a little paranoid but then of course

I am an MMJ patient and I work for Nate. I don't want to lose my job. As you all know Nate is EXCELLENT on the issue that interests all of us. He does not need a fund raiser, he just needs funds. Please! contribute as much as you can, soon now!  
Nate needs all of our help. Download the attached remit form and fill it out. Send the remit form and the check to the address on the remit form. 
Thanks very much,
Bob Swanson
Tony Thomas, the brother of Tojo, took umbrage over Swanson’s assertions in an email last week to Swanson. “This is clearly insulting,” wrote Tony Thomas. “Tojo is a United States citizen who is of Indian descent. You are insinuating that somehow he is not an American because he plays cricket and he is of Indian descent. He loves his community and wants to represent everyone in District 4, Alameda County in the finest manner possible with integrity and responsibility to all.

“As you yourself said, you are clearly paranoid. You have misrepresented my brother, his values, and all that he represents. You have tried to mislead the citizens of District 4 through your rambling, made demeaning assumptions about Tojo, and insulted him on behalf of Mr. Miley.”

Miley said last week, he knew nothing of the posting, but admitted the posting sounded like Swanson, yet he can’t control what others do on their own time. “He’s doing this on his own volition,” Miley said. “He doesn’t need to get my permission.”

The supervisor’s support for cannabis in the unincorporated areas of the county has been clear, however, without being anymore greater than the wishes of many in the county who support medical cannabis and, to some extent, dispensaries. Eyebrows, though, were raised on two separate occasions this campaign season when Thomas referred to a $10,000 campaign donation by a dispensary in Miley’s district. To which, Miley replied that he would take money from anybody, but doing so would not affect his vote, he later added.


Oh good lord, everyone who knows Bob knows he isn't racist. Perhaps he could have worded his comment a little differently, but aren't we getting a little sensitive these days? Everyone knows the Indian community in southern alameda county and silicon valley can raise a ton of money once they get behind a candidate. I think Bob perhaps had a few too many bong rips while posting and started to get a little paranoid cause Tojo doesn't have much of a chance.

What's with the clamoring for funds.

This election is a cake-walk.
What is the current spending and on-hand.
Miley has what? 10 times the money and is running against a unknown.

He could have spent zero and not walked a single precinct and still won by 20%.
The vote for the challenger will be more a anti-Miley vote than a vote for Thomas.

In fact, voting for the incumbent is a waste of your vote. Vote against a shoe-in incumbent as a general rule. Keep em a bit nervous so they don't think the public loves them.

Look at Pete Stark, they get to a point where they think they own the office and their sycophant admirers tell them they are special even when they have clearly "lost it"

Is this the best Alameda County can produce? Nate Miley and his sidekick Bob Swanson: two burnout dope heads.

I'm glad the part about Nate not being overly enamored with pot was included. I've never thought he really is that into the idea, but not against it, either. I assume Bob is Nate's little sidekick and he just goes along with his wacky hijinks.

I rather have honest, inexperienced candidate than someone who pads the county payroll by having his children as employees. Goes to expensive club for a massage because he works so hard. Has dumbo for a district director.

Hi Folks,
I am Bob Swanson and I stand by everything that I have stated. I have spent a good portion of my life studying the philosophies and culture of India which has enriched my life. I spent a college semester in India. I have a deep respect for the Indian community. As a long time Human Rights and Civil Rights advocate I know the Indian community and worked with our local Indian community on numerous issues over many years. I have a degree in India Studies from Sonoma State University. You can spin what I have said in any way you wish but It will not get any traction.

Here is a link to my Meditation webpage:

This webpage tells the story of my wonderful experiences in India:

Namaste my friends,
Bob Swanson

"His name is Tojo Thomas and he is a cop"
We have the utmost respect and admiration for all police officers. Police officers protect our streets and neighborhoods and should always be held in high regard. However, Tojo is not a cop. He is one of the probation officers representing Alameda county

you owe citizens of District 4 an apology

What if Tojo was Black? We'll have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton going crazy today! He is Indian, so people like pothead Swanson could say whatever he wants and get away with it.

Report –The Oakland Tribune

Report –The Oakland Tribune
Alameda County's race for the District 4 Board of Supervisors seat has been subdued but not without the ritual mudslinging expected in most campaigns, even a local one.

The challenger, Alameda County probation officer Tojo Thomas, has been compensating for his newcomer status and lack of money by taking jabs at the record of incumbent Nate Miley where and when he can.

Miley, a prolific fundraiser, has responded by highlighting his opponent's inexperience.

But both have drawn the majority of their campaign funds from outside the heart of District 4 -- which includes East Oakland, Montclair, Castro Valley, Ashland, Cherryland, Fairview, El Portal Ridge and Pleasanton -- and managed to make medical marijuana dispensaries an issue along the way.

Of the $15,619 Thomas had raised as of May 24, only $750 came from within the district, primarily Castro Valley.

Numerous donors are fellow members of the Indian community in the East Bay and Silicon Valley: Fremont, Sunnyvale, Milpitas and Mountain View, records show. They gave mostly in the early months of his campaign -- $10,069 between January and late March. Since then the donations have slowed to a trickle. He received $5,500 since then, the largest donation -- $2,500 -- from his father.

In contrast, Miley has received more than $180,000 in donations since 2009. But fundraising slowed around March, leaving him with a cash balance of $2,291 after some heavy spending.

The Oakland Tribune reports
Tojo largest donation -- $2,500 -- from his father.
Not from the rich "Silicon Valley" Indian engineers who play cricket "
you owe citizens of District 4 an apology

Hey, who's bringing Big Macs into my five-star restaurant? No links from the Tribune are allowed! We don't serve articles for the benefit of the elite, but, since it's here, notice the difference between the two. Lots of false equivalency and an insinuation Swanson was right. Those cricket-playing Indians were indeed opening their pockets. I wouldn't characterize this race as being about dispensaries, but about everything Miley has allegedly did wrong. (ACAP, David Muhammad...)

Also, Tojo tells me he's actually a pretty good cricket player.

The photo caption should read "Run from your homes! Indian people are playing cricket in the park!" I agree with the commenter above. If Thomas said Miley plays basketball and has rich friends like me in the rap music industry there would be outrage.

Indian Studies? Wow, how ironic! Tojo has a degree in Caucasian Studies. Easy Bob... it's just the weed talking...

I work with the Alameda County Sheriff’s office on a daily basis. I certainly agree, we should have the utmost respect and admiration for all police officers. Police officers protect our streets and neighborhoods and should always be held in high regard.

Let me make some clarification here. The word Cop comes from the word Copper referring to the copper badges worn by British Bobbies. Any law enforcement officer who wears a badge can be called a Cop. In California, Probation Officers are sworn peace officers. They where badges, they can carry guns and they have powers to arrests anyone violating the law. There is no difference between a Police Officer and a Probation Officer in that respect but their duties are different.

FYI, Here in Alameda County our community policing unit is called the Cop Shop.

Thank you for your comment.
Bob Swanson

Wow Bob, you know how to google Wkipedia. Impressive. By the way, Deputy Probation Officers have limited powers and do not have the "power to arrest anyone violating the law." Further, very few DPOs carry guns. What's that saying? Oh yeah, "It is better to remaun silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth (or comment on blogs) and remove all doubt." I suggest you review Kautilya's Artha-Sastra.

Hey Bob, Where can I get some good weed? I want to get the shit you smoke!

Yeah, Bob where you get your chronic. Share that shit man. Don't be greedy.

Regarding probation officers: Wednesday I asked a Probation Officer and that what he told me. He should know.
Bob Swanson

Easy Bob... it's just the weed talking...

Knowing how unethical and corrupt Miley is, the media should look into Voter fraud in June 5th election. This guy will do whatever it takes to get back in office. He has no integrity, whatsoever!!!

Hi Folks,
I have taught meditation for nearly 40 years. In my “Meditation for Stress Management” class at the Castro Valley School District I found that for some folks meditation did not work. For those folks there were other options such as exercise like jogging and mood altering drugs like tranquilizers, Prozac and the like. Many of these drugs have horrific side effects such as possible “death”.

Now in 16 states there is another option and that is Cannabis (marijuana) which has some side effects such as changes in depth perception, some paranoia in new patients. Other side effects such as the desire to eat dessert and enhanced sense of humor. Numbers of people die from aspirin every year. In 5000 years of known Cannabis use as medicine, there has never, ever been a recorded death from an overdose of Cannabis. It is non-toxic.

Some folks have a difficult time falling asleep at night from restless mind chatter. To those readers of Steven’s blog who suffer from this, I highly recommend Meditation as a good choice. You are welcome to go to my Meditation website, it is free, and try meditation at:

If meditation does not work for you see your physician and ask him if Cannabis would be helpful to you. It is very safe when used responsibly.

Here is a link to my medical Cannabis web page:

I wish your all peace of mind.
Bob Swanson

Steven, you took down my post. Why? Because it was not hurtful or negative.
Bob Swanson

Thanks Steven, most appreciated.
Bob Swanson

Thank you Bob for sharing this information. I took the time to follow the links that you provided. This is fascinating and enlightening material. You have inspired me to take the time to research public figures before berating them in public. After all, I don't want to look like an uneducated fool.


Good Job Tavares!
Namaste Bob!!!!!I want to get the shit you smoke!!!!!

Supervisor Miley is a Professional who takes his position seriously working towards resolution of problems that affect Alameda County as a whole. He has faced numerous challenges “HEAD ON” and with his staff developed committees of the people to research, discuss and make recommendations of the issues affecting our communities.

Supervisor Miley has supported and developed leadership training for all those interested in understanding the political process. Supervisor Miley orchestrated common ground, tolerance and compromise while rebuilding the infrastructure of District 4 replacing sewage systems, streets, building community parks and community centers. His work has elevated property values and orchestrated safer neighborhoods. The people’s positions are taken into complete consideration, which is what we, the people deserve from our elected leadership.

As a role model, Supervisor Miley and his children represent what he’s worked to develop through-out Alameda County: Motivated, team-players with a genuine desire to be productive members of our society.

On Tuesday June 5, 2012, VOTE FOR NATE MILEY FOR SUPERVISOR District 4.


Nate Miley is a scoundrel. His "public service" includes allegations of sexual misconduct, misappropriations of funds, nepotism and cronyism. Miley has shown himself to be a self-serving, entitled elitist, propted up by the political establishment.
the Board and County officials, who really wants another 4 years of the same? Miley's been around for over a decade. I say let some new blood in there and maybe someone with everyday, middle-class values will bring an end to the nonsense.

No problem, Bob. Your comment was kicked to the spam folder and I didn't catch it quickly. There's no rhyme or reason for it, as far as I can tell.

Debate on April 30 Nate Vs Thomas
Nate Miley
“You say that I pay dues to the Belleview Club. Yeah, I can pay dues to the Belleview Club. I pay dues to the Claremont. I do that because I need to get away and have an opportunity to be in an environment where I don't have to deal with constituents who are constantly talking to me whether I'm in church, walking the streets or I'm in the grocery store. Once again, it didn't say paying dues was illegal. It just said if I'm using those dues and it's inappropriate that I need to pay those dues back to my campaign. So you make all these accusations that are totally outlandish”
Tojo Thomas: "When I need to relax. I go home and play with my kids."
Xu Leo


I'm glad you stand by your xenophobic, racist comments as it shows your true colors. I'm surprised you didn't toss in a 7-11 joke while you were at it.

Lame and out of touch.

Mr. Hill,
Please spin this one for me too. I was asked to sing in the YouTube video:

Thanks for your comment,
Bob Swanson

As a long time supporter of Nate Miley and Bob Swanson, I am disgusted by his antics and racist talk. The Indian American community has long supported Nate Miley and Bob Swanson. We have raised money, endorsed, and given love to Miley.
I view Bob's behavior as over zealous and racist - references to Silicon Valley, cricket, engineer,
Bob - you owe the community an apology and should be ashamed of yourself. We've given Nate a free ride. Keep it up and we might just get behind a credible candidate on the next election. Then you can say bye to your pot.

Hi long time supporter,
What I am sorry about is that you feel that way. If in fact you do know me, you know that I am willing to talk to you about it. Come on by the office and I will by you a cup of chai and we can chat.
Bob Swanson

Vote ABM (anybody but Miley) this election

My recommendations:
Nate Miley; NO. He really hasn't done that much for Castro Valley. Every public event I've been to in the Castro Valley area he has deemed not necessary for him to show up. He sends his crony Bob Swanson. He is also a racist career politician

Chai-We don't need your chai- racist politician Bob .We have pure chai at our houes.
Namaste Bob Swanson

Bob –Go and get some expensive massage with Miley using the public money, then upload that video to YouTube. You may get some money from YouTube for the hits.
""racist politician Bob ""

I still haven't heard an apology - all I'm hearing are excuses.
Long Time Supporter - but not

To the person who commented on May 31 at 9:08 p.m. and said the following "By the way, Deputy Probation Officers have limited powers and do not have the "power to arrest anyone violating the law.""

Please see PC 830.5(a)(4)... it say's "To violations of any penal provisions of law which are
discovered while performing the usual or authorized duties of his or her employment."

The only limiting factor appears to be whether they are on or off duty. They can arrest anyone that commits a crime in their presence. By the way, if they are off duty, would you want one as a witness against you?

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